The Aokigahara Forest of Japan

October 22, 2017
By Anonymous

One day Scott was out with one of his friends Nolan, and they were just wandering the city of Los Angeles, when they came across this store it was a fortune telling store and of course none of them had ever believed in any of that sort of stuff so they walked in. “Hello” called Nolan but no one answered. It was a small store with nick nacks wrapped all over it. Scarves were hung all over the room. They gave the room a dark gloomy tone to it.
“Hello,” said an old woman coming out of a dark room in the back, ”what may I help you with.”
“We were just roaming around and wanted to get our fortune checked.” responded Scott unsure if he should stay or run.
“Oh, ok then, follow me.” Said the old woman. She took them to this room where the light began to fade. There were two chairs and a table.
“Sit down,and give me your palms.” she said. “Your life span is very short.” She said as she examined both of the boys palms. She said,“You both will experience the same death.”
Fast forward to senior year that's where it's all gonna start Nolan’s always been very into the supernatural and one day he heard about this forest in Japan called the Aokigahara Forest, where hundreds of people have committed suicide. The forest is supposed to be haunted by their screams. Nolan convinced Scott to go with him senior year’s summer.
“Are you sure about this?” scott asked nervously.
“Are you kidding me? Yeah, we’re gonna get so many evp’s.” Nolan responded, as they packed for their trip. When they got to the airportthey got on an 11 almost 12 hr flight to Japan. Once they got there they stayed in  Tokyo, Japan for a 2 days enjoying their visit. The next morning they started packing for their camping trip in the forest. They packed 2 sleeping bags, a tent, a compass, water bottles, food, Cameras, batteries and their paranormal recorders.  Nolan woke up very early the next morning, and made sure he had everything. Then they got their stuff and got on the bus to Mount Fuji where the forest is located. Once they got their they saw the beware signs. Nolan didn’t care for them since he was practically bouncing off his feet to begin his investigation. Scott on the other hand, was sceptical about everything. He felt like eyes were watching him, he could feel the lost energy of the people who died here surrounding the forest as he cautiously made his way in. Once they were in Nolan got out his compasses and started following it to the camp grounds. People had told them to beware because once you were to get lost in the forest there was no coming back. They walked for about 30 minutes and couldn’t find anything, they were lost.
“How could this have happened?” said Scott shivering with fear.
“I don’t know,” replied Nolan, “ Oh my I totally forgot.”
“Forgot what?”
“There's an Iron depot underground that interferes with the compass.”
“What?” Scott yelled in panic, “How could you forget something that important.”
“I don’t know it must be something messing with me.” Nolan replied with a shaky voice. They started walking again and they had no idea what was to happen to them now. So they decided to set camp in the middle of the haunted forest. Nolan decided to get his video camera out and started recording. They set up camp and Scott started a fire. Then Nolan decided to start and evp session.
“Is anyone here?” said Nolan. Nothing answered  for a couple minutes. They kept asking questions, but nothing happened.
“Run,” whispered a voice “get out of here, what are you doing.” the boys freaked out.
“We should stop,” said Scott.
“No lets keep going,” said Nolan. They kept asking questions.
“Get out now, or else there's no escaping” said a voice.
“It’s probably nothing to worry about.” said Nolan.
“Owww” said Scott as he felt a burning sensation run across his back. They checked what it was it was a red scratch across his back. “Ok, I don’t know about you, but i'm gonna go to sleep now.” said Scott his voice was all shaky and cracky.
“ Ok Im gonna be here a bit more.” said Nolan. Once Scott fell asleep Nolan Felt as if he's surrounded but there was nothing. He fell to his knees and yelled and the spirits started whispering and showing him their deaths all at once like a volcano full of memories of horror exploding around him all at once. He was going insane.
“I warned you.” whispered the same voice. As scott slept he felt something touching him and whispering in his ear. He awoke shivering, Nolan still wasn’t in his sleeping bag. He cheacked the time it was 1:29 a.m. He got up to search for Nolan near the fireplace. There was Nolan Lying there motionless.
“Nolan, Are you ok?” He whispered. As he got closer he could see blood seeping out of his nose, ears and eyes, He laid there like a statue. His Blue eyes staring into the oblivion. He was dead. Scott didn’t think he just started running and running, Yelling for help as he heard whispers and and spirits touching him. He ran and ran branches cutting up his face and arms bare foot gashes on his legs. He wasn't looking down, he tripped on a tree stump, and gashed his head on a rock. He was unable to move or do anything, he was lost and bleeding from head. Suddenly he started hearing whispers surround him and his life flashed before him. He bled out there in the Aokigahara Forest of Japan.
Suddenly they reappeared the fortune room where the lady was sitting staring at them
“Well now you know,” said the old lady. The boys glared at each other “but,I cannot let you keep this knowledge for you may use it to change your fate.”
“Wait!” they yelled but it was too late she had cast her wich spell and they forgot everything. She gave them a regular palm reading and led them to the door.
“ Come again.” she said. Closing the door behind her.

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