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The Daughter of Mis

April 23, 2018
By J.B-Sir SILVER, Park City, Utah
J.B-Sir SILVER, Park City, Utah
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I took a bit of the boar off the fire and said to the boy next to me, Nick, “Want some?” Nick shook his head and said “I had some already,” I shrugged and replied “Well more for me,” Nick put his hand out and let out a tiny burst of flame adding a little bit of more heat to the fire. I smiled from the warmth and turned to look at our two person camp ground.
Our sleeping bags and back packs were rolled up next to a log, my bow and quiver were sitting next to me as I speared another bit of the boar. I ate of the arrow like a kabob and turned as I heard the sound of wolves far off in the distance. Nick tensed and I put a hand on his knee “It’s fine, there Wolves, they wont come near us.” Nick nodded and relaxed again.
I ate the final bit of boar off the arrow and through the bones skewered around the fire away. I rolled out my sleeping bag as Nick did his and said “Night Nick,” He replied “Goodnight…” A yelping sound in the distance cut him off. Both of our eyes went wide as we realized what it was. Nick took out the fire and we started climbing up trees. I got onto a middle branch of mine and pulled back for an arrow that wasn’t there. I looked down to see my bow and quiver by what was left of the camp fire.
I looked at Nick on the other tree and eyed at the bow. He mouthed the words “No” I started climbing down slowly and quietly. I was on the lowest branch getting ready to jump when a red dog like creature jumped into the area. It’s red scaly skin and black eyes looked around intelligently, two more came down sniffing around the campsite. My eyes were wide with fear as I was hanging from the tree branch, they were still sniffing around the camp site then I heard it. A yelping sound as one of them jumped at me.
I brought my feet up to avoid the mouth of blades coming at me. The warbeast jumped up again and I pulled myself up on top of the branch. The yelping sounds were now all around my tree, I looked up to where Nick was but he was no longer there. I felt the branch under me start to give way, I tried jumping up to a branch a little bit higher but I missed it and barely landed back on my old branch.
I let out a little yelp of fear as the branch cracked again. I closed my eyes waiting for the branch to finally break and for me to fall into the claws of the Warbeasts. The branch cracked and the yelping sounds got louder. I gritted my teeth getting ready for the claws of the Warbeasts to over take my soul.
Then a louder shrill sound yelped out through the air. I opened my eyes and saw a flash of red light hit a warbeast as it disintegrated almost upon contact of the light. A couple more flashes hit the Warbeasts as they all were killed upon contact. Something shot out behind a tree and caught my now falling body. A flash of silver ran throughout the night as I felt my body become wrapped up in someones arms.
I heard a new voice ask “You alright?” I nodded shakily and replied “Thanks to you,” The man shook his head and said “Your friend actually, he’s the one who saved you.” I looked around seeing no one then Nick appeared out of thin air. The boy let me down and I took a step back. “What happened!” I yelled. Nick said “Look, I know I told you I’m from the border lands which is true but in reality I was actually there because I was looking for a great elemental or magical source, one as great as The Traveller.” I looked at him skeptically and the boy with the two metal arms and silver hair looked down. Nick continued “I called BS at first but when I met you the energy source around you was so strong it was crazy, I was asked to tail you for a couple of weeks until we could figure to what to do with you.”
The boy with the silver hair said “Now that The Traveler is gone we need someone knew who might be able to uphold his legacy, but more importantly we need someone who will be able to stop Lucifer when he comes back.” I stared pointedly at him and said “First off my element is practically useless, I have wind to a very basic degree and an ace ability that lets me see ten seconds into the future. It’s not the greatest combo. And secondly you say that like that devil is going to come back.” The boy replied “He will, and right now we don’t have any way to protect it. The only chance we have is Fireteam Legacy and those guys aren’t enough to stop them as they are. Then the second option is me, I was found in a hole two months ago with red lightning shooting off my body, I have a lot of power stored up in me, like you. Sure were not as much as The Traveler but together we may be able to stop him. It’s the Earths best shot, there calling it Project Charon. Like the guy that guards the river to hell, we will be the guards to the gate of Earth. Along with one other person we have been tailing for a while.”
