My Divison

February 24, 2018
By charitymealing BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
charitymealing BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Chapter One : My Division

“GET OUT OF HERE AND NEVER COME BACK,” My father said. With those words, I ran so quickly the leaves on the ground did not make a sound. I soon stopped and turned around to see my father grab his gun and kill some people with masks on. I blinked my eyes and saw my dad on the ground followed by a gunshot and I thought that was it for him; I thought that was the last time I would see my dad.
                                             ( 8 years later)


I’m walking down the street enjoying the sunshine as it sets and the green grass is moving in the wind.  Wishing I could live this day forever, hoping that every day was a better day, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. The sun has fully gone to sleep and the air has started to blow and it became dark and weird. I knew I was safe, but then I heard someone whisper something He was not dead from the start, but be careful because when he finds you, you will be soon. After those words were spoken I began to get the feeling that I was being followed, I was being watched. Normally I would be freaked out but this has happened a couple of times and this is why my life is so damn strange. Before my father got shot I had a normal life, then after his death I was almost kidnapped and killed twice, and someone has been following me too. When I turned 18, I’d been given hints of the possible things that could happen to me and they have usually been correct. Which is pretty f***ed up but that’s my life and I got over it along time ago. Because I was stuck in my thoughts for so long I had forgotten my destination. I’m going to be late to my meeting. I start to run to the meeting when I heard my code name being called “Seven.. Seven why are you not at the meeting, you’re late and the council is angry.” Daniel says while walking towards me. I just simply replied “ I'm sorry, I got lost in my thoughts and I felt like someone was following me.”

“I don't care if you feel like someone is following you, you are late and the council does not approve of your behavior. Now get your act together and come on.” he says while taking my arm and pulling me to the hideout.


“Order in the house, I said order in the house! Have anyone seen Seven?”  says The Head of the House while banging his mallet. The crowd erupts in conversation. Soon Daniel and I walk through the doors and the crowd goes quiet. As I walk to the front everyone begins to whisper amongst themselves. The Head of the House spoke up in a very serious tone that scares half of the crowd quiet “ Why are you late 7? You know that this does not look good for you. With this behavior I’m not even sure that you are ready for this job.” 

“I know sir, I'm sorry, I thought someone was following me so I tried to lead them off first.” I reply with remorse in his voice. Once I give him my reasoning, he gives me a nod confirming my forgiveness and I walk over to my chair at the table and sit down. The Head of the House begins to talk about some of the qualifications for being in each division and some more irrelevant stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with me. After I was there for a while I felt like something strange was going to happen. I just shrugged off the feeling and started to pay attention to what The Head of the House was saying due to the fact that there was nothing else to do.
  “Before we leave tonight all the seniors need to go to the main division to figure out what their future is going to be. Have a nice night and you are all dismissed.” was The Head of the House’s final words. The table began to converse amongst itself, when I heard a scream from the crowd of lower classmen. I quickly get up and grab my gun and walk over to the source of the scream and see a dead body with a note  I'm coming for you, and your family. Beware, 7. Beware.   I groan knowing that I have to kill someone now. Right before I find out my official division.  The crowd backs away from me once they have read the note. But I do not care. All that is on my mind is that I will have to hunt and kill this person before they kill me. “Come on 7 we need to go the the main division” Daniel says while tugging on my arm with a hint of sadness in his voice.


The whole car ride to the main division has been awkward. Every time there is a noise I jump thinking that the person is here. We soon arrive to this enormous, creepy, but yet securing building. I begin to walk up to the doors. They had these words written on them, Those Who Follow The Path Of Success Will Succeed. I think hard about about those words. What if those who follow the path doesn't succeed, then what will they do? Will they end up like the broken agents and what about the forgotten ones? I was thinking for so long I did not notice there was a tall and strong figure in my way, so I ran into it and fell to the ground. He had medium brown length hair, brown eyes, and tannish white skin. I say hello and he replies while looking at my profile “ Hello, I’m sorry about that but are you here to figure out your division?” 

“Hey it’s not your fault I. was not paying attention and yes, I am here to take my division test.” I say while fixing my outfit and hair. He told me to follow him and get ready for my test. I follow him to my testing room when I see a strange looking guy. I quickly made my way into the room and locked it. I looked at the test on the desk a began to take it.


After a while I finish my test. I put it in the envelope on the desk and walk to the door, then I hear someone talking. “ Where is she?” one voice said. “ She is in there, but you can't go in there she is taking her test.” the other one said. “ I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!!!”  Then there was a gunshot. I quickly looked for an exit but there was none. F***. I thought to myself. The door burst open and there was the stranger I had seen before. He approached me with the gun saying “ You thought I was a f***ing idiot huh? You thought I would not know who you are? Time to die like your father did!”  With that he pulls the trigger but I dodge it and then I tackle him to the ground and get up and run.  I got to the front of the building, I grab the closest weapon to me and got ready to fight him man. He slowly walked to me and swung at me with his fist, I dropped my weapon out of shock. I dodge the hit and hit him in the stomach and watch him bend over in pain. I then kneed him in the face. I got on top of him just to be pulled off of him by another man who is tries to strangle me. So I elbow him in the nose and kick him in his back which made him fall on the ground. Then I quickly ran to this black doored room and I opened the doors and hid there. It was dark and cold, but I knew I had to get ready to protect myself again. Even though it was dark there was little light shining from the cracks of the doors, I saw a desk and quietly look through it. I was looking for something sharp. I look under all of the papers when I found a knife which I grab. I close it quietly and hid behind the desk. I close my eyes praying that they would just leave. Asking myself,” why is this happening to me.” A tear began to fall down my cheek. But I know I have to be strong because if I don't I will die and I know my father do not want his little girl to be weak. All of a sudden the doors swung open and I heard footsteps. I stay as quiet as possible hoping they would not come over here, but then desk flung up and there is the man. I got angry thinking about what if these people killed my father?  I grab the knife and jump on one of the strangers backs and grab his head. He ran backwards to the front of the building into the wall to knock me off, but it did not work. I am tired of playing f***ing games with him. It's time for them to die I thought. I grab his head again and put the knife against in throat and slice it open. He fell to the ground trying to stop the bleeding but was failing. I watch him bleed out, slowly dying. Soon his body went limp and he stopped fighting the death waiting for him.  All of a sudden I heard a scream. I turned around to see the other man on the floor getting stabbed in the stomach and then the man went quiet hoping for the pain to stop. He looked at me and said as a whispered“You will regret this,”  and close his eyes. He was dead, but who killed him? I look up and there was Daniel. “You bastard” He said while standing over the dead man. I ran over to him and thank him hoping for a hug maybe, but he just said “Are you okay?”  I reply with gratitude, but a little disappointment, “ Yes”


A Man walked up to us in a white suit and said “ Wow Daniel and Charity Mealing working together.”  We look at each other but we did not say anything and allowed the man to continue. “ You know your families would be proud of you two if they only knew that you have killed someone but not at the fact that you killed with each other. I would like their scores please,” “We will just tell you about your division now since we are all here shall we.”  He looked up from the scores and said “You both are in the secret division.”  With those words we both look at each other and said “The Secret Division?”      

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