Come In

April 28, 2009
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Please. Come in. Rest awhile.
I know you must be tired, running. Running all day long. From those silly little villagers.
What did they say of you? A witch? Hah! You, a witch?! That’s just a silly rumor, spread by the silly blacksmith.
We will take care of him later.
Here, here, may I pour you some tea? Yes? How about some sugar? Milk? Honey? No? My, what a hospitable guest.
Oh, there are those pesky villagers, pounding on my door again! When will they learn?
Please, excuse me as I deal with them. No, no, you stay put. They won’t set a foot in my house if I have anything to do with it.
What, what do you all want? Who? Never heard of her! Go away! Can’t you all tell what date it is? Yes, yes, I know, All Hollow’s Eve! Now shoo!
My, my, how sorry I am. Tsk tsk, they’ll never learn.
Oh my! What’s this? Your stomach hurts? Well, yes, yes, if you must. No! Not over there! In the trash banister! That stain will take me weeks to clean!
Please, don’t pass out there. I know, I know! Your stomach! I get it! It’s the poison, my dear, it will do that to you.
Hm? What? Oh, the poison from the tea, of course!
Now, now, there’s no use crying your beauty will sustain me well for at least a few years.
Now then, why don’t we wait until you are done, and then… well, then we will see how a true witch works…

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Imagination! said...
Jan. 29, 2010 at 4:21 am
wow fab. it reminds me of the film 'Hocus Pocus' lol, i think it's 'all Hallows eve' though...
vampluv11 replied...
Feb. 5, 2010 at 9:09 am
you read all my stuff! thank you!
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