October 13, 2017
By Sungh BRONZE, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Sungh BRONZE, Bridgeport, Connecticut
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One day in August, a janitor working at the University of Bridgeport campus went to Seaside Park. The janitor had been walking through Seaside Park every weekend for ten years. Just the same as ever, he took a walk along the shoreline. After a half an hour, he found a good place to enjoy the natural scenery of the ocean and a bench to sit on. Then, he drank some water and put his water bottle on the ground. Meanwhile, a seagull, which was obsessed with a water bottle cap, suddenly came right next to him and took his bottle and flew away. The seagull took the cap and put it in its nest and threw away the bottle part into the Atlantic Ocean. This small portion of the water turned into a storm; a great storm.
On the other hand, the janitor went back to his work. He walked into the pedestrian mall of the University of Bridgeport and checked the security of each building. When he came in front of Student Center of the University of Bridgeport, he found out the broken lock that protected a generator of the Student Center. So, he brought a strong and rugged lock. Cadenas was the name of that lock, but he was in the storage for several years. He had a deadly dull time in storage and fell into the way of craving for excitement. And finally, the janitor fastened Cadenas to protect the generator and Cadenas could start to find out something exciting. He observed buildings, people, and benches for an hour. However, he got more depressed, because he could not feel any excitement from the things around him.
For a few days, Cadenas lost his vitality little by little. Along the way, a gentle wind blew from the seaside park. And, the gentle wind moved all of the trees in front of him. Then, the trees were enjoying the moving and dancing so much. Each one of trees talked to Cadenas about how fun dancing was. Cadenas was surprised by how amazing and it looked exciting to enjoy dancing because he did not care while he expected that much from trees as they were quiet until the gentle wind comes. By the favor of the trees, Cadenas got interested in dancing and asked the gentle wind to move him like trees. Mr. Gentle Wind accepted his request and tried his best to make Cadenas dance. However, it did not work out because Cadenas has a weighty and mighty body. The gentle wind gave up and said to Cadenas that he could ask his friend Windsturm, who is a strong storm. Although Cadenas was disappointed about the fact that he could not dance and have to wait for the storm, he did not want to lose hope of dancing immensely.
Like he did in the past, Cadenas began to wait and expected for Windsturm to come. As time went on, he yearned to dance more and more. Then one day, he overheard two people talking about the weather. They said that the weather of this year was not going to be bad, and would be even all year. After hearing that talk, he was shocked and felt betrayed by the gentle wind. Cadenas was so frustrated and almost became hopeless. He even quarreled with Providence about his immobile feature. When he reached the peak of anger and sadness, he gave up and went to a deep sleep.
And then suddenly, a gust of wind blew from out of nowhere, and the weather changed into a threatening weather. In fact, the Windsturm, a friend of the gentle wind and storm that formed through a butterfly effect by a small portion of water from the janitor almost arrived at the University of Bridgeport Campus. By thunder, lightning, and a gust of wind, Cadenas woke up in an instant. When the sound of thunder became larger, and when the lightning came close to Cadenas, his heart had started to thud. Finally, when he felt a gusting wind and saw the signs of a big storm, he was excited to dance joyfully.
Cadenas wanted to know how Windsturm could come to the University of Bridgeport Campus. So, Cadenas asked to him. The storm said that the gentle wind helped him to find Cadenas, and he also explained how he was created. Cadenas felt grateful to the janitor and sorry for blaming the gentle wind after realizing the truth that the gentle wind did his best to brought Windsturm to the campus.
With Windsturm, Cadenas started to make some movements, but the dancing was harder than Cadenas thought. Therefore, Cadenas asked the trees to teach him dance movements and the trees gave ready consent. Cadenas began to observe the movements of the trees. They showed and explained various types of dance to Cadenas, such as Tango, Cha-Cha-Cha, and Samba. While the trees were introducing various dances, Cadenas tried to figure out what kind of feeling this dance gave him. When the Bleakai, who is one of the trees and mastered almost every type of break-dance, started to show break-dance. The movements of break-dance captured Cadenas’ heart and made him fascinated. Among many different types of dance, he liked to breakdance more than any dance. So, Cadenas asked to Bleakai about basic moves of the dance. For a few hours, he practiced the moves. And finally, Cadenas got basic movements of break-dancing and began to enjoy dancing immensely until late at night.
The next day, Cadenas and the trees got very tired. Windsturm also used all of his energy. Windsturm noticed that he needed to go back to the ocean for recharging his energy and promised to come back on the evening of the day after tomorrow. Cadenas and the trees went to sleep right away after saying goodbye to Windsturm. While everyone went into deep sleep, Cadenas had two dreams.
