Series of Wolrds

May 5, 2018
By tomato13m BRONZE, Brisbane, Other
tomato13m BRONZE, Brisbane, Other
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7O fights the evil in a series of worlds. People die. Who will live? Who wil be the last one standing?

Chapter 1: Zombie Apocalypse

It was an ordinary day, at an ordinary high school. However what the students didn’t know, was that this day was going to change their lives forever. Let me tell you about this day.

“Good morning little chickens!” Ms Bennett said as she unlocked the door to the class room. Class started and for a few minutes it was all peace and quiet, when all of a sudden “Beep! Beep! Beep! Attention Students, There is a wave of Zombies coming, pick up your guns, lock all your doors and hide!” As quickly as possible Ms Bennett unlocked this secret Laboratory and gave each student a gun and some bullets. Two brave students locked the door, while the rest hid. “What a great start of the day isn’t it?” asked Billy as his friends nodded. Pesandhi and Christa were both complaining that they didn’t know how to shoot people and that they couldn’t stand the blood. However as they were complaining someone grabbed them by the neck and they screamed. Pesandhi and Christa both turned around to see there teacher telling them to be quiet. Eventually everything calmed down, but not for long. The door was broken and the zombies started to pour in. The students got ready in their positions and fired at them. Maddie K trying to be the hero, charged at them while shooting. Well sorry to say, but that was the last of Maddie K. The students took a moment of silence, before shooting again. A few hours later, the zombie all died and the school was a wreck. Fire on the oval. F block torn down, police surrounding the area and helicopters flying around Brisbane State High. 7O all ran to the exit of the school. As Maddie G did that, she rebounded of the invisible force and fell to the floor. At that moment, we all knew that we were trapped inside the school. Ms Bennett then commanded us all to run back to the nearest classroom and lock the door. We all huddled silently in the classroom, more zombies to be found. Bang! Shoot! our guns went. Aaliyah who had too much sugar in the morning was running around the classroom. Sam was also joining in by jumping table to table and singing “I’m a barbie girl.” When suddenly, Jett L started screaming, he was bitten by a zombie. Sabrina waving her arms in the air, while running around was screaming, “ Jett L is a ZOMBIEEEE!” Anupa being the weirdo that he is shouted out, “I’m still going to flippin’ send it!” Then Vili came in the classroom with shotguns, barrels, grenades and lighters. Max and Nathan started shooting at Vili, thinking that he was a Zombie.  Luckily, Vili didn’t die as he was good at dodging bullets. Lara was complaining that her hair was smudged with blood, while Hannah was thinking of a plan to destroy them once and for all. Jonty being the tallest in the class was trying to shoot from above failed, naturally and accidentally shot Ms Bennett in the head. Sorry to say this again, but unfortunately, she died. R.I.P Ms Bennett. Nhu and Mahlia were hiding under the tables hugging anything that they could find and trying to find a plan to escape this horrible nightmare. Jett R in his usual game mode was playing walking dead. Each time Jett R killed a zombie, a zombie would disappear. “I got an idea, Jett R keep killing the zombies,” said Hannah and Jett R nodded. A few hours later, zombies disappeared one by one. Dead students were laid side by side. Jessica lead the remaining of the class to the canteen, where they could eat. For the past few days, things weren’t normal for these year 7s. They weren’t students anymore, they were soldiers. The invisible force broke down and everyone was free. They all ran straight to the exit, where they found themselves  in another world. This time, it wasn’t the zombie apocalypse it was a magical down world.

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