I thought about it and finally said “How long do we have until he returns?” A little lock of brown hair fell down from my face in front of my eyes. I flipped my hair up and he said “The Final War as many people call it wasn’t the final War. The Portal wasn’t closed, it was just shut down for a while. The demons are coming more frequently now as well, we assume that we have about five months before he returns.” I nodded and said “And I would join you why?” The boy smiled and said “Because, you me and the other person I mentioned are apparently the last true decedents of the immortals. I am the son of the lost, Sol or we think thats my name, I don’t remember anything from before two months ago. Ill get a flash back here and there but not enough to know anything about me. But anyways theres me, The son of the Lost, theres the other boy the Son of Life, and then theres you, The Daughter of Hate. Otherwise known as Ash. At least thats what the prophecy states,” I said with confusion “Prophecy?” He replied “Son’s And daughters, Brothers and Sisters, Lost men, Living man, and Hated women, Sons of dark and Daughters of light.” I looked at him and asked “And were the last chance Earth has got?” Sol looked up at me with a burning determination in his eyes “Were the best it has to offer.” I picked up my bow and said “Lets get moving,”


Two days later

I missed the thudding of Nick as he moved with me when we were alone and I didn’t know I had a grand prophecy of sorts to live up to. Sol said “Were here,” We climbed over the last mountain top. I was looking at a beautiful landscape with water falls to the right and left of a giant valley with a town in the middle. A castle was in the back and a wall surrounded the town.
“It’s lovely” I breathed out. Sol turned back to me and smiled “I give you Faršhore! The longest standing kingdom of Elves! Also the only place that would agree to train us.” I asked “Whys that?” Sol started whistling nervously and said “The last person with power of our magnitude broke a lot of things in military standpoints so the elves agreed to train us. Mostly because there protection spells can block our attacks.”
I nodded and I heard a whistling sound, I turned left to see three elves riding horses. They stopped in front of us, one of them the only boy in the group looked at Sol then looked down painfully, “My name is Chuck!” He stated with silver hair just like Sol’s except his was much longer. He put a hand on his sword and said “You must be Sol and Ash, correct?” We nodded then he pointed to the girl on his left, “This is Sasha, she is a warrior like me though she will take over your element training.” The girl with brown fire red hair waved to us. Chuck then pointed to the girl on his right, she had white hair and blue eyes staring down us at eagles. “This is Miriam, otherwise known as the princess of Faršhore! She will take over all of your battle strategies and planning! And I will take over your hand to hand combat training while an elf named Samsonnite will take over your weapons training!” He pulled a horse to us then said “No questions, get on and we will get you two started tomorrow morning!”
Sol got up on the horse first then held out his hand to help me up. I got on then Chuck said “The Son of Life arrived a couple hours ago with Samsonnite, he will be waiting for you guys in your tent. Also don’t burn anything or blow anything up when your not training please, its a pain in the ass to clean it up.” We both nodded then he kicked his own horse and it shot off towards the town, the other horses followed suit and in a couple minutes we reached the walls of Faršhore. Chuck said somethig in Elvish then the gates opened and he lead us to our tent.
“Get some rest, there will be gala tonight at the castle you three have to be there. A guide will be here at six thirty your time, there should be two suits and a dress for you guys in there. Have fun!” Chuck rode off with the other two and I asked “So, what do you think the son of life is like?” Sol replied “lets go find out.”
We stepped inside the tent and turned to see a boy who was about thirteen years old say “Are you Lost and Hate?” I replied “My name is Ash” Sol butted in and said “Yes we are, this is Ash as he said and Im Sol, whats your name?” The boy looked up at us and said “My name is Ben, I was brought here after my home town was destroyed by the Inferion Blast.” I had a flash back of memory of the black blast of void energy that ran through out the sky and took out the biggest standing city on Earth at the time. It happened four months ago and the person who did it was a follower of Lucifer, at least thats what everyone thinks seeing as no one has found him.
“Bad things happen to everyone, but look at you you survived so I guess were lucky.” I said in a soft voice trying to comfort him. His eyes grew sharp and he said angrily “Don’t pity me, I survived because I had to, my family left me there for dead. Im better off without them.” Sol bit back a obvious retort or at least it looked like it. I smiled and said “Come on guys let’s just get ready it’s almost six thirty.” They both nodded and went into two of the empty rooms. I went in the last where a dress was waiting for me on the bed.
It was a mixture of red and white, When I put it on it felt surprisingly comfortable and somehow it felt flexible. I walked out of the room after straightening my hair to make sure no brown lock fell down in front of my face as the gala went on. I turned to see Sol trying to figure out how to help Ben with his blonde hair. I smiled walked over to them and said “You men are so helpless,” Sol said “I’ve never done this to someone else before cut me some slack!” I rolled my eyes and said “Watch the master,” I took the comb out of Sol’s hands and brushed Ben’s hair past the part. I then made him look at me, his eyes stared at me intensely then I said “Specs, thats what we need for you.” He went into his room and a couple moments later he came out with glasses on.
I smiled and said “Good, you look great.” I then looked over at Sol and said “You on the other hand need some help.” His shirt was untucked and he was trying to figure out how to put on a tie. I told him what to do and “vwalla were done!” I emphasized the v as I said it. Sol looked grumpily at me and we stepped outside. The elvish man who was supposed to be our guide was standing next to our little town house with a carriage ready for us.
He made a motion to step in and the three of us did as he mentioned. He flinched as Sol past him but refused to say anything. Once all there of us were in the dimly lit nice carriage it started moving. It was bumpy on the way there but once we got there I can’t say it wasn’t worth it. The man said “Were here!” He opened up our doors and we stepped outside into the beautiful light of the palace.
Sol gasped at the sight as did Ben and I. The guide winked at us and said “Welcome to The longest standing Elf Palace!” In an exited voice and a glisten in his eye Ben asked “Why is this happening exactly?” The guide replied “It should have been obvious to you all, did Chuck not tell you?” We looked at each other confused then the elf chuckled “Never did go into specifics, its for Miriam’s birthday, on this day today she is drinking from the Mortal Cup, a chalice that gifts the drinker the ability to make any one wish they want. The first elf king wished for  kingdom and this is what we got, the second her father wished for a protective barrier to protect our city and in turn we got this valley and magical protection runes set up in certain places around here. And now we get to witness her wish, Princess Miriam is going to get to choose what she wants.”
Ben and Sol looked at the palace with wonder as did I. The man made a motion with his hands and said “After you.” We walked into the palace’s ball room, the table in the middle already seated with the King and Miriam as well as other important officials in place. The guide said “This is where I leave you, have fun.” He left the ball room and we were left there unsure of what to do. A voice rang out through the crowd “My exotic gift has come! We may start the ceremony!” I looked over at the king who was staring directly at us.
The music stopped then he said “Noble’s please state your gift to my daughter for this Wonderfull event!” Some elves stepped up and spoke one at a time then they sat back down after they were done speaking. It went like this for an hour until the last people were The king us and Chuck. Chuck stepped forward and clasped his hands together, the room stared intently at him then he said “As Miriam’s best friend sense childhood I know of only one gift that she would accept completely.” He took a locket out of his pocket. It was laced with silver and ivy leaves but it was rather small as well. “I give you The Travelers complete list of every achievement he has made! A gift from the Gods themselves after his passing!” Miriam gasped and opened it. The room around us vanished and we were plunged into a new world.
A boy with blonde hair and one metal arm stepped into view from the deteriorated city. He shot forward with lightning speed and stabbed through a giants heart. The scene changed a couple more times to views like this but eventually it stopped at a black castle, a dark sky was overhead with flashes of red and pitch black being shot through the sky. The room felt like it flew up so we were watching two virtual men flying at each other and attacking with all they got.
It suddenly vanished as the scene stopped on the silver haired boy who looked suspiciously like Sol say something. We all turned to Miriam who closed the locket then said “Thank you, it means a lot.” Chuck nodded his head probably getting the same feeling as Miriam. The king stepped forward and said “Well after that thee Is one more gift I must give to you before you get the Mortal Cup, I present to you!” He pointed his hands at Sol, Ben, and I. “The last true descendants of the Gods!” Miriam looked at us skeptically and said “Can we test them?” The King looked at her surprised and asked “Whatever do you mean?” Miriam replied “We still have The Jade Dragon correct?” The King nodded and then Miriam said “I would like to see them take it down, I know why there the gift, there replacing him! So I want to see if there worthy of even coming close to Him!” The King eventually nodded and said “I’m sorry you three, but here you are.” He shouted out an incantation and my world instantly changed to black.

One hour later,

I felt the elvish warrior suit I was wearing and shivered. “Fly or Die,” thats what Chuck said at least. We have one hour to kill the dragon or we get killed by it, I shuddered and picked up a weapon I knew I was best with. I would have picked a bow but I doubt I would be able to hit it with the speeds it would be moving at. I picked up a two giant one handed longswords and strapped them to my back. The straps felt uncomfortable around my breasts but I dealt with it, a small price to pay for the great weapons now at my possession.
The last thing I did before I walked outside with the other two was take out my contacts revealing my pure gold eyes. My brain hurt for a couple seconds but after that I was fine and stepped outside. I stood by the door with the other two as they seemed as worried as I was. The doors closed and I heard in the open arena around us which had protection spells running around it so we couldn’t kill anyone nor could the dragon.
“Good Luck! Begin!” Time stopped as the door directly In front of us opened revealing the huge beast. It let out a blood curling roar and opened its wings. It flew forward with its jaws wide open. I shot to the right as Sol and Ben shot left. The dragon followed the other two. I shot after it and through a blast of wild at it. The Dragon wasn’t even dazed by the attack, I doubt it even felt it. Ben opened up his hands as did Sol, Ben let loose a torrent of lightning white lightning as Sol let loose a torrent of red lightning.
The crowd stood up out of there chairs looking at the spectacle bellow. The Dragon got launched backwards directly into me. My eyes went wide as the giant mass started towards me. I put my arms in an x block motion doing it out of instinct more then anything else. I waited for the blackness to over come my soul but it never came.
I opened my eyes to see the Dragon Stopped in front of me. A gasp ran throughout the crowd as they saw what had happened. I opened my eyes completely and looked at the vortex of wind I had created. It broke down with the dragon fling up. My eyes flared for a second then I saw it. Everything from ten seconds to now I knew, my eyes lit up every fifteen seconds like that for thirty minutes.
I smiled and launched forward avoiding the tail that would have come up behind me. I dodged another claw as Ben and Sol attacked it. I took both of my long swords off my back and stabbed at its foot. The first blade got stuck in its scales but the second hit open skin. Both blades were stuck inside the dragon like a sword in stone. I jumped back avoiding a attack from its claws.
My eyes lit up again and I yelled “Sol jump up and climb on top of it! Ben distract it! A breath attack is coming in four seconds! Leave that to me! Sol it’s blindspot is a broken scale on its forehead!” It started sucking in air. I started building up a wind blast hoping I would be able to counteract it’s attack for .5 milliseconds, if I can Sol will be able to hit the blindspot and as it falls Ben will unleash a lightning and Ice attack ending it.
It’s mouth opened and a torrent of fire shot out of its mouth. I opened up the vortex and stated sucking up the oxygen around us. The fire was absorbed then a loud boom ran throughout the arena. Sol jumped off the dragon then Ben created a ice spire that shot through the dragon and then electrocuted it’s heart. The crowd erupted into cheers as The Dragon fell down dead.
All three of us fell on our knees and I heard Miriam's voice ring through the crowd “They are worthy of Him! Therefor I would like the three of you to step forward!” We all got up and took one step forward. We were instantly teleported in front of her then she said “The Mortal Cups wish is Ash’s!”
I looked at her surprised and asked “Why?” She replied “Because you wouldn't have made it another ten minutes without that prediction of yours, also girl power!” She whispered the last part under her breath and I highfived her. She then said “Sol, Ben, step forward. Before she gets her wish I have a gift to each of you, For Ben!” She pulled out a spear and said “A ice spear! Gifted to us by the dwarves!” Ben grabbed it and bowed to The Princess. She turned to Sol and said “For Sol!” She pulled out a note book and said “The Travelers Diary! Of sorts…” Sol bowed graciously and then she turned to me and handed me the chalice.
“What is your wish?” She asked. I drank from the cup and then I said “I wish… I for a weapon made by The Gods, a weapon that has the power to create a great life or eradicate worlds in an instant!” Miriam looked at me in surprise then I felt it. A sensation so powerful it almost hurt. I heard “Guard it with your life…” Then the voice disappeared. I looked around then I realized everyone was staring at me. I opened my hands and in my hand I was holding a Silver bow with blades on the curve parts to fight close combat with and a quiver of arrows. The quiver was full of pitch black arrows and fluorescent white arrows.” Everyone stayed silent then Miriam said “The user of the Mortal Cup and the first Mortal Weapon! I give you Ash Mis!” The Crowd erupted into cheers and I eyed Miriam, she winked at me and I decided to leave the day at that.
The crowd finally stopped and the King yelled “I declare the end of my daughters birthday done! Everyone may go back now!” Everyone filed out of the stadium leaving Chuck, The King, Miriam, and us. “That was… exceptional” Chuck said with his arms crossed. I snorted and said “We killed a fucking Dragon and you say it was exceptional!” Miriam stepped in and said “It’s called the Jade Dragon but it’s really a high tier midlevel demon called a Dracon, it imitates the form of a Dragon but it is much weaker, it doesn’t have fourth of a Dragons Power.” I glared at them and The King said “Chuck will bring you here tomorrow morning, go get some rest.” The three teleported away and I heard Ben whisper under his breath “Fuck that,”
Sol and I nodded as well and I said “i’m going to sleep out here, I’m used to sleeping outside.” The two nodded and Sol tightened his hands into a clasp and said “I’ll go grab us some camping supplies.” I asked “From where?” Sol looked at me strangely and said “A camping store, It’s just a couple blocks down you don’t remember?” His eyes became distant for a second then he shook his head and said “I’ll be back in a couple minutes.” He left us and we went to an open grassy spot higher up on one of the arena seating areas.
I sat down and looked up “One day in and we have already killed a demon,” Ben nodded and said “You know we wouldn’t have won without you, we have a good team dynamic the three of us.” I took an arrow out of the new quiver and said “That was The Travelers down fall, he couldn’t rely on his team.” Ben asked “What do you mean?”
“The Traveler didn’t want to have more deaths on him thus he went on a solo mission and  in the end even when he got his team back he wasn’t enough, the team trusted him but he didn’t trust them enough to think they would live through it.” I turned to see a human girl behind us. “My name is Stella, I was on his team. The last day I ever saw him he had a burning determination in his eyes, just like the three of you. I hope you all will be able to survive him the next time he attacks.” Before we could answer her she disappeared into the shadows and was gone. “That was weird” Ben said.
“Yeah, but I guess she was being fair giving us a warning about the threat to come.” I replied with a little bit of sympathy in my voice.
“Hey guys I’m back!” I turned to see Sol with a great trip of items in his hands. Ben and I ran over to him and we started setting up a mini camping site. I smiled and whispered “Lets just get through this together,” The other two nodded. I twirled the White Steeled arrow in my fingers once more then I said “Watch out, were coming for you.” I picked up the bow and shot the arrow into the air.
Our eyes followed it as it came back down creating a spinning burst of light. It hit the center of the arena and every single star in the sky seemed to brighten as the arrow shone in the middle of the arena. “Watch out world! Cause we will be number one!” Sol cried out. I snickered and whispered “You are the most clique person I have ever met.”

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Spin off from 'I am Sol' Series 

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