September 23, 2009
By BrokenDream BRONZE, Huntington, New York
BrokenDream BRONZE, Huntington, New York
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Children can be quite amusing sometimes. They dream. Some dream of amazing landscapes, others of violent wars. Some do not dream at all. But any child who dreams, will be a very successful person when they grow. It all depends on what they dream of. I myself dream of many things, world peace, or maybe an end of famine and starvation in the primitive countries of the world. And sometimes not just me, but we all dream of the heavens above. From the clouds, to the desolate landscape of space, the great unknown. Sadly dreams do not equal to reality. Unless a person makes their dreams happen, dreams are nothing but a cloud of idiocy. In our world, a dream is hardly seen. It seems as if the media has taken away the minds of people and drained our imaginations. Some people just lose their creativity as they grow. Many parents hide their children from the world, at times its a good idea. At others, a horrible one. Children do not dream of a better world when they are hidden from this one (considering many children think this world is perfect because of the poisoning of their minds by overprotective pathetic parents.) A child who knows the way this world is, can dream. They can dream of something better, something more beautiful, compassionate, serene. This world is filled with love and compassion, but also misery, famine, drought, killing, poverty, and war. Sometimes a dream can escape us from that. What would you do if you could change the world? That's what I asked myself, after I imagined, imagined a place, called Nuleria.

Nuleria, a place of imagination. Nuleria is located in the consciousness of every person, and if you dig deep enough, you'll find it. Nuleria is my word for the inner peace in every one of us, the peace that brings us together, and the peace that sets us apart. It seems humanity has lost its Nuleria, or maybe, Nuleria has lost us.

Nuleria, a beautifully green landscape like no other. The sloping meadows of Nuleria, combined with its snow capped mountains in the distance, created a quite halcyon view from afar. The forests of Nuleria contained gorgeously pink Sakuras, also known as cherry blossom trees. In these forests, small cherry blossoms constantly fell, giving it a such tranquil look, this sight could calm even the angriest of demons. The ocean of Nuleria was rich with many types of exotic fish. The coral reefs were quite a sight. All the coral slowly moving back and forth in the current, reds, blues, greens, colors of any kind.

Nuleria isn't an empty landscape either. This world was filled with bunnies of all kinds. As well as humming birds, sparrows, blue birds, butterflies. Some of the larger animals included, White bears (not polar bears, just very white fur colored bears), deer, chipmunks, and cats. All the creatures lived in harmony. Even the bears and cats seemed to be herbivores. The vegetation of Nuleria was amazing as well, containing thousands of different types of fruits on every tree. Nuleria's skies never changed, they always had a beautiful serene look in them. From the day, when the shade of blue was like no other, and the clouds drifted slowly, to the evening where an amazing light display could be seen on the horizon, finally to the night, where all the stars could be seen, as well as the glistening moon, and the galaxies in the distance.

But now, many humans have darkened their Nuleria, and lost themselves. The beautiful skies went to dark shades of black, with ugly Grey colored clouds. The animals went carnivorous, and began eating each other for survival. The snow caps of the great mountains became mixed with thousands of meters of dirt, turning the glistening snow to a grotesque substance of some kind. The Sakuras died, and cherry blossoms stopped falling. The horizon darkened, and nothing could be seen past it.

After reading this, ask yourself, what have you done to your inner Nuleria? Have you destroyed it with cruelty and selfishness? We must all realize, every time a lie is spoken, every time a fist is thrown, every time a hateful word is said, your Nuleria darkens. So now I say, keep dreaming, so that one day, maybe one day, we could recreate Nuleria.

This is dedicated to my drawings, books, and imagination. Because surprisingly, nobody inspired me to write this short story. A song did, listening to it put a beautiful picture in my head. And then I began to write.

The author's comments:
Hmm, a song called romance inspired me to write this. it is a instrumental piano piece from the anime, Ichigo 100% it just put such a serene picture in my head i had to write about it ^^ Enjoy :)

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