the piece

January 29, 2018
By Anonymous

Freddie! I challenge you to a game of chess! Marik was certain he was ready to face Freddie in a duel!
“Why should i face you, after you accused me of cheating?”
“I did no such thing!”
“We will see!”
“Let’s duel!”
Freddie - for my first move, i will move my pawn forward!
Marik- oh, that’s all you’ll be doing in just a few turns.
I move my knight outside of my pieces to start my strategy!
Freddie- i will capture your knight with my pawn! Ah hahahahaha!!
While freddie is laughing, marik secretly slips a piece forward. Freddie doesn’t notice.
Freddie - your move!
Marik looked at freddie with a hee-hee-i-just-cheated-you-and-you-didn’t-notice look.
Marik blinked slowly and made his move. He grinned
freddie - whatever you are grinning about,i’ll wipe it off your face!
Marik suddenly threw a black shadow disk and both him and freddie, sending them to the shadow realm.
Freddie- aieee! Where are we going ???
Marik- you will SEE!

To be continued…

Freddie- w-w-where are w-we?
Marik- we are playing for much more than just the bragging rights. We are playing for our souls in the shadow realm. Every time you lose a piece, a part of your soul will disappear. Now make your move before i just end the game and banish you to the shadow realm forever ahahahahah!!!


5 minutes later…
freddie(thinking to himself)
Ok, so far i’m playing pretty good defense, i’ve only lost three pawns and a knight.he has lost much more than me and i need to keep up the offense. But once he brings out that queen, it can move almost anywhere on the board and it will trash my team. But if i can outmaneuver him, i can win without losing too many pieces.
Freddie quickly takes marik’s rook with his pawn.

Marik- no,no,no,no,noooooo! Argh! He knew i was going to do that. But how? I moved my rook, but i defended it with another piece. It should’ve worked!
Marik looked at freddie with an exasperated how-did-you-know-i-was-going-to-do-that look
Freddie grinned. He was an inexperienced duelist, but when he caught marik in these expert moves, marik was too mad to make any good moves

Checkmate, marik!

Suddenly the shadow disc flew up, whirred, and zapped marik into it and disappeared.

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