March 19, 2018
By lane.browning BRONZE, Sheperdsville Kentucky, Kentucky
lane.browning BRONZE, Sheperdsville Kentucky, Kentucky
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In the middle of the island, I saw a guy collecting what I had collected for my group as he watched. I was wondering what I should do keep the guy around or kill him. The guy was about 6 feet tall and he was very frail and skinny he packed a machete that he got from ransacking other survivors villages. The guy finished and I decided to start approaching the guy he was an African American he had long black scruffy hair and his beard was a messy black with red from eating raw meat. The guy wore a torn and tattered blue shirt with red marks from blood, The guy wore what was pants but he the legs of the pants like his shirt was torn and tattered. His long legs bruised badly, the left leg was bleeding badly, I watched as he limped away I then silently walked behind him grabbed the frail guy he started squirming. I hit him in the head to knock him out. I took the limp body back to my wood hut and tied him down to a chair and watched the unconscious body come back to life. When he came fully back his first reaction was to try to run he took off the chair tied to him. Knocked him out and tied the chair to my hut he came back and tried to squirm out but I told him to stop. He stopped and tried to talk to me. I asked the frail guy if I should trust him. He sighed and said no as I raised my hatchet he squirmed and asked me to let him go. I undid the rope and he jumped up and grabbed his machete. I and he swung at the same time as my hatchet and his machete met I knew it wasn’t gonna end good our weapons bounced back then…

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if i get 5,000 views i will upload a sequal

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