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April 30, 2018
By kylieazz BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
kylieazz BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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 The full moon was shining through the path as trees were rustling in the wind on the rainy night. My mother and I were on our way back home from the movies when it happened. My life hasn’t been the same since. As we were walking back to our apartment in the dead of night, we happened to witness a murder. We both were in shock when we made eye contact with him and felt as though we couldn’t move for what felt like an eternity. We began running when we noticed that he saw us. However, it was too late. He shot my mother in the back while she was trying to protect my life.  It’s been almost a month since that horrendous day. I have made more progress than the police have.  For now, I am keeping the description of the killer to myself.  I want to have the satisfaction of giving him what he deserves.  I want justice for my mother.  I have been going out every night since the tragic incident to where it all happened trying to get more information about him, to see if he is still lurking in the night.  Last evening I waited for my grandmother to fall asleep, I grabbed my coat and took to the streets, once again I ended up in the same spot where my mother was murdered.  As I was standing there remembering that horrible night, reflecting on how angry and sad I am that this has happened to my family, I was startled by voices.  I quickly looked around for a place to hide and took cover before I could be seen.  I peaked my head around the corner and I saw him getting into a car and driving away.  I was hesitant but then I realized why I was doing this.  I had to follow that car!  I started running without any intention on giving up. Thirteen blocks later I found myself at a run-down apartment.  I saw him getting out of the car and enter into a building. I was hiding in the bushes making sure not to get caught.  The window was open and a light switch went on in a room on the third floor.  I was so excited that now I knew where he lives.  I knew I would eventually have the opportunity to search his apartment for any evidence of what he did to my mother.  I made my way back to my apartment before my grandmother woke up. I got a few hours of sleep and I headed out again.  Making my way back to his apartment in the hopes of being able to find the gun that he used to kill my mother.  It was now or never… Fear can’t hold me back, not now, I’m too close.  He needs to pay for taking the one person that meant everything to me.  I mustered up the courage and when I knew without a doubt that he wasn’t there, I picked the lock and entered.  The place was a mess, dirty dishes in the sink, clothes thrown everywhere I knew this would make it easy for me to search, nothing was in its place so I didn’t need to worry about him possibly knowing anyone was searching his belongings.  I entered the bedroom and started searching the drawers when all of a sudden I hear a creaking noise, it’s the door, and someone is opening the door.  Quickly I run to the window, open it and start going to the fire escape.  That’s when I hear him screaming… “Hey you, what do you think you’re doing and why were you doing in my apartment?”  He starts coming down after me.  I knew I had to stay calm so I could make it down without falling.  As I reached the bottom there was a cop standing there waiting for me.  I looked up and saw another cop in between the murderer and me.  Turns out the cops where already onto the murderer and they were watching his every move.  When they saw him come out the window they realized he had a gun in his hand.  They apprehended him, confiscated the gun and we later found out it was the same gun used in not only my mother’s murder but three other murders.

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