The underground campsite

January 9, 2018
By Anonymous

PENELOPE: 14 y/o, female.
skin and bones appearance
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: brown
Height: 5’5
Weight: 100
G: 13 y/o, female.
Weight: 110 lbs.
Height: 5’2 ft
Hair color: Brown, short cut (almost bowl cut)
Eye Color: Blue
Location: Fall Rivers, MA
Time: 5:09 PM
PENELOPE stands at the corner of Burdick Street and Copley Avenue. waiting for her bus to come. Little does she know her life is about to change forever. G stands next to her waiting for the same bus.
Total strangers waiting for the same bus.
The bus pulled up to the curb of the sidewalk. Letting the exhaust sound out and grabbing the attention of the two teenagers. G went on the bus first, then PENELOPE followed. To both girls, it seemed as though this bus had a familiarity to it, but they couldn’t figure it out.
What they couldn’t figure out was that they had seen it somewhere. It was on the news just a week ago for the underground cult of pedophiles. As PENELOPE sat down across from G, the a/c of the bus went on.
These buses were clone buses, worked and looked like any other bus in the system however it was tech-advanced in so many ways like:  the a/c was anesthesia to put passengers to sleep, the drivers part was blocked off, the windows played holograms to what surroundings of passengers or PENELOPE and Gs route was on their way home, incase they woke up. However they weren’t going home, they were going to Camp Somerset, unbenounced to them. Soon both girls were asleep, and the bus drove for many miles till the destination.
The driver alerted the crew at the camp to pick the girls up from the bus and put them in their cabin.
Location: CABIN 102A
TIME: 8:34 PM
PENELOPE wakes up in her clothes but she’s confused on her surroundings.
PENELOPE looks around the room to see a person in another bed, about three bunks down to her right. The person seems to be sleeping.
PENELOPE thoughts: Where am I? What time is it? I have to find my phone.
PENELOPE gets up from the bed and scurries around the bedding area to see where her phone is.
PENELOPE saying to herself: Hmph, nowhere to be found. Where is the exit around here?
Once again PENELOPE scans through the room and sees a door. However a soft voice interrupts PENELOPE'S thoughts.
G: excuse me, but do you know where I am?
PENELOPE: no, I still don’t know where I am.
G: do you have a watch or phone to tell me the time then?
PENELOPE: my phone is missing.. I’m trying to look for it. I might go outside to find out where I am.
G walks over to PENELOPE.
G: my name is G, what’s your’s?
PENELOPE: PENELOPE, why is your name only one letter?
G: it was a joke on my parents. They were joking about some other baby name one day and my mom said “Gee, ain’t it funny that name!” however my mom didn’t know ‘gee’ was spelt with two e’s, and that’s how my name came out to be ‘G’. May I ask where you are from?
PENELOPE: Fall Rivers, where are you from?
G: same place.
PENELOPE walks over to the door and opens it, G follows.
The girls see a camp site.
G: what the---
G was cut off by a woman who introduced herself to the girls as, DONNA.
DONNA explained to the two girls on where they were and how they got here, she lied to them about how their parents approved of this campsite and wanted it to be a surprise.
G: Wait so how did we get here again?
DONNA: oh well you were picked up by the bus.
PENELOPE laughs nervously, it clicked in her brain, she realized she was in the pedophile camp.
PENELOPE: there’s no way, I only remember getting on one bus, that was bus 73 to get to FALL RIVERS where I am from.
DONNA: Oh well you’re going a bit crazy now, aren’t we?
DONNA messed up PENELOPE'S golden blonde hair with her long-red nails, sending shivers down PENELOPE’S spine.
DONNA: why don’t you two get some rest? I’ll see you in the morning. All necessities are in the bathroom.
The girls went back inside and PENELOPE frantically paced around the room.
G: gee, PENELOPE are you okay?
PENELOPE stopped pacing and looked at G straight in the eyes.
PENELOPE: you still have no idea where we are?
G: no, but that lady, Donna, sure did send shivers down my spine.
PENELOPE: G, listen.
PENELOPE walked to G and stood next to her. PENELOPE pointed at the mirror. Just like she suspected, it was a two-way mirror.
PENELOPE whispers to herself: Perverts.
G: PENELOPE you’re scaring me…
PENELOPE: listen, I’m checking the bathroom for a second.
G: Okay, I’ll brush my teeth
G laughs nervously but then hums her favorite tunes to her reflection and brushes her teeth.
PENELOPE spots the camera in the bathroom. It’s in the lock in the knob.
G: hey PENELOPE close the door! It’s rude.
PENELOPE: shut up! I’m not even going to the bathroom
G finishes up with brushing her teeth and lays down on her bed. G is distressed and freaked out by PENELOPE's nervous behavior.
PENELOPE walks over to G’s bed and sits down next to her.
PENELOPE: you wanna know where we are?
G: I’m not sure.
PENELOPE laughs at G’s innocence of the heavy matter.
PENELOPE: we are at the camp of pedo’s.
G: No we can’t be!
PENELOPE: keep your voice down… they might hear you… they have camera’s everywhere. They’re watching our every move.
G: point a couple out.
PENELOPE: okay..
PENELOPE points three out to G within five feet away from both of them. All recording. One in particular is zooming in and out.
G and PENELOPE nervously cling to each other. PENELOPE lets out a gasp she didn’t know she was holding.
PENELOPE: the bathroom mirror is a two way mirror, they’re recording us there, and the lock on the knob in the bathroom has one so make sure to keep the door open or have the lock covered. You got me?
G cries softly, afraid for her life.
G: can you sleep with me tonight?
PENELOPE: Oh yeah sure…
The girls shortly fall asleep, but the next morning, G is woken up by four strangers, both near her age. Both in the confused state she was the other day.
The only thing different was that PENELOPE was gone, almost like she never even existed.
G: who are you?
TEENAGERS: Isabel, Byron, Isaac, Grace, who are you? Where are we? What time is it?

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