The Gih

March 16, 2018
By WillsBear BRONZE, George Town, Other
WillsBear BRONZE, George Town, Other
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“Rostislav?” called Adam.

“Yes,” I responded.
“Let’s go roam around in the woods!” exclaimed Adam.
“It’s awfully late, I’m not sure if I am into that," I replied with angst.
“Come on, what harm will it do?” Adam contested.
“Fine!” I screeched.
What would happen if it rained? What would we do? Should I ask him?  No, he won’t like it. Adam led the way from my house at the bottom of the woods. I have to admit it was a nice day today. The sky was reflecting a beautiful red sunset. There was a chilly breeze. The hike can’t be too bad. We had hiked up the hill that lead up from the back of my backyard. I’ve gone on this path so many times. Nothing can go wrong on a day like today.
“Being with the head police officer’s son makes me so brave!” exclaimed Adam.
“Why?” I asked fiercely.
“Well, because everyone knows that your dad makes you climb this hill multiple times in one day. We all know you are the most athletic child is this small town,” disputed Adam.
“Whatever,” I replied, frustrated.
Everyone in town thinks I am really fit and strong. I would adore for this to be true but in reality I am addicted to video games. My dad has hidden the fact  of my unfitness forever and I am glad that no one has found out yet. We had reached the river at the end of the trail. The trees lining the river blew wind into my face. The snow sparkled its vibrant, white color on the side of the path. The pine trees stood towering over the trail. The red rose in the middle of the path sat there resisting the winter’s grasp. The water, with its appealing blue color, was hiding the red coldness lying beneath it. I was enjoying every last minute of the time because we would be going home once we reached the shore of the river.
I grinned at Adam. “ You know what this means right?” I exclaimed.
“Come on, Rostislav, can’t we keep going a little longer?” he begged.
“No!” I retorted, discontented. “I have never been beyond this point. This adventure will be way too dangerous at this time of night,”  I retaliated calmly.
“Who cares!” he retorted.
The air started to pick up and the Russian winter was revealed. The Antarctic side of Russia was exposed and I hated it. The wind slammed into my body and thought to myself,  there is no way I am continuing on. Adam didn’t seem to care. 
“It's like negative 20 degrees outside and you want me to cross that river?” I moaned. “I don’t have the boots to walk in the snow,”  I whined.
“I don’t care, you wimp,” Adam yelled. “ Don’t you ever want to go on adventures?” Adam exclaimed.
The river looked like the death scene of my favorite character in Star Wars. The river was showing a brown color to me like it was toxic waste. My legs would become solid bricks. I would fall over and would never be able to get back up. I would never cross this river. The red coldness lying beneath it won’t fool me.
“Adam what are you doing?” I questioned with anxiety.
He didn’t respond. He was crossing the river. Somewhere near the middle of the river came horrific sounds of splashes. It sounded like toxins coming in contact with a human. He's going to get eaten alive, I swear it's as if there is a killer fish in this river. Adam had crossed the river as if he was immune to all the gruesome things. I didn’t understand how he could do such a thing.
“Dude it's not too awful, come on. Let's go on an adventure," exclaimed Adam.
“No I'm not ruining my outfit, my mom would be furious. For heaven’s sake there would be cold water on it. I would become a snowman," I responded fiercely.
“Coward, coward, coward!” fulminations of sound went into my ears. My mind didn’t even interpret it, but then my legs started to move. What is happening to me? What has this one sound done to me? My legs and arms didn’t seem to care. They just desired to get across that river and beat him up.
Suddenly a bunch of sweat fell off my forehead as if I was trying to stop my legs and then- boom!  My finger came in contact with a hard substance. I  assumed it was a rock. My hands felt that they were laid in my mom’s -20 degree freezer. My body felt like it was falling through Pluto with no clothes on. My hand swelled up like a massive red potato as if I had fallen off a cliff. Swhhhhhhhh, my eyes had shut.

“Rise and shine!” Adam exclaimed.
I was wrapped in a towel inside of a tent. I concluded that Adam had dragged me out of the river and brought me here.
“What  happene——?” I tried to ask.
“You were running at me and then you tripped on a rock. You fell on your hand and were grumbling the whole time. You were knocked out after your head  hit the river. You should be glad, this could have been a lot worse than it is. You probably have a concussion,” explained Adam.
“It seems that you came prepared? As if you planned this out before?” I questioned him fiercely.
“Relax you brat, I just saved you from drowning! Can’t you ever be thankful? I could have just left you there," Adam replied angrily.
We each sat there staring at each other for a little while.  Adam started to walked out of the tent. Zippeddd. Zippeddd. He walked back into the tent with a bowl in his hand. The bowl was a plane white bowl that you would buy from Alexan’s small store in the center of our town. He placed the bowl down beside me. Inside the bowl laid  pieces of a pike. There was red blood dripping down the fish into the bowl. It seemed as if Adam didn’t do a good job of cleaning it.  Well, at least its food, I’m starving. At times my brain looked at the bowl but saw plain nothing. It is was clear to me that I had a concussion.  I might as well go to sleep, it should help me.

