May 13, 2009
By Not_Zac SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
Not_Zac SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
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June 17, 2097. Data corrupted… Memory storage… 15%. Beginning audio transmission. Static…
“Help…we’re…men… spiders…eating…turning…” End audio transmission. Data corrupted…Memory storage…90%.
Beginning video transmission. 12:03 am…Blank screen…blood, screams…silence. Camera pauses and
focuses on a man…darkness… Identified as Darje. Unknown creature gnawing upon body. Subject appears
dead. Blank screen…screaming …Visual returns on subject, no movement, vital signs present. End
transmission. The three men starred blankly at what they had just witnessed. Although the machine
they found was heavily damaged, they saw enough to know they were not safe here. These three men
were sent to rescue Darje and his men. But they were too late; they had failed. Their helicopter
landed only a few miles from the fray. The men considered it safe for now. These men were, Commander
Heroy, Commander Leon, and the pilot Greg. Heroy was very skilled with guns, mainly his shotgun. And
Leon was an excellent sniper. The pilot too had some fighting skills. He had once crash landed into
an enemy base and fought off his foes till help arrived an hour later. But for now, all he had was a
pistol. The pilot insisted that they had failed and should return to base. Yet, the Commanders
believed that Darje was still alive and needed their help. “After all,” said Leon. “The machine
showed vital signs.” “Yes,” said Greg. “But the machine is ruined; it could be wrong!” Then Heroy
started walking into the jungle. It was then that both men knew the answer; they were going to save
Darje. “Wait!” cried Leon. “Did you not see what happened as we flew over?” “ I did not.” replied
Heroy. “Well I did! And it was down there. All our men were dying. I have no idea what was
attacking them, but I know they couldn’t have survived!” Through all his attempts to stop him, Heroy
had not been swayed. And so the team began their rescue mission. As the crew walked through the
jungle, they noticed a strange silence; it was the kind one hears only after great chaos. After 20
minutes or so an open area was found. It was not the battle sight, but it had indeed been in
conflict. Greg looked around; he was shaken by what he saw. On the ground lay countless dead
animals, some without limbs and some with extra. All of them seemed to have been eaten alive. Leon
noticed almost egg-like creatures on the wildlife, yet they were still and did not move. Heroy poked
one of the eggs with a stick. It exploded with purple ooze and what seemed like a spider came
sprinting out. The creature lunged at Greg, but Leon quickly shot it before it could bite. The men
still shocked by the terror wondered if this creature was responsible for the attacks. Heroy looked
around and noticed that several more egg shapes lay among the dead beasts. “We can’t stay on this
planet much longer,” he said. “Whatever this thing is, it’s spreading.” Leon replied in agreement.
Greg of course nodded since he wanted of the darned planet from the start, so they once again
traveled on into the green. The men had pulled out their weapons now, knowing that there would be
trouble. They came to a stop as they noticed a 15-foot wall standing in their way. It was dented,
cut, and had purple remains all around the barrier. Also there was what looked like dried-out
volleyballs with legs. These creatures were not moving and presumed dead. “Hey,” said Greg. “Those
things look like that spawn that attacked us.” Suddenly, screams filled the air. “Shh..” demanded
Heroy. They waited, and waited, until finally the screams died down. “What was that?”
whispered Leon. No one answered. Leon then peered through the fence and witnessed many tiny
creatures scurry across into some other distance. “Whatever it was, I think they’ve left. We should
move,” ordered Heroy. The team entered the password into the gate locks and surprisingly they
opened. “Well, the power’s still working.” Said Heroy. Just then the gates came crashing and
screeching forward on top of the men. Leon and Heroy dove to the sides, while Greg was trapped. The
gate had completely crashed on top of him and acted much as a cage. “Well jeez!” cried Greg. Heroy
and Leon tried to lift up the gate, but it was no use. The gate weighed more than any man could
lift. Without warning, screams once again filled the air. And this time, they would not be so lucky.
Greg screamed hysterically in horror as many of the tiny creatures charged towards him. He was
defenseless and trapped within the fence. Leon and Heroy began shooting at the spider-like
creatures. They died instantly, but they seemed to endlessly spawn. Leon had now run out of
ammunition and was desperately trying to break Greg free. Heroy remained in front of the cage and
fought off the flood of parasites. The creatures hissed and squirmed all around the men. The
situation was hopeless, they were overwhelmed. One of the spiders had crawled its way into the cage.
Greg instantly stomped on it, and it died. But not before it had the chance to pierce his leg. The
wound was the tiniest hole in his leg, yet the blood would not cease. Almost like a trigger, the
remaining parasites charged for Greg. Just then screams filled the air. The creatures then began to
skitter away into the distance. Heroy and Leon collapsed in front of the cage. Little did they know
of the presence still lurking. Leon picked up one of the little buggers they had killed. It looked
like a giant spider; its legs were aimed forward, about the size of a volleyball, and with fangs
like knives. The two men began to relax and recover from their struggle. Suddenly they heard Greg
scream. They turned around to gaze in horror as one of the creatures gnawed its way into Greg’s
chest. Neither man had ammo so they could only watch as their friend was eaten alive. Greg’s body
fell upon the ground; he was dead. “Well heck, how are we suppose to get out of this hole now?”
screamed Leon. “Darje,” replied Heroy. “Darje had been trained in the air force. He could very well
be our only way home.” A scream filled the air, but this one was different. It was human, yet filled
with screeches. The men starred in terror and amazement as Greg came to his feet. In a low toned
voice, washed over with screams from the same host, Greg began to slowly speak. “Thank you for
releasing me.” They instantly knew that it wasn’t Greg anymore, but something far worse. “Who are
you!” demanded Leon. Then Greg hissed, and then slowly came back to words. “I am what you are.” In
the same defining pitch it added. “You’re flesh and mind are mine.” Suddenly ten more similar
figures came out of the jungle. They were in military dress and had similar clothing as themselves.
Their heads were limp, their arms had extended of which looked of tentacles, and their skin dried
out. Heroy and Leon now feared for their lives. All eleven creatures began speaking at once, almost
like they were all under the same control. “Leave now, but only if one is forgotten.” “What are you
talking about!” yelled Leon. And Heroy answered. “One of us will die..” The creatures then demanded
for an answer. “Which will stay and which to be prey?” Both men now knew that there was little hope.
Heroy, being the commander officer, decided to stay, and give Leon at least a fighting chance. “I
will stay.” said Heroy regretfully. “On one condition!” inquired Leon. “Yes?” hissed the demons.
“I’m taking my comrade Darje with me!” “Very well, he is dead.” they screamed. “You will find his
body behind the brush. Leon then rushed to his teammate. He uncovered the brush to find that Darje
sitting in a blank daze. He was shocked, and then took time to look over his friend. As he starred,
he noticed that Darje’s skin was torn and bitten, his fingers were all but gone, and his eyes were
no longer there. Yet in their presence were tentacles. Darje then stood up and screamed. And it said
in a struggling tone, “Run.. friend.. my” The infected comrade then slashed at Leon.
Leon dodged, then ran for his life. Meanwhile, Heroy had been communicating with the other creatures
to buy himself time. “Are you all the same mind?” “We are all one, yet we are none, save one.”
riddled the infected. Just then Leon went sprinting by and following close was Darje. Heroy looked
over just in time to see Darje lunge at his neck. But it was too late, it had sunk its teeth into
Heroy’s throat.. Leon heard his screams and refused to turn back for fear they would get him too. It
was then that the other ten creatures chased after Leon. Murderous screams echoed through the jungle
as Leon ran for his life. His only thought was to make it back to the helicopter. Suddenly Leon
fell, rolled and collapsed on his back facing the camp. He gazed in fright as he saw eleven figures
leaping to outstanding heights in the distance. They were catching up, and fast. Leon returned to
his feet and regained momentum. He could now see the helicopter in the distance. He also heard the
screams nearly behind him. As he neared the landing site, he felt an incredible pain in his back. He
turned around to see Darje lunge at his throat. He ducked then punched it in the face. The creature
fell to the ground and hissed in anger. Leon saw the other ten come rushing from the mist of trees.
He was out numbered, so he did the only thing logical-- he ran. As he turned back towards the ship,
a tentacle wrapped around his arm. He struggled to pull it off. He grabbed his knife and stabbed at
the mutation, and it fell limp. And as soon as he escaped from its grasp, another one grabbed his
other arm. He again stabbed and again the limb released from him. He was now only five feet from the
helicopter. Leon then screamed in pain as another creature bit his ankle. He stomped on the head of
the fiend and it exploded. The creature fell to the ground and remained motionless. Leon could
barely walk now and the ship was ever so close. He limped his way to the ship as the other creatures
leaped upon the helicopter and ground. He was surrounded. The monsters screeched. “Your body, will,
and strong is your mind. All the better it will be mine.” Leon stood in daze as the creatures all
screeched in unison. His ears began to bleed. Then suddenly, all noise escaped his thoughts. He had
become deaf. The screeching would not cease, and then the creatures flailed their arms and tentacles
into the air. Leon dropped to his knees holding his hands to his ears in pain. He screamed at the
pure chaos around him. Suddenly the ground began to shake, the trees swayed back and forth, and a
mysterious wind was born. Without a hint everything fell calm. Leon looked up and saw that the
creatures were in some sort of trance. Leon instantly went into the helicopter as fast as he could
manage. He knew little of how to fly one, but he darn well knew how to start it. The blades began to
spin, and the infected on top was torn to shreds. And like a trigger, the earth began to shake. Leon
pushed a button he assumed was to get him off the ground. Fortunately enough, it did. But he noticed
he wasn’t gaining altitude. He looked out of the side to see that the remaining creatures were
clinging unto the helicopter. And from the jungle countless numbers of tiny spiders emerged from all
sides. One of the puppets jumped into the helicopter. Leon pushed, and kicked, and punched until it
fell to the ground. The ground was still shaking. “Surely it cannot be from the spiders.” thought
Leon to himself. Instantly a giant figure rose from the trees. This new monster picked up a tree
and flung it at Leon. It barely missed, and in fact knocked off the remaining creatures. It had
caused the helicopter to spin though, and Leon got a good look at the monster. It was easily the
size of a two-story house. Unlike the other creatures, it had a muscular body structure. One of its
arms looked like a giant claw with skin upon it. The other arm looked similar to a human arm, just a
lot bigger. He now took a good look at its head. It looked like a giant hole with a giant tentacle
hanging out, and had fangs on the outer sides.

The giant beast let loose a heart-stopping screech. The helicopter rattled up and down in the wind
created. Leon knew he had to reach the main ship fast. Luckily for him, the autopilot on the
helicopter would take him right there. He activated the switch, prayed, and then the helicopter took
off en route to the ship. He looked out the side to see that the remaining humanoid creatures were
chasing him from the ground. Leon himself was only 30 feet from the ground. The creatures leaped
into the sky at him. They missed, but only by a few feet. Following close behind were the endless
amount of spiders, hissing and squirming in hope that there prey would fall to them. The giant
creature was no longer to be seen. “How did something that big disappear so suddenly?” thought Leon.
Leon knew that the ship was far away, but he had made it half the distance already. The creatures
still chased behind, and still could not reach him. As he flew he looked back into the distance. He
noticed a tall structure climbing into the sky. It was solid and took the form of a slim triangle;
he pondered what it could be. Just then the helicopter began to shake. He looked out the side and
noticed one of the humanoid creatures clinging to the legs of the helicopter. He panicked, and
turned to look for a weapon. As he did, he saw that the ship was within sight. Hope overtook his
fear, and he grabbed his knife and flung it at the creature. The infected marine quickly dodged, and
then began to climb up to Leon. The autopilot now began to land. The puppet had crawled its way into
the helicopter. It lunged at Leon, but Leon quickly grabbed its arms and fought to resist. The
creature snapped and hissed and him. Leon quickly tried kicking the creature from the seat. The
creature took the blow but remained in the helicopter. In anger it began to fight through Leon’s
hold it had now crept inches away from Leon’s face. He knew he was dead unless he did something
drastic. Leon noticed that they were about ten feet from the ground now. The infected marine’s face
was directly in front of his. Yet, he didn’t feel breath coming from the creature. Without warning,
Leon turned off the autopilot and forced the helicopter into the ground. The helicopter became a
fiery grave for the creature and Leon. The remaining creatures fled back to the structure unaware of
the ship. Yet, one stayed behind to watch. It stood there for several hours, starring at the fiery
grave. And from the ashes came crawling a man. His entire body was stained with blood, one of his
legs was broken, and was forced to crawl. The creature watched in curiosity as the man crawled to
the giant solid object. It watched as a part of the object opened up and more men came through it to
help the crawling one. Finally the men were able to assist Leon into the ship. They immediately took
him to the medical center to try and save his life. Leon looked around, he heard talking, heard
people gasping in shock, and saw their panicked faces. “Do you think it’s a tumor?” asked one of the
doctors. “No, it’s too large.” replied the other man. Leon tried moving his head up to see what they
were talking about, but he was restrained. “Sir,” said the doctor. “We’re going to amputate. There
is just no other way..” “What are you talking about?” asked Leon. Suddenly he felt a cold pain
within his lower abdomen. The doctors quickly rushed him into another room. Leon struggled to get
up, he didn’t know why though. Without warning he felt a crawling within him. He felt cold and the
last thing he saw was a tentacle piercing from his chest. And almost like a trigger, screams filled
the air.

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