Happy Ending

July 8, 2009
By aznemogirl BRONZE, Fremont, California
aznemogirl BRONZE, Fremont, California
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For the first time since she was born, Mishka was happy to get to kill someone. Actually, she couldn’t wait any longer to kill Estap since he’d made her life living hell since he stole her from her “fathers”. The scientist that made her weren’t all too good but they were pansies compared to Estap.

But now her worrying was finally over. With the chip banished from her brain, she could do whatever she wished without any fatal consequence. She shivered at the thought of the excruciating pain that could be inflicted on her. It was an astounding revelation since she had been through things that the toughest man would cringe at the thought of. Still, she survived it.

On her and Jaxon’s bed lay every weapon imaginable from simple blades to pyre guns. How many ways could she torture Estap before he lost his mind? As a professional assassin, Mishka knew there were many things you could do to torture anyone. But she wanted Estap to die fast, however, slow enough to let him feel the pain.

Suddenly, a deep voice asked, “Thinking of the many ways to kill Estap, sweetheart?” Jaxon stepped into their room and came up in front of her. “Want to tell me the many ways you want your revenge?” He smiled at her then, letting her legs turn to jelly at the sight of it even though they were made of the toughest metal on the planet. Years from now, Mishka knew that Jaxon would always have that effect on her.

She smiled then. Living her life with Jaxon? When she first met the man, she knew that could never happen. First off, his best friends hated her guts when they found out that she was with him. One of them, Dallas, had partial blood from an Arcadian named Kyrin so he could supposedly predict the future. The one he had predicted was of her killing Jaxon. But I never did. I never would have. Without Jaxon, I wouldn’t have a life. He is my beginning and end. Second, since Estap had total control over me, I had to execute any mission he asked. Even if it meant killing Jaxon. Eventually Estap did ask me to kill Jaxon but without the chip, he has no power over me.

Mishka gave Jaxon a kiss on the cheek. “You get to wait and see dear. I’m actually feeling very merciful and won’t torture Estap like I should.” She grabbed the pyre gun, comforted by the familiar weight, and headed own to the basement of the house.

“OK but then I want a shot at him. He made your life hell so it would only be fitting if I repay him the favor.” Jaxon laughed behind her.

She smiled. When she entered the basement, it was very silent. Estap was out cold on a bed but would be waking soon for his punishment. They had put him on a support system while they were getting the chip out of her head. The chip controlled everything. Even her life. If Estap died while she had the chip, she would also die. So they didn’t want any suicide attempts that might end her life.

With the pyre gun in her hand, Mishka aimed it at Estap’s sleeping form. A red blaze shot out and grazed his arm, jolting him into consciousness with pain. His screams echoed through the room. “Agh! What-in-all-of-hell’s…”he broke off then when he spotted Mishka.

“What do you think you are doing Le’Ace?” His expression was furious and for a split second, Mishka tensed her entire body for the pain that she new came during Estap’s rages against her. Then she smiled. The operation had worked. No more pain. And the look on Estap’s face told her he was confused.

“Jaxon brought you here so we could kill you of course.” She nodded to Jaxon who stood firmly behind her. He reached out and laid his hand on her shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze of support.

“Kill me? You think you can kill me? If I die, so do you sweetheart. The remote chip is implanted in my brain.” He had a smug look on his face but behind the façade was a very confused man.

“Estap, I can see your confusion. While you were, unresponsive for a short time, we had the chip removed from my head. Can’t do much without it now can you.” She smiled, and then turned to Jaxon. “Do you want to say anything to Estap, honey?”

“Am I allowed to hurt him?” he asked, a sly grin slowly creeping onto his face.

“Sure sweet.”

Jaxon stepped past Mishka till he was in front of Estap. The scientist was sitting up on the bed with a hand on his other arm just on the spot where she hit him. His face looked pained but she felt no sympathy towards him. He had ordered her to kill so many innocent people and aliens. Yes there those she had killed that deserved their sentence but then the good out-weighed the bad. The man before her deserved all the pain he got this night.

Jaxon was raising his hand just as she was stepping back to watch. There was a cracking of bones and screaming and Mishka reveled in the joy the sound had brung.

Jaxon finally felt at peace. So he still had missions to do for A.I.R. No big deal. The good thing is that his friends weren’t out to kill the woman he loved. And the aforementioned woman was free from the damned chip and from Estap now that he was dead. And today was his wedding day.
Yeah, life was definitely good.

He stood at the altar clad in the most expensive suit he had ever seen. One last check at his outfit to make sure he looked good. He glanced down quickly and saw the same attire he had put on a few hours ago. Black coat with black dress pants and shoes. Seemed simple enough.

Just then, the wedding music started up and Jaxon became as nervous as a child on a stage for the first time. But that nervousness melted away at the sight of Mishka in her flowing white Wedding gown. God, was it possible for her to be any lovelier? In front of her were Mia and Eden as her bride’s maid, gently littering the red carpet with white rose petals. It looked like such an awkward sight since Mia and Eden were the harshest assassins he had ever met besides Mishka. Gentle didn’t seem like their thing. Do you think they had been gentle girls when they met their love? Mia probably hadn’t been a girly girl with Kyrin but maybe she will soften up. And Eden? Well maybe he will find out how she and Lucius had met one day.

But not today. As Mishka walked down the isle with Dallas on her arm, Jaxon thought of everything that happened since they had met. Then he cringed. When he first met her, she had threatened his precious family jewels. After the wedding he was going to make her pay. She would be spending plenty of time in their bed.

A moment later she was up at the altar standing next to him exuding such femininity that his heart melted to a pile of delicious goo for her. He took her hand and smiled down at her.

“Hello my soon-to-be-wife,” he said and saw a blush run across her cheeks when she looked up at him.

“Hello my soon-to-be-husband,” she mimicked him. Then the priest spoke. Jaxon stood there and floated into a dream. At this moment, nothing could go wrong. Since forever with Mishka would be better than heaven.

Less than an hour later, the priest was finishing up his speech and asked for us to exchange our vows. “Jaxon, please repeat after me. I, Jaxon Alex Tremain, take you Mishka Le’Ace, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.” And he did

Then the priest turned to Mishka and asked her the same, “repeat after me. I, Mishka Le’Ace, take you Jaxon Alex Tremain, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.” And she did.

“I now pronounce you man and wife.” He closed the bible in front of him. “Jaxon you may now kiss your bride.”

Behind him, Dallas was nudging him. “Hey man, don’t forget the rings.” He held out two identical rings out to him and dropped them into Jaxon’s hand.

“Thanks.” He nodded and turned back around. Jaxon took a deep breath and looked intently at his bride. He slipped the gold ring on her petite finger. Then, he was filled with such joy that he couldn’t hold it in and quickly bent his head to Mishka and ground his lips to hers. She tasted of sweet honey as he swirled his tongue with hers in an ancient mating dance. She responded to him and meshed their lips even more firmly together so that it was as if they never were apart.

“I will savor you for the rest of eternity sweetheart.” Jaxon smiled and touched their foreheads together.

“As long as you savor me slowly,” she answered.

The author's comments:
Ok so this was part of one of my english assignments. First i read a book then i wrote an added chapter to the book. So the original story came from Savor Me Slowly by Gena Showalter. If you like paranormal romance go read all her stories. you'll get hooked by the first page.

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