Rocky Mountains

March 26, 2018
By Anonymous

“Ladies and Gentlemen at this time I will need you to fasten your seat belts as we are experiencing some turbulence,” the flight attendant said with a very calming voice. I knew it was probably just normal turbulence. What is a plane ride without some turbulence. You know what I mean!  Well what I didn’t know was what would happen next, or actually what I thought I meant turned out to be nothing that I could ever imagine.

I didn’t know if I was dead or not, but all I could think about was that my body felt like a thousand needles were stabbing in my freezing cold skin. My mind kept saying, “Aurora you're alive you need to move.”
I knew that I was alive but I wanted to be dead, I couldn’t find the will. From what I saw it looked like we landed in the frigid, Rocky Mountains. I looked around all I could see was the sheer looking scraps of the metal that was scattered everywhere around me from the plane. I didn’t want to turn my head in fear of what I would see. I knew what I would see. When I looked it was the worst thing I ever seen in my life. There was no survivors but the faces of the dead bodies scattered everywhere, the blood reflecting off the snow. My whole family dead right in front of me. It was like a nightmare that I never woke up from.

      I started to move. I must’ve gotten pretty messed up when we crashed because my leg was killing me. I looked around to try to see if anyone, anything, anywhere was here, but there was no hope. I started to look for something to wrap up my leg. Luckily, I found a first aid kit in all the rubble of the plane. To my luck there was some gauze and antibiotics in it, so I took them and it made me feel like a whole new person even though I was likely to die, in the midst of a plane wreck in the middle of winter. I thought up of plan to try to even think about surviving there were four things that I knew I needed at this time. One was water, there was no way I could survive without it. Second of all I needed food, and I had no clue of the location if they even had any food on that plane. Third, was that I had to find shelter because I know I won’t survive through these conditions in a blizzard. Finally four is that, I needed to somehow get out of here.

     It was starting to get dark, and I didn’t have shelter, food, water or anything. From what I knew there could be giant, hungry, scavenging wolves watching me just thinking about sinking their  teeth right into me. My body was frail and fragmented and I didn’t want to move, even though my mind kept saying, you need to find something. I looked through the plane to my luck there was some water in a cupboard underneath all the scraps of metal.  I was starving, but I would make do with the water for now. I decided I would try to make a shelter, I didn’t know if wolves were out there or if there was going to be a blizzard. I found a chair that was pretty torn up and took two sheets of metal from the plane and leaned them against the chair like a teepee. After a while I finally dozed off, dreaming about when everything was normal when Bada Bing Bada BOOM!  I heard something that jerked me awake. My heart was instantly beating like a cheetah, that had just chased after a Hygena for an hour. My instincts were telling me to run for there was something dangerous out there. I quickly grabbed the scrap metal off the chair, and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, the scene looked very eery almost like halloween night but in a blizzard. I looked around to my wandering eyes I spotted two green, giant eyes. It was growling low like it was about to jump at me. I knew it was a wolf because, my dad a few years ago made me go to summer camp and I had spotted a grey wolf that had the same exact eyes as this one did. It started creeping towards me. I thought to myself if I could kill this big wolf I could eat it.
It got closer, and closer and I was running out of time my heart felt like it could explode and I felt like I was going to faint. I looked straight into the eery eyes just waiting for it too attack me. Then out of nowhere BAM!! It lunged out with its teeth clenched it tried to attack my face, but to my luck my reflexes worked and I took the metal scrap from the plane and hit the wolf in the back of the head, and it slowly fell into the white snow. It looked like it was still breathing. I almost felt bad for the poor guy. I thought that I should’ve ate the animal but instead I decided to let it go and drag it as a far away from me as possible, for it shall wake very very soon. At this point I didn’t know what to do, I did feel bad for the wolf but I was starving and honestly the chances of me living never doubt surviving was slim-to-none.

The rumbling in my stomach was overwhelming, and all I have to do is figure out how to get food and leave this place, which is easier said than done. I decided I would try to climb the mountain or explore it  to see if I could find anybody, or anything. As I started to climb, the pain in my leg was better but still hurt. I finally got up to the top, the view of the rest of the mountains were amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The scene of the sun rising over the mountains the as the snow reflecting off the sun was in awe the most beautiful thing anyone has ever seen. You might think that I'm crazy to feel relaxed at the is moment of time, but I was. I looked around for anything else, and to make it even better it looked about a few miles away there was a old cabin it looked almost as if it was about to fall over. I prayed in hope that somebody was in there, but the likelihood of that was slim to none. I started to walk it was farther away than I suspected but I still kept walking. At this point I was walking on pure adrenaline, but I finally made it there. I knocked on the door, no answer, knocked on the door again, no answer, knocked on the door the last time, no answer. I knocked down the door,  it looked like there was nobody living there for like five years at least. I looked in every room and cupboard and there was nothing, not a single thing anywhere. No heat either. I gave up, there was no point I was lost in the midst of the Rocky Mountains, and  my chance of surviving probably was like 5%, and the tears were trickling down my face at this point.

