The Potatato 2

January 23, 2018
By Sharja BRONZE, Cupertino, California
Sharja BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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Part one
Escaping capture



     The yellow creature carrot struck staggered, than let out a shriek and clawed at the carrot, which was now lodged somewhere in the the middle of their staggering sized beings. The other yellow creatures, noticing their brethren’s dismay came to his aid.

     Help I’m stuck!, the carrot thought loudly. I tightened the air around carrot and moved backwards to pull it out of the yellow creature. At a closer glance, the creature actually seemed to be covered in the yellow material. The yellow creatures were just pink ones in disguise.

    Carrot wobbled in the air for a second, then, seeming to lack the strength needed, dropped onto the floor. Some force other than carrots pushed him up again and funneled strength into his being to give him energy. He flew back up and tried to lever the cage wider. I took a break and looked at our surroundings.

    We were in an extremely large area surrounded by table beast flaps, though they were made of hard dull, what do you call it? Ah metal. It seemed to be devoid of color or white, the color reflected when the material doesn't absorb color. There were several other cages with more beings that I did not take the time to examine.
Several other pink creatures in white coverings walked about, examining the beings they had captured and trapped. Carrot was still trying, unsuccessfully, to pry the cage open.

     Try levering the entrance flap open, I suggested. The carrot tried at the place where it seemed to have flap that could be opened to no avail. Meanwhile, one of the pink creatures reached up to snatch the carrot. I warded off his five legged grabber by moving the air around itself. Moving air was a lot harder than moving objects.

    There!, the carrot thought, satisfied. The entrance flap swung open. I moved myself out of the cage. The scrawny gray thing used it's 4 tiny legs to quickly move out of its cage. The white carrot also floated out of its cage, but, instead of running away, it shot forward at the colored creatures at a speed even faster than carrot’s moving speed.

    What are you doing!, I thought moving after the white carrot. The white carrot paused for a second, then abruptly turned around and zoomed, faster than before, at the entrance place where I could feel the harsh claw light glaring from outside. Carrot was trying to escape capture, as the pink creatures had grabbed hold of it. I warded off their grabbers by moving air into the spaces between their hands and carrot till they were wide enough for the carrot to wiggle free.

    Carrot zoomed towards the entrance flap with me. The pink creatures were merely standing still, dumbfounded by the sheer impossibility of our escape. We soared back into the light before I realized that the purple carrot had not come with us. We had left him behind.

    I wheeled around. We have to go back!

    No! We cannot! Carrot thought as he used his strentgh to harden the air around me. I froze and floated there in midair and struggling to free myself of carrot’s hold..

    Pink creatures in assorted strange coverings flowed out of the large metal cage. One spotted us and make a strange noise to alert it's companions of our location.

    Come now, potato. Please!, Carrot pleaded, his grip tightening on me. I felt a feeling of helpless fury as carrot yanked me back. This overwhelming tide of fury gave me strentgh.
I yanked out of Carrot’s hold and moved as fast as I could back to the metal keep. As the pink creatures reached out to grab me, my fury exploded into a thousand tiny bits. Several sprouts grew from the eyes of my body and shoved the pink creatures. I blotted out their exclamations and raced inside. I quickly grabbed the cage, for my strentgh was ebbing, and raced out, through the disorganized mass of pink creatures, back to my friends. Without a word, we all turned and flew away. My sprouts degrew as I became more and more weary. Finally, I couldn’t go anymore. I dropped the cage, fell to the ground, and blacked out.

Part 2
Appointment to keep

    Senator Quinn strode forth in the hall.

    She was a pale skinned woman who had a no nonsense look on her face. She clasped a gray handbag tightly in her hand. She walked in a straight line with her head up and her lips turned in a permanent frown. Her gray heels made a clicking sound as she strode towards the president’s chamber. She was 31 and had never laughed in her life, and only smiled once.

    She knew why she was here, of course. It had been the topic of of discussion for the past few days. The breakout in Qao was known far and wide, thanks to the fact that someone leaked the story to the press. She pursed her lips as she approached the guards. They stood back to admit her through. She strode into the room and waited for President Quall to turn around. He did very slowly.

    “Senator Quinn”.

    “President Quall”, she said while inclining her head in his direction. It may be a while till the president spoke. He thought dramatic pauses made himself look cooler.

    The president was an olive skinned man who wore a flamboyant suit. He thought it suited him, and she certainly wasn’t going to argue. Not with the president of Qoefn, most renowned empire in the world. The presidents chamber was dimly lit. It consisted of nothing but the president, his chair and his flat screen TV, often showing selfies of himself. The last month he 300 selfies, all with the tag #awesome. The president spoke. He said:

    “You know why you are here of course. The breakout was most unfortunate. It spread unnecessary tales of flying food and intelligent plants. And heaven forbid, tales of plants with superpowers.”

    Senator Quinn found this amusing. The president spoke in an ill - disguised reedy voice. It was obvious that he was younger then he looked. Maybe even younger than her. The president continued.

     “ We all know that plants are subservient life forms that cannot think and it would mean bad things if people discovered otherwise. Bad things to our food system, and bad news for your job. You get my drift? You're job is to quell these rumors of floating plants and ‘the plants revenge’. You may achieve this by any means necessary”.

    “You are dismissed”.

    Senator Quill turned round and walked back down the hallway, not fast neither slow. It was obvious that the president want to keep the fact that plants were actually smarter than humans secret so that it wouldn’t endanger his lifestyle. He made millions of dollars by selling plant juice, spreading the lie that they were good for you so that the juice sold. He used the money to secure himself as president and to bribe scientists to spread lies that would help him make more money.

    She reached the end of the hallway and stepped into the sunshine. She squinted at the sudden light.

    “Ready my car, Qualov ”, she said coldly. “I have an appointment with the media”.

    The lonely streets of the town were filled with the noise of a starting car.

The author's comments:

Read the first potato story before coming here.
Just click on my name to bring up my works.
All two of them.
Loosely based of the Inheritence series
Please keep in mind that this is not real and that vegetables are actually good for you.
I feel silly saying that.

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