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Creative Writing Submission-Flash Fiction

April 30, 2018
By Anonymous

“Come on, you can do it,” said coach Nicole, “Just a little farther.” Sabine jumped, then an ear-splitting scream sounded out and a flash of blinding white light flashed. Next thing everyone knew, Sabine was laying on the floor, DEAD.

“Watch out honey,” the man in the dirty old trench coat on the train said to me in a creepy voice. I didn’t think much of it because there were always crazy people on the train, But the next thing I knew the train went dark.”Don’t say a word,” that familiar voice said in my ear.

“Just say inside,” Dad said after mom had disappeared. I suddenly more than anything I wanted to find mom, she was my light in the darkness, and now she was gone. When I went into her room, I saw a weird little compact mirror she always told me not to touch on her dresser, and suddenly the whole world was spinning and flipping.

“May, girl get over here,” Jane said to my best friend May, “I have missed you soooo much!” Boy, I really hate that girl, always acting like May was her best friend and not mine, but then I saw May smile at me. Suddenly her beautiful smile turned into squiggles and I saw so much blood, “you're dead,” said Jane pulling a knife out of my back, and walking away from me, the last thing I saw was May’s confused face looking on, as I realized what had happened.

The author's comments:

These are 4 different flash fiction pieces.

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