The Tail of Lera

March 26, 2018
By ZiraB BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
ZiraB BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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It was a quiet and peaceful, in princess Lera’s quarters doing her morning routine, little did she know what was going on a couple halls down. The king was just assassinated and that the King Knight,  Frederic, was going to help her escape the place were her father ,the king, was just killed.

This is a story about a princess who escapes the place were her father was killed just to try to get back in. All for the sake of her father's kingdom.

This all start one spring morning when the princess is playing her morning music.
Shall We Begin?






The Unexpected

She could hear footsteps coming straight for her room. At the moment she was playing her piano. The footsteps were fast and heavy.  Lera stands up to greet, when doing so she could hear a distant shout.


Frederic comes bursting through the door panting. He had a gloomy and frantic look on his face.

“Princess the castle is under attack we got to go!” says Frederic still a bit out of breath.

“What about my father?” I say a bit concerned.

Frederic looks down at the floor, “Sorry... but the king is… is.. Dead.” Frederic had a sad tone in his voice.

“WHAT?!” Lera was wide eyed and stund to the point that was all that she could manage to say.

“He was in the center of the attack there was nothing anyone could do,” says Frederic still sounding sad .

Tears start to run down my face and I started to tremble. But I did not feel sad, but then why was I crying? I fall to my knees. I tried to say something, but nothing would come out.
What is happening?
I can’t control myself. A scared feeling engulfs my body , mind and all of my self.
Everything was silent.

I see Frederic’s mouth start to move and slowly sound came back to me.

“Princess, princess we got to go?” Frederic said a bit panicked. It was as if he could sense their plotting of my capture.

He helped me onto my feet. I walk over to my bookshelf and pulled at one of the books as if I were trying to take it down, then I pull at the frame it moved.
“ We need to get to the horses,”   Frederic sounded confused. I start to walk down the passageway, Frederic’s face full of confusion. 

I gesture to Frederic to follow. He lights a lamp and starts to follow. I then pull at the bottom of the first torch the passage closes behind us both. She takes the lamp from Frederic and starts to walk down the dusty steps, Frederic not far behind. We made our way down the passageway. Finally, we make it to the end of the hallway, At the end of the hallway, it looked like a dead end and the Lera pulled on the bottom of the last torch. A section of the wall moves aside.

Frederic’s mouth fell open he was so stunned at the lack of things he knew. Stepping forward towards my favorite most kind horse Lilith, looking back at Frederic. I say trying to gather my princess posture and tone.

“You did say we needed to hurry, did you not?” finally back to sounding like the princess that I was.   

“Yes, princess you are very much right,” says Frederic snapping out of his awe struck gaze. He walks over to Lillith and holding out his hand say, “Here let me help you up!”

I question myself in my head, whether I should expect and before I knew it, Lera was already being helped on to my horses back. Frederic then sets up his horse. Then we were off to who knows were.


The past and the city of trees

It’s been about 20 min now, I feel myself starting to go into the past events and give Lilleth the signal to follow Frederic’s stallion. Father had Lilleth trained to do this, so when I wanted to be with her instead of with my father on his horse. He did not have to worry.

Thoughts start to flow through my head like a river of everything that had recently happened and somewhere during that I started to think of mother, as well as her death.

She died when I was six years of age due to poisoning from one of her maids. Aparenty one of them came from a different country that sought for her demize. I was so young at the time I did not know what death was, just that she was not coming back. I still remember her warm smile and soothing voice. All so calming unlike any others and then she was gone never to be seen again.

Now I am fatherless and I am having trouble accepting that same fact that he was gone forever. All the things we have done together all the things I wanted to still do with him, now he is gone. I feel a chip in my heart worse from when mother died by a long shot I have no other way to explain it just that there was a peace no longer attached the way it used to be.

Word start to seep into my hazy flashing memories I start to come back from the past. Frederic was saying something. Lera comes to.

“Princess, you probably should put on your hood to attract less attention.
I put my hood on and ask, “Are we almost there then?”

“Yes we are and you can see that we are at the edge of the town of trees now “ replies Frederic

People and trees with doors and windows start to pop up and become more thick. Surrounded by people we make are way to the center of the town were the chief’s (also known as Mr. Ashenwood) house is located.  The biggest tree in the town comes into site. We made it to the chiefs residents.

Frederic and I ride up to the front steps of the of the big tree like house. I hop off Lilith's back, straighten my skirt. Frederic hops of his black house still holding the reins and says.

“Would you like me to come in with?”

“ I think I will do fine on my own. Also please see that both Lilith and your black horse are tended to wile I am with the chief” I say while mentally preparing to see someone I haven't seen in years. I walk up the steps to the door and knock on it. A maid opens the door.

“ Hello, what do you come here for?” asked the maid

“ I am hear to see the chief,” I reply.

“Well I will notify him of that immediately. While you wait please come in. When I am back I will tell you what he said. But first may I have a name?” says the maid with a calm and happy sound in her voice.

“ Yes, please tell him Lera’s her to see him,” I reply

“Sure thing I will be back as soon as I can Miss Lera,” says the maid who goes swifty up the stairs to notify the chief of the city.

I look around at my surroundings. Last, I was here there was hardly any shiny things compared to now. A few minutes go by. Footsteps swifty come my way from the top of the stair. I look at the top of the staircase there was the maid.

“ The chief said you may come,” says the maid.” Before you enter may I ask to see your rings.”

“You may,” I begin to walk up the stairs. “ I ask that you don't make a fuss over what you recognize. For I do not want to cause a commotion.” My hood was still on where she could not see my face.

“Yes, of course Miss,” replies the maid.

I make it to the top and hold out my hand. She examines my rings carefully then gasps. She slightly bows her head. Then says,

“Would you like me to act as if this is insignificant?” asks the maid

“ Yes, please do. For I do not want to cause any commotion,” I say as proper as possible.

“ As you wish Miss Lera,” replies the maid trying to control herself. “Well, then please follow me this way,”she says obviously nevious.

We head down the main hallway. We walked in complete silence for what seemed to me a long time. Then she comes to a stop and turns around. Then says,

“ He is waiting for you in here miss.”
“ Thank you. And if you would an night acomided me here. I asked that he’d take care of my white horse Lilith would you please assist him,” I say.

“ Yes I would be delighted to,” replies the maid. She opens the door for me and I walk in, she then closes it behind me. There was the chief in front of me. He looked to be in his 50s and had a beard.

“Well hello there,” the chief says his voice booming.

“ Hello to you chief,” I say taking off my hood.

“My, my. So it is you, it's been ages since I’ve seen you, and what's with this chief business.  My name is Willow Ashenwood. So just call me Willow”

“Ok, then If I call you Willow you have to call me Lera. Not Princess Lera, not Princess. Just Lera.” I say smiling.

“Sure thing Lera, If that is what you want. So was there something that you needed.” Willow says.

“Yes, In Fact I came to ask for supplies and notify you of what happened this morning at the castle.” I reply. We sit down. I glance out the window. “ Frederic and I might also need a place to stay as well. I am going to need some clothes that help Frederick and  I fit in.”   

“Ok. First things first.  What did you want to notify me about?” says Willow.

I go through the all of the events that happened that morning and how I escaped with Frederic, my father’s Knight since who knows how long. I told him the feeling I had when I first heard of it myself. I did not go in to the details of what book I pulled to open the secret door. About a half hour passed before I finished telling him the events. Looking at Willow’s face I was sure he was amazed on how crazy my day has been.

“Wow. I am sorry for what happened to your father.” Willow’s says his voice soft and sad “well then let's see about the the rooming situation.” Willow presses a button. A few seconds later a maid comes through the door.

“You summoned me. Is there something you want of me.” says the maid

“Yes. Please bring Lera hear to one of the finest rooms available. Then do the same for Frederic as well.” Willow asks of the maid.

“Very well. Miss please follow me.” says the maid.

I say good night to Willow and thank him for his hospitality. Then I follow the maid. While walking I noticed many pictures. Looked like it may have been Willow’s family. It was about 3 minutes then the maid opened a door and says.

“ This room will be yours until you leave. If you need anything feel free to push this button here.” She points to a button on a small side table next to the bed. “Before I go show Frederic to his room. There is a set of pajamas in the wardrobe. Also is there anything that you need?”

“Thank you. I should be fine.” I reply. 

I get ready for bed, sore and tired from all that I did that day.  I crawled into bed and fell asleep with in a few seconds.  With no worry of tomorrow. That night she slept the best she has in a long time. And so my story continues

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