the ghost of rhodes high school

October 8, 2009
By uniqke PLATINUM, Cleveland, Ohio
uniqke PLATINUM, Cleveland, Ohio
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it was a cold day at rhodes high school,the day before halloween to be exact.all the children walked past the cematary with out a worrie.but i was alittle bit suspisios wen i herd a voice coming from there.the day went by slow,(as ussual)me being bored,talking to of my friends told me that she saw a gurl walking down in the basment where the gym is,she told me she ws just wondering around,and then she turned the corner and disappered."it was probably just a student skipping class."i said.but in my mind i knew that it was something was telling us about how along time ago when rhodes was built,they built it over part of the cematary.with all the bodys still in the ground,he told us us that sometimes the ghost walk around down there in the basment,but every day before halloween a ghost walks dowwn there all day,shes a 9th grader just like all of us.and she went to our school,10 years ago today she died down there.they say it was a prank by some bullys that went horribly wrong.and at night wen every one was at home they buryed the body right in the grave yard under the when her ghost comes up,she wants to get revenge on all the people who bully other people!!!anyway,when the bell rang i rushed out,i got home and sat on the counch,and then i relized i forgot my purse at school with my fone in it!and it was friday so i had to go back.i rushed out the door and walked all the way to the school.i go in run to the basment to the gym locking rooms.i walk to my locker and relaize that ther e was a gurl standign looking in the mirror,i walk back and she i gone,.then BAM!!i turn around and ther right in front of me is the ghost of rhodes high school!before i can run out still with out my purse she grabs my arm "why is every one so meant to me?i haev no friends!will you be my friend"she says with a big smile on her face!i get my arm back and run,she runs after me saying "come back buddie!"i run out the doors once i get to the bottom step i stop(which is so stupid)and she says"bye buddie ill see you next year!"at this piont i was like "mann forget this, ill get my stuff on monday"

The author's comments:
i just wanted to write alittle somethin bout halloween since it is my favorite haliday.

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d hardy said...
on Feb. 18 2010 at 8:52 am
i love your story it made me want to hear more even though there were spelling errors i still want to read more of your work keep wrighting

on Oct. 21 2009 at 3:35 pm
Mikki-bug<3 GOLD, West Chester, Ohio
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It's a good start, but there were a few spelling and capatalization errors. Keep writing!


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