Joana's Adventure

April 13, 2018
By Anonymous

Joana the dragon is all alone in the eerie woods on a quest searching for the secret treasure. What is the secret treasure, you ask? Nobody knows. Joana’s curiosity took over bringing him on this quest. He was flying through the woods when he heard something. Joana thought that it had to be the wind, and nothing could be creeping around the woods! Joana flew as fast as he could, and all of a sudden he ran into something and fell. He looked up, and it was Max, his best friend! Max had heard about his quest for the secret treasure, and wanted to join. Joana was so excited that he now had a friend to join him in the treacherous journey. They started to fly through the woods again. Soon after, the two dragons ran into a problem. There was a big mountain range in their path, and to pass it they had to fly very high up to get above it. Joana was a good flyer, but Max had trouble flying up for a while. They discussed it and decided that they would try to pass the range. They began to fly upward. It was going great; they were about to reach the peak of the mountain. Then all of a sudden Max began to fall, and Joana was too late to catch him. Max quickly fell and hit the ground. Joana finally got back down to the ground to see if Max was okay. He had hurt his wing, which meant he was definitely not going to be able to make it over the peak now. They were going to have to set up camp for a day, so Max could heal. While Max was collecting wood for a fire, Joana constructed a splint for Max’s wing. Now his wing would be healed by tomorrow! They quickly went to bed, so they could be rested up for the continuation of their journey. The bright sun woke both of the dragons up in the morning. They made there way to the bottom of the mountain, and Joana gave Max a quick pep talk. They head up towards the top of the peak. Once again, Max started to fall and Joana tried to catch him, but missed his hand. Joana watched him fall, then all of a sudden he started flying up again! They both made it up the peak. They were almost there because when they flew over the mountain peak they saw a big chest. Excitement filled both dragons, so they rushed over to the chest. When they got there, they paused for a second. They were nervous to open it because they had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Joana suggested that they would count to three, then open it. They counted to three and opened it. It was everything they wished for! It was a potion that gave them eternal life. They were so excited! They could now spend the rest of their lives going on fun adventures and doing everything they love.

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