If I could get food that would be enough to at least think about surviving. I thought about my family and how if I ever did survive. I would have to live with my grandpa and grandma because all my family members died in the plane. It pained me to think about this way it was hard to believe that I was actually here in this exoctic place- where my parents have died and nothing was left except for me. 
At this point in time I must've became unconscious because it seemed like everything around me floated away and I could see my family right there with me. My mom was there and she must of been telling me something because from what I heard she said this
Aurora I am gone now, but you are not, and I believe in you that you will find your way. I am here to tell you that there will be a helicopter that will fly across the tundra in three days. You have to make it to the highest mountain range around, so that they can see you. You must do this to survive as you are running out of time.
I quickly jerked awake. I couldn’t believe what just happened, but I was desperate and I knew that if this didn’t work I would be deader than a door knob.

I walked outside and looked around. I saw some mountains but not the one that really stood out to me. Until there it was right in front of me looked at least 20 miles away because it was far out. I had just three days till I ran out of time, about three jugs of water, no food which, I am starving beyond belief by the way, and I had my coat. I was ready to start off it was a long journey and I guess I would have to make due without food for now. I was about halfway there I guessed and I had to make a shelter as the sun was setting now. I thought about hiding under a tree, or maybe burying myself underneath the snow, but now I couldn’t even feel my toes. I decided I would try to cut up a tree and start a fire.
I pushed the tree and it fell to the ground with a big whumph sound! It was a small tree not very big, easy enough for a three year old to push over. I snapped the twigs in half, dug till I found ground and then placed them in that spot, but the only thing I forgot was how to start a fire in the middle of winter. Starting a fire in summer time was hard enough for me, but starting a fire in the middle of the winter was not likely.
I started to think of a way to start a fire. I thought about rubbing two sticks together. I tried that and it worked. I had to keep blowing at the fire to keep it going but I finally got it to work. I have never felt warmer in my entire life inside and out.

I must’ve of fallen asleep because, the fire was out and I could see the sun creeping up behind the mountain. It was the second day and I had about half  way to go, if I leave now I should be able to make it there by sun down and be able to sleep the night over. I packed up my things and took off, my feet felt better but I was still kinda rough, looking and smelling. Climbing up a mountain never the less was extremely hard too. At this point in time I was about three- quarters the way there and it was noon I would say, from the way the sun was in the sky. I decided I would take a break my legs were killing me. I never thought about how I would die,  but dying this way is definitely a way that I never thought I would be. I thought about giving up just laying in this freezing cold snow and just falling asleep and never waking up. BUT that was not an option I just had to trust my mom that talked in my sleep. Which by the way is not as easing as you think. I guess break time is over.

I had about one third left of my journey. I started to pick up the pace, I needed to get there by sun down if I was going to be rescued the next day.  It looked about 4pm or 5 not quite sure I could see the mountain better now and it looked about only two or three more miles away!!!! I was beyond relieved and couldn’t wait till tomorrow to get out of this nasty place. I climbed the hill just a little farther, it got closer, closer, closer and then I finally made it. I literally fell to the ground and I must have fallen asleep because, I woke up and the sun was shining.

I have never been more scared in my entire life. I never would have thought that I would actually be stuck in the middle of the mountains. I never thought that it would actually happen to me, I always saw the crashes in just movies, but when it actually happened to you;  well that’s a different story. And at this point in time I don’t know if I will be rescued or not, but I have nothing to lose but the suspense, is the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life. The thought of being rescued just makes me insanely happy. But the thought of not being rescued is devastating.

I didn’t know what to do, I had to keep my mind occupied rather than worrying about it. I thought I would maybe try to make a signal or something to get to look at me. BUT then I heard a sound, it sounded like angels singing from heaven. The sound of the helicopter’s wings whirling around was the best thing I have ever heard in my life. I jumped straight up and quickly grabbed a stick, I prayed that the helicopter would see me. It started to slowly pass me, I was screaming louder than a giant. I was also crying in fear that they wouldn’t look it my direction. They were almost passed me when, one of the drivers looked me straight in the eye and BOOM!!, he swung around the giant helicopter around, and started heading in my direction.

I jerked awake, I looked around it looked like I must’ve been in the hospital. I thought about how much I have been through in these past days. I thought about how I got rescued in the helicopter, and how I fighted off a wolf,  and how I walked 20 miles just to get to the tallest mountains. I thought about how everyone in my family had passed away except for my grandma and grandpa, which will be probably taking care of me for the next few years of my life. But I guess that’s not so bad, the doctor said that I would be out of the hospital in a few days, and that after that everything should go back to the way my life was before the crash. But I knew that everything wasn’t normal, and that I would never ever forget my experience I had. It would stick to me to the day that I actually die. Which hopefully won’t be soon.

I thought about the plane crash in a different light, and how even if I nearly died I learned alot about myself. I learned that, I was stronger and tougher than I thought and how even though my parents died, I was tough to get through it. I was actually surprised that I had the ambition to make it because, back in school I was always scared of what people think of me. But  I cannot change life, and let me tell you the past few days gave me a few scars, but i'm glad that the plane crash happened.
It taught me to treasure everyday because in one second it could be gone.

The author's comments:

I wrote this in English class. I love to write and it's fun to write about someone in a adventure or survival.

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