Zero Chance of Zombies

March 26, 2018
By QueenofAwkwardness BRONZE, Belding, Michigan
QueenofAwkwardness BRONZE, Belding, Michigan
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That day was the beginning of the end for Mason and the rest of the world.Mason was feeling really sick for a few weeks. Mason was just a poor, brown haired, hazel eyed, ten year old boy. Then this is where one day the story begins...

Masons View

That day we finally went to the doctor. The doctor came into the room looking a little upset. He says, “I have terrible news.”
My mom says, “what is it? I’ve been worried about my baby.” I whine “ Mom, I’m ten” *cough* “I wish there was good news... god how do I? Mason has cancer.” That moment I knew I would never forget that day.
The room was silent for a second and then my mom and even our doctor started crying. My mom asked for a hug. I whispered while giving her one, “He can’t be serious right?” She responds, “It… a cruel joke.” She starts crying again,“I should tell your dad. ”
The ride to the hospital was silent till my dad said, “Be strong Mason you can brave your way through this!” My mom mumbled quietly, “ I hope.” That was the first time I’ve ever seen my parents so sad in my whole life.
At the hospital I got put in a room. I got tested. I got all these weird things hooked up. My mom drove home to get me a blanket and some stuff. My dad stayed.
He suddenly says, “What’s on TV bud?” I was shocked at him being so random- so sudden- but then I remembered his sister died of cancer at age six. He was eight . So then I thought- how scary this must be for him.
“You gonna answer Mason?” “ Oh yeah um… can we watch cartoon network?” “Whatever you say champ-” He slightly has a smile for a quick second, but it swiftly vanishes.
When my Mom came back with some stuff She says, “turn this rubbish off I have a surprise.” I chuckle. Then I see a giant Kit Kat. I’m like “Oh my… thanks!” My mom has long blond hair that almost reaches her butt and blue eyes. My dad has really close to gray hair and brown eyes. I think they were always cute together even looking at old photos and such. Then I fell asleep.

Glorias view aka Masons mom

I couldn’t sleep. The nurses came rushing in at midnight nearly gave me a heart attack. I’m like, “ Oh my gosh what’s wrong?” They say “ Oh we forgot to hook something up?” “Seriously...” “Yep!” And then they scurried out.
I finally dozed off at about two o’ clock in the morning just to be woken up by the doctors at six. They woke Mason up too. The next few hours consisted of watching Animal Planet, nurse visits, and the three of us playing board games. I looked at Mason and thought
How could it be he might not be here soon? I couldn’t live without my poor son?

Mason asked to change the channel to Disney channel. I said, “Sure…” After I changed the channel he said, “Thanks love you mom!”

About ten minutes in watching Disney Channel got interrupted.-

We interrupt you with a breaking news flash The zombie apocalypse has begun after an experiment gone wrong. The story is they were trying to find a cure for leukemia. Stay safe. We’ll try to keep you updated if were not on the run or dead.

Matthew aka Masons dads view

  “Darn,” I say.“I know it ain’t good- none of it is.” says Gloria. Suddenly we were interrupted by chaos in the hospital. “Wow that was quick,” I say sarcastically. One of the nurses came in then.
“Did you hear?” She says. “Yes…” Gloria whispers “My names Melanie, by the way.” says the nurse.“So we need help bordering up the walls. We should have enough food to last us a while.” First Mason now this “Dad” mumbles Mason “Yes son” “Will things ever get better?” Well…  “Honestly I don’t know”
So we went to help border up the walls and they let Mason come. “You three come here and help us round up all the food and water even in vending machines” Says some lady. “Okay?” says my beloved wife Gloria “Actually just the kid and his mom” Dam I feel excluded
“ Don’t feel left out they need you for heavy lifting” “Fairpoint”
As we were finishing bordering up the walls of the hospital Mason gave the lady, who I think is the person in charge, because she acts like it, his giant candy bar. He says and I quote “I want the hospital to have it to share cuz they’d be needin some food for the next while” “Aw  kid what’s your name because that’s really sweet of you” She says.
We were then assigned you could call them roommates or  another patient or 3, their family, and a doctor. Cuz well safety in numbers. So we were put with an elderly couple and redhead 3 year old boy named Aiden .” I’m pretty good at survival and math so I’d say we have about a 0.0001% chance of surviving, but Mason and the other patients and such probably 0.000000000000000000001%. Oh what am I kidding this is hopeless.” I say silently to my wife. All  of a sudden you hear “Brainsss ah uh!” outside the room somewhere. Aiden yells ” I’m scared “ and Mason faints. Also the elderly lady had a heart attack.
What they didn’t know was the zombies were still two miles away and someone forgot to turn off the tv in another room. Some young woman yells “My bad! ” Little did we know we were all gonna die that day cuz of some girls foolishness

Doctor’s View

It’s so tempting to go and try to escape cuz I miss my family. I want to spend my last days on earth with them but my duties to take care of these patients here, pay or no pay.
The patients are fading away slowly but quicker then ever. So I was going out to get my groups rations of food and I heard pounding at the walls and you hear “ah uh” “blah” in groaning like form. Everyone screams. I yell “calm down everyone they can’t get in” and go back to sorting rations for my group

Mason’s view

“Will we survive” I ask. My mom starts crying. My whole family starts to cry and we have our own little group hug. Well at least if we don’t make it we get to spend our last minutes as a family. “Aiden come here I know your family didn’t make it back here in time so I want you to spend these last moments with us” I say “thwank oo” Aiden whispers.
My IV got unplugged somehow and I died, the way I would always have hoped for with my family.

Gloria’s View

“NO!” I screamed “You idiot!” The hard of vision old man tripped over the cord causing Masons death. “Gloria my love calm down” says Matt . Then you hear the doctor scream “ Guys we have bigger problem right now” I looked out the window and saw the zombies pounding on the walls Oh my… Then the zombies bust in. The doctor yells “I’m sorry I was trying to keep them…” He screams very horror movie like. I am just guessing but he’s dead right.

Matt’s view

“Gloria we have to fight it’s now or never” I say “I’m not heartless enough to leave my sons body behind and let him become a zombie and what about Aiden wait where is Aiden”  “You don’t know anything about the legend of zombies huh” I say “Wait where is Aiden” I looked outside the room to see him wobble straight to his fate by a zombie.

Zombie’s view

Sorry Me want brains

Gloria’s view

“ Matt watch out “ I shout “ What” he turns around and punches the zombie just to get bit by another. He becomes a zombie.  No... I collapse on the ground. My vision went black. I woke up and have a sudden desire for brains and to kill...

Conclusion by Narrator

Reader if you were wondering what happened to the world, I must inform you it is not good. The characters and everyone else on earth either passed or became a zombie. The world faded away of all species. So you’d be wondering what will happen next to earth. Will it explode, Go corrupt, or will some new species take over. But that, will never be found out at least not by a human anyway.

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