War Of Nubushka

March 26, 2018
By lapiz BRONZE, Ionia , Michigan
lapiz BRONZE, Ionia , Michigan
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The year 3024, in a war town called Nubushka; It was my first day as Sergeant Micro, on the battlefields in the cyborg infested ghost town. If I could survive two years with my drill sergeant I should be able to take out some filthy robots. The operation was to push back as many of the cyborgs as we could before the U.S bombing run swept the  rest away.
My task squad and I , sergeant Reckless, and squad leader Srp, are put right in the action, we were pushed up on the back side of a worn down cafe, and  had 55 minutes to kill as much as these things as possible, with minimum ammo supplies.
SRP gave us the go on engaging, once we took the corner we witnessed 10,000 busted and cracked. infected robots  standing still shoulder to shoulder. As we got closer our footsteps got louder, and they went from passive mode to full attack mode. We c***ed our guns back and unloaded all the ammo we had into them, realizing that our puny  guns were like little squirt guns to them. We bolted  up the street with nearly 5000 robots chasing us, there was only 20 minutes before the bombing run came in and it seemed like there was a dead end up ahead.

When we reached the dead end Reckless noticed a narrow tunnel that is somewhat under water, and  would lead back to our extraction point. It was either being ripped in half by robots or take a little swim. With 10 minutes left we dove right into the water and swam into the tunnel. The tunnel was murky and had very sharp pipes hanging out. Our watches were beeping meaning we had five minutes, Reckless and I made it out but it seemed that Srp was still in the tunnel. With no hesitation I ran back in the water and Srp was clearly snagged on a pipe.
I was pulling on the pipe with all my might  but he nudged me away so i could live. Reckless pulls me out and we can see the bombing plane fly over top of us. We rush to extraction point and were barely clipped by the bombs, and we made it out alive.

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My piece is very interesing. 

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