A Day In The Life of a Knight

March 23, 2018
By IvanKuadey BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
IvanKuadey BRONZE, Chantilly, Virginia
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If I’m forced to spend the rest of my life as either a spartan, viking, knight, or roman… I’ll almost always choose a knight. The first reason is because I’d get to live in Europe and wear the cool steel armor. Second reason why would probably be so I can carry around a sword and ride around with a horse. It practically feel like reliving an episode of Game of Thrones except without all the drama. I feel like I’d be a real chill knight that only follows his own agenda. The only downside I see to being a knight is that the armor probably weighs a ton, and it’ll be so hot inside the armor. Other than that, I’d be fine with it.

My first day as a knight starts out like any other normal day. First, I grudgingly arise out of my warm blanket to get out of my small, old, wooden bed. Then, I’d enter into my old, dusty kitchen to make myself a nice breakfast which consists earl gray tea (which I make by boiling water on my rusty kitchen stove) and golden croissants that I buy from a local villagers’ grocery store every Friday.

After I’m finished eating, then I’d finally be able to leave my home and wonder around town. The town I live in is very small. The greatest thing is that everyone knows each other and there’s almost never any disputes or arguments, (Except for when the Vikings come to town...). I also have a crimson-colored horse named Bob, that I recieved along with my first ever knight’s armor on my Birthday. I also joined a selective coalition of knights that is meant to be used as the king's own personal army.

I’d I meet with them every Thursday to discuss the state of the village and if all the farmers crops are growing potatoes sufficiently enough. After working a long hard day for the coalition, I’d finally return back to my home, and take off the knight’s armor I’ve been sweating in it  and wearing all day long.
The next day, I would gallop downtown with my horse in my casual villager clothes, I noticed a viking walking around town with sunken eyes and really pale skin. I was just about to ask him if he needs any help, but with a sudden shake, he lets out a huge scream and shouts “I HATE KNIGHTS”.I tilted my head slightly towards the left and started started to frown, but then my blank stare had become a glare and felt a strong fuse burning inside of me as I realized that the viking had actually killed one of my brothers in the exclusive coalition of knights group. My first thought was to take out my hidden sword and demand him for a duel, but I was extremely hesitant to do so. I knew the townsfolk would scrutinize me with glaring eyes, mostly because I just learned that this specific Viking was actually the prize winner for most potatoes eaten in one minute. Instead, I told him “Yeah, me too.” and he laughed, then proceeded to gallop away.

I started kicking myself in the foot for betraying my own brother by fraternizing with the enemy, that to deal with it, I decided to take a small bubble blowing container I found in my pocket, and start to blow bubbles in an attempt to put my mind at ease. Watching the bubbles floating and bouncing around mid-air Made my own eyes gleam in delight and nearly made my heart skip a beat  For a moment, I completely forgot about what I had done just a few minutes earlier. Then I snapped back to reality. The encounter I just had with that viking could potentially remove my membership from the coalition of knights.

With my eyes closed and my head bowed down , I returned back to the king’s castle and entered into the meeting room. Frank (who is the leader of our knights group) had sent out several doves to call for a meeting. I had no idea what it could be about, but I just hoped this wasn’t about my earlier encounter with that strange viking. It was a possibility, as knights could usually hire villager spies to gain intel on our allies and even enemies. I looked back at Frank, and he was now covered in his classic cobalt black colored - armor, but under his helmet, I could see his scrunced nose and frown begin to form. This was a really bad sign, as he only wears there’s a war coming

And then, my heart sank.

It had been exactly one week since we had our two knights-in-training part of our coalition go missing. That must be why Frank is so upset, I pondered. The look he gave was soon wiped away as the other four knights entered the room. Billy, was the first to enter, followed by Charles, Steve, and Jim. “Bad news Sir Frank!”, they all stated in unison. Then Charles quickly follows it up with, “I’m afraid the viking that we were looking for is no longer in our village…”

The second I heard that, I immediately fell to the floor. My heart pounded a gazillion times faster, large beads of sweat started to drip down my forehead, and my eyes quickly began to dart all over the place. Everyone in the room turned to look at me, with their eyes wide open as if they’re watching an insane person having a mental breakdown.

“Are you alright?” Steve had asked after I  just picked myself up and regained normal composure, “Also, we can always hire another group of spies to locate the viking in the next town over if it means so much to you...”   

“Yes, I’m fine, thanks,” I responded. But Frank went dead silent and closed his eyes as if he was thinking to himself, “He definitely knows something that he’s hiding, I want to know”      

After a moment of thought and confliction, Frank finally began to speak. “So, as all of you may have guessed, I have called you all here to talk about what are we going to do about those pesky vikings taking over a majority of our territory?” 

“Umm, nothing?” Jim answers.

“You know, we only have one rule Jim…” and within a second, Frank moved towards me and pointed, “Cole, please remind him of what our ONE rule is...”                 

With my head down, I gravely said, “As a member of the Kings’ Knights Coalition, any knight that plans to/sees/or has encountered any member apart of the Vikings clan, she/he must attack her/him on first sight.”

“Or else what….” Frank grimly asked.

“Or else....” I said with a sigh, “You must wear a chicken outfit for the rest of your life and be shunned by all the town villagers.”

“That’s right, so now you see why we can’t just do nothing, Jim!” Frank exclaimed.

Jim muttered under his breath, “What a stupid rule.”

Luckily, Frank didn’t hear what Jim had just said as he suddenly walked towards and opened the meeting door exits to escort everyone out.

“The meeting is over, knights! We will discuss this matter another day!”, he shouted.

A slow smile began to grow across my face as I moved towards the door. I started to breathe a sigh of relief as I thought that Frank couldn’t have known about my earlier encounter with the viking. “It was only for a second!” I thought.

As I was just about to take my final step out of the door, Frank quickly stated, “Hold on Cole, I still need you to answer a few questions.”

And from that moment forward, my slow smile turned into a fearful frown.

“I know your little secret, Cole…” Frank confessed. “And I can’t your encounter with that viking go unpunished.”

“Sir please…” I tried to move my mouth but no more words came out.

I stood just like a statue while I felt goosebumps spread all across my skin.    

‘You thought I wouldn’t find out?” Frank snickered.

In response, I lowered my head and gave a slight nod.                      

“Well, you were wrong…”, he continued “You should know by now we have spies located in every spot of this town.”

Then, I noticed that the meeting exit door was still wide open. If I wanted to right now, I could escape with no punishments or negative consequences. On the other hand, If I chose to leave right now, I could never come back and would become a wanted fugitive of the Knight’s Coalition.

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