Stuck in the Elevator

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Stuck in the Elevator (Forgetful Dory, Simon Cowell, and Paris Hilton) "Um, where am I? How did I
get here?â Dory said as she stubbled over her words in a frantic tone. "Hello! You are in the
best hotel EVER! How don't you know that? Are you like dumb or something? OMG!"Paris said as
she stepped into the gold plated elevator with burgundy carpeted flooring. "Oh fishy, you are
actually really really really super cute. Sorry I called you dumb. You are so not dumb."Paris
said as she kneeled down to take a look at the petrified fish. "Let me like pick you up and put
you in my 5000 dollar Prada bag that like my daddy bought me."Paris said. "Where are we? Who
are you?"Dory said again forgetting that Paris responded to her before. "I TOLD YOU. WE ARE IN
MY DADDY'S HOTEL. I AM PARIS HILTON."Paris said again with a frustrated look on her face. Her
cheeks were a light pink, and her eyes were bulging out of her face. "Oh yeah. Sorry I forgot. I
have short-term memory loss. Be patient."Dory quickly said blushing because she didn't like
admitting to her memory flaw. Paris and Dory looked over at the man in the corner of the elevator
being completely silent. "I got my eye on you boy.."Paris started singing her new hit single to
grab the man's attention. "If your singing skills were as good as your lifeguarding skills, many
people would be drowning."Simon said with a straight, serious face. "But like, I don't
lifeguard. I have too much money to work. DUUHHH!!"Paris said defending herself. Paris
disregarded Simon's criticisms and began singing again. "There is no running away, not a game I
play""WOW, you are a saucy little thang, aren't you."Simon said raising one eyebrow and
looking a little to the left to check on the fish that was stuffed in the young girls oversized bag.
"Like OMG! That is the nicest thing that someone has said to me. But remember, I'm saucy and
rich."Paris said. All of a sudden the elevator started humming its own tune, and the beeping
became progressively louder: beep, Beep, BEEP. "UGH, this elevator is so out of tune. It obviously
has some pitch problems."Simon said as he looked around the elevator trying to figure out what
was wrong. The elevator came to a abrupt halt. "OMG, what just happened? Get me outta here! I'm
calling my daddy."Paris said. Instantly her father answered. It was possible to hear what was
happening in the background, but it basically sounded like a bunch of short and long shrieks. After
about 30 minutes, the overweight, underdressed elevator repair man broke through the elevator doors
and saved the three innocent riders.

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