High noon on a river/suicidal

February 22, 2009
By Anonymous

A young woman was found dead last night in the Mississippi river. It appears she took a boat ride
and drowned herself late this afternoon. Only a neatly folded piece of paper addressed to her mom
and dad was clutched tightly in the grasp of her right hand.

The letter stated: I had two faces an every thing is o.k. outward presentation and very sad and
lonely secret I carried inside like an anchor locked tightly to the side of a moving Yacht. The face
you all knew was a mask to conceal all the pain and the tremendous shame I felt. My world was
falling apart, bit by bit, a little more each day and I could not find a way to ease the strain. So
I wore a heavy heart, therefore my thinking came from an estranged warped mind. Please don't be
sad, it wasn't your fault and there was nothing you could have done to savage the broken heart
because my wounds just sank too deep to be mended. I couldn't bare the pain, not a moment longer
and I was tired of seeing such disappointment in your eyes. Believe me, I've tried my best but I
guess my best wasn't good enough. I gave love a chance but I guess I was never meant to love. I
desperately needed something to take the pain away. I've given this solution much thought for
quite awhile now and in that time no other escape arouse. So I've taken the only way out. It was
time to ease my pain and soothe my dilemma. Now I'll just quietly and painlessly float on
eternally cleansing away that awful grip of despair. I know this way is best for us all. I
couldn't live with you knowing the truth. Remember always that I love you both and I'll miss you
both as much as you'll miss me. Please don't be too hard on yourselves and think it had
something to do with either of you.

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on Jul. 31 2009 at 1:54 am
Dashuria BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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I really like this! Thisis very deep, adn I bet that some people will be able to relate to this. GOOD JOB!

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