The Misunderstanding

April 11, 2018
By BradyH BRONZE, Steinbach, Manitoba
BradyH BRONZE, Steinbach, Manitoba
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Jared woke up in the middle of the woods. How he had got there he had no idea. Looking around he couldn't see anybody else in the area. Wanting to get in touch with his surroundings, he checked what he had on him that he could possibly use to get himself out of here. He was hoping for a phone or a GPS or something along those lines, but came out empty. Then in the deepest part of his left pocket he found a wadded piece of paper. Unfolding it he read “Object, get to the river alive” . As soon as he had finished reading it, a bullet sank into the tree beside him. Without turning to look at who the shot came from, He ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

After a few minutes, he chanced a look behind him. To his surprise, there was no one in sight. Relieved that he was safe for the moment, he did a deeper search of where he was. He was in a densely populated forest, which meant that there wasn't much room for the sun to get through, making it dark and spooky. He hadn't seen that many animals, a few birds and squirrels here and there. Wondering what he should with the shooter nearby, he tries to come up with a plan. He decides that he should probably find some way to get to the river that the note instructed him to go to. Making sure he wasn't going in the direction of the shooter, he continues on throughout the woods, hoping that he can get close enough to the river to hear it.

After about ten minutes of walking, he hears something rustle in the bush nearby. Worried that it was the shooter, he quickly lies down on the ground and looks for the cause of the sound. He notices that the thing in the bush had the shape of a person. Looking at its face, he realizes its a girl. Confident that she wasn't the shooter he whispers to her. “Psst”, what are you doing here?”. Before he even knew what happened, She was on top of him and  holding his mouth closed. “Do you want to get us killed? Did you not see the shooter?”. “What are we doing here?” he asked. She didn't respond but instead pulled him lower to the ground and told him to shut up. “There” she said. As he looked at where her finger was pointing, he noticed that this was the shooter.

The shooter looked around 30-35 years old, well built and tall. He was carrying a semi-automatic rifle and looked like he knew how to use it. Before he could take a look at anything else, the girl brought out a gun that he hadn't realized she was carrying and sent three shots into the man. He fell to the ground with a thud. As soon as he had fallen, without any time to process what happened, the girl started to drag him in the other direction.

As soon as he had pulled his wits together, he asked her what the heck was happening. She replied, “We want to win this fight right?” and kept running. Remembering that he didn't know this girls name yet, he asked her. “Cam” she told him. After running for another 5 minutes, they came upon an old abandoned cabin. After they had got inside, she asked him where his gun was. Not knowing where it was he shrugged and asked her where she had got hers. “They give everyone one, dummy!” she replied.

Frustrated with what was happening, he asked her what was going on. Before she could answer, he heard a bunch of yelling, and saw 5 more people storming the small cabin. “We are in the middle of a paintball game you idiot!” she tossed him a gun that she must’ve found in the cabin, she ran outside and started shooting at everybody. Completely dumbfounded that he had thought that they were in serious trouble, but that they were only in a paintball game, He found renewed energy and went out to battle the enemy.

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