Bragn, smosh, slife. Sounds came from outside the tent. Crunch - crunch. There was the sound of feet on the gravel outside. They kept getting quieter minute after minute. Before I could interpret what this was I fell into a deep sleep.

“Rostislav wake up I feel very mystified,"  exclaimed Adam.
“Rghh” I yawned back at him.
“Come on Rostislav, I don’t have millennials,”  he replied.
“Why are you so curious?” I asked “Why are you in such a rush?” I demanded.
Adam likes to use words he doesn’t understand in random sentences to make himself look cool. For example mystified. But I am wondering why he is rushing me out to some random place. Also why he feels curious about it and what mystery could this place contain? Personally I think it’s probably some government killing headquarters. That's what Putin is like these days. Probably where he keeps the dead bodies of the people he assassinated. Personally I want to go the exact opposite way that Adam wants to go.
“ Ehhhhhhhh dude can we save these questions for later? Can’t you get off your lazy ass and follow me? I just want to show you something that I found fascinating Rostislav. “ he said really fast and fiercely.
  “What’s the big rush?” I yelled so loudly that the whole universe could hear me.
“Just come,” he repartee.
Here goes nothing. I probably won’t come back with 2 legs.

We walked out the tent. There were two tents in our campground. There was a fire that had burnt out. I'm guessing that was sometime this morning. There were massive pines that were towering over us. These pines seemed to go on forever, as if they went to space and back. We walked up the hill. We had reached the end of the path. Adam’s family has probably gone here before. This is probably one of their private camping grounds.
“What’s the whole rush if you know this place like a dog knows it’s pen?” I asked fiercely.
“I found something new,” he replied.
“Okay whatever,” I moaned.
We walked up the hill and the trees were going on forever. I was just hoping that we wouldn’t have to cross another river. It seemed like ages that we walked up hill after hill. How did Adam even find this place? Why was he out this far? One more hill and I’m gonna fall dead on the ground. Sure enough there was yet another hill.
“Okay I’m done! This is boring, it's just the same thing over and over again,” I contested.
“ Just a little bit more," Adam urged me.
“Ehhh- fine, but can’t I have a break?” I questioned him.
“There's no time if we’re gonna get back before dark,”  he repartee at me.
“How did you get here earlier?” I questioned him.
“Maybe you're slower than you think," he responded fiercely.
“I’m just gonna go jerk," I said fiercely.

Crunch, crunch. The dirt below my feet felt different as we reached the top of the hill. When I was just about to turn to leave this jerk I had  realized something.
“Wait a secon----,” I tried to say.
“ Doesn’t the dirt feel a little different? I was going hunting for some food and found this place," he responded curiously.

“OMG the Gih," I responded in fear.
The dark brown building stood tall. The shadows of the church beamed into the weird dirt around this massive complex. There was moossy, orangish sand laying in front of the church. The breeze brought an ugly, broken power smell into my nose. It was fresh electricity and tons of it. 
‘What's the Gih?” Adam contested.
“We need to get out of here.” I whispered quickly.
“Not till I find out what the Gih is! Why is there some people outside of the church? Also, what's all of the sand and the dirt doing outside this building?” Adam contested. 
There were two dark  men standing outside the church. They were tall and wore all black pants and black shoes. They had red shirts on.
“Adam, this place is the most dangerous place in Russia. We need to get out of here before we get spotted!” I responded quickly in fear.
“Why is this place so dangerous?” Adam asked with curiosity.
“Aren’t you scared to death for heaven’s sake? This is the most dangerous place in Russia. Russia is already a dangerous place on itself," I responded fiercely.
“No this is a wonderful experience, we’re on an actual adventure," he responded contented.
“Hey there's two kids over there,” one of men said to the other.
“Hey you two! Don’t move!” the other one said.
“We should have run!” I yelled at Adam.
“Lets run now,” demanded Adam.
“This won’t go well, but I definitely agree with you, for once," I screeched back at him.
We started to run down the hill. Crunch, crunch. The weird dirt behind us had stuck to our feet. The trees were tripping down with the wind. The cold air smacked into our face. The stars lightened our eyes. The Russian night had started.
“ Don’t move” One of the man repeated.
Keep running, I told myself. “Keep running Adam,” I yelled back at him. We ran up and the hill felt like a track and field area, but this time for our life. The only difference was….   .Tqzzzzzzzz. Swhhhhhhh.

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