May 9, 2009
By -Call_Me_Nne- BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
-Call_Me_Nne- BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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There was a time where she loved everyone.
She did not hate.
Did not try to hurt them.
Did not get into fights.
She cared and loved and was friendly.
She trusted everyone who she loved and loved her back.
There was nothing she was afriad of.
She was one of those happy-go-lucky types of people.
Everything was going right in her life.
She loved everything.

There was a time where she trusted him.
The boy was someone she loved.
He was there for her and cared for her.
Or so he said.
There was nothing she would not do for him.
And he knew that.
She grew attached to him and his ways.
The way he never answered her back and barely let her talk.
She did not care as long as she was with him.
She trusted him.

There was a time where she was fragile.
She was vulnerable and easily able to be broken.
The boy injured her.
He played with her emotions like toys.
He used her and tossed her to the curb like trash.
She went to the ones she called her friends and they helped her.
They thought she was better when really she was worse.
She was fragile.

There was a time where she was broken.
Her friends acted as though nothing had happen.
They talked about the boy in front of her.
Saying he was a jerk and she was better off without him.
They did not know the more they talked about him the more hurt she became.
She found ways to help cure her.
Music became her soul.
Books a way to escape.
She was broken.

There was a time where she was hopeless.
She did not care about anything.
Her friends tore at her.
"Tell us what is wrong" they would say but their eyes would say something else.
There was one person she trusted and cared for.
But that person did not care about her.
She took her trust and shreaded her apart.
Leaving the girl bleeding from the inside.
She was hopeless.

There was a time where she was lost.
She lost something inside of her and felt numb.
She built up an invisible barrier around her to keep people away.
She hated being hurt.
Hated everything.
Hated everyone.
She kept people at a distance too afriad to get hurt.
There were people who tried to help her.
She pushed them away.
She felt safer that way.
She was lost.

There was a time where she almost gave up.
She felt small and insignificat to the rest of the world.
There was nothing to stop her from ending her life.
And then she met Him.
He was interested in her but she did not notice Him.
He tried speaking to her but she heard nothing.
Reaching out to touch her, He felt a solid wall in between them.
Like glass.
Hard and transparent.
Pulling back, He punched the wall.
Pain running up His arm.
She almost gave up.

There was a time where she worried.
When He tried to break down her wall she grew afraid.
She beckoned Him not to and He sometimes listened.
He tried to talk to her but she could not hear Him.
He brought markers and tossed them to her.
Not knowing what to do with them she just left them on the ground.
'Write.' He wrote on her wall.
She nodded and picked up a red marker.
'I'm Nick. What's your name?' He asked.
'Katie' she wrote.
'Nice to meet you.' He wrote and added a smiley face at the end.
She was worried.

There was a time where she was unsure.
He came and talked to her everyday.
Always wanting to know more about her.
Wanting to become her friend.
She enjoyed talking to Him.
He was like the sun.
Cheering her up everytime she looked at Him.
They shared stories, experiences, jokes and pictures on her wall.
When He wasn't with her, she would look over the words and smile to herself.
She was unsure.

There was a time where she trusted Him.
He would come and talk to her about people He knew.
'I want you to meet them one day' He told her.
'That would be impossible' she said.
'Why?' He asked and she dropped her head.
She stared at her hands and then wrote 'I am afraid'.
She did not want to get hurt again by anyone.
She was afraid to get hurt by Him even.
She looked up when she heard a tapping on the glass.
He had his hands pressed against the glass.
'I will not let anyone hurt you' was writen underneath His hands.
She trusted Him.

There was a time where she was anxious.
'I want to be with you' He wrote one day.
Blushing she wrote 'I want to be with you too'.
He smiled and pressed His hands against the barrier again.
This time she pressed hers to the wall too.
She frowned and wrote 'I can not feel you this way'.
He nodded in agreement and stood from His sitting position.
Reaching His arms back He slammed His fist against the wall again.
He repeated this over and over again.
She yelled for Him to stop.
She was anxious.

There was a time where she fell for Him.
He returned the next day to see her.
Bandaged hands and arms.
Pain and defeat on His face.
He could not break her out from her cell.
She was smiling when He came to see her.
There was something about her smile that made Him feel like everything was

going to be okay.
And it was.
She fell for Him.

There was a time where she was happy.
Wrapping her arms around Him she said "I'm so sorry."
He was shocked.
The wall was gone and she was in His arms.
She was never this happy in her life before.
"Your hands are warm" she told Him.
He laughed and said "Yours are freezing."
They laughed together quietly.
She loved His laugh and was glad to hear it.
She was happy.

The author's comments:
There's a video on YouTube that inspired this. It's called 'Draw With Me'.

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