The first dream he had was a nightmare and started in a prison-like place. He could walk without the help of wind in his dream. All of the prisoners lined up and headed somewhere in prison. At the forefront of the line, prison guards were ordering prisoners to split up the lines to three lines and force them to go into hallways that branches off to three ways. He felt he was in the silence of profound suspense. Cadenas wanted to escape from that place without knowing the reasons. He observed the line and became aware of a wired atmosphere. So, Cadenas secretly got out from the line and move back to end of the line. Then, he waited until all the people went. Then, massive sounds of human screams and death rattled out from the places where the prisoners entered. Cadenas got very scared and ran to the opposite way as a matter of life and death. Then, he finally found out an exit and opened it. However, he lost his mind as soon as entered exit with bright lights.
When Cadenas regained his consciousness, he was at the front of the Student Center. Everything was very realistic to him. He thought he woke up and having a new day. However, he was still in the dream, and he did not know that he had the second dream until he actually woke up. So, in that dream, Cadenas saw that the janitor brought a fancy lock for a new generator right next to Cadenas. She had a well-balanced figure, and Cadenas felt something special about the new lock. With a friendly tone, Cadenas greeted the new lock.
"Hi, I am Cadenas. Nice to meet you," Cadenas said.
"I am Sera, Nice to meet you, too," the new lock responded.
They were talking about their hobbies, dreams, and where they come from for an hour. Cadenas was surprised by the fact that Sera also liked to dance, especially break dance. He got curious about her level of dancing and her passion toward dance. Cadenas suggested to Sera about performing a dance with the trees and made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.
When he made the appointment with Sera, he woke up from the dream. After he woke up, he became very nervous. He thought the second dream was a reality. But he woke up from that dream and realized the dream was not that real to him compared to the actual reality. He remembered everything about the two dreams that he just had. He tried to understand the meanings of the two dreams. For an hour, he thought deeply about each dream and came up with his own ways of understanding.
First of all, Cadenas received the first dream as a reflection of stressful memories and his cravenness of escaping when he was in the storage for several years and had deadly dull time in that box. He felt that somewhere inside of his heart, he had worries about going back to storage and have stressful time again. This dream helped Cadenas to notice the importance of self-awareness and caring his inner side for the higher level of dancing.
While Cadenas organized his thinking about the second dream, something very mysterious happened. The janitor actually brought a new lock to lock up the new generator next him, and the new lock looked the same as in the second dream. Cadenas was amazed by that, but he thought it was probably just a coincidence. To make sure what was happening, he greeted the new lock with the same tone in his second dream.
"Hi, I am Cadenas. Nice to meet you," Cadenas said.
"I am Sera, Nice to meet you, too," the new lock responded. While this conversation was going on, he was shocked by the fact that everything went exactly as the second dream. Only then Cadenas realized that the second dream was the precognitive dream for this day. After setting up the appointment with Sera to have a dance performance with the trees, He was beginning to wonder about what is going to happen next. Because the second dream ended after made the promise.
Cadenas woke the trees up and introduced Sera to them. The trees welcomed Sera and had talked with her until noon. Then, they had personal time and rest before the dance performance.
At the evening of that day, Windsturm came back to the Bridgeport as he promised. After Sera and Windsturm were greeting each other, the dance performance event began.
The trees did opening performances and showed various types of dances. Bleakai's break dance was very accurate, and every single motion without unnecessary things impressed everyone. And then, Sera performed her dance for the next stage. Cadenas gaped at Sera's dance in astonishment. She showed movements that Cadenas never saw before. Sera's dance was unique and beyond expression. Her dance seemed like to combine the strength of all different kinds of dance moves into the break dance. Jealousy toward her talent filled the heart of Cadenas, and he got riled up. Because of that, he pushed himself to keep practice to reach Sera's level after the performances.
Many times over, Cadenas repeated the practice and tried to become better than Sera in the dance performances. However, even he made an improvement, Sera's dance skill keep improved more than Cadenas. He felt he could not reach the level of Sera's dance forever. Because of that, Cadenas became depressed and forgot the way to enjoy dancing. After he got into a state of dejection, just staring at the dance of Sera and the trees became everything in a whole day.
And then one day, a memory of when he began to dance and the dream, came into Cadenas' mind. He remembered how exciting to dance and felt grateful to everyone who helped him to meet with the dance and taught him how to do it. Cadenas realized that he could learn from any experience and those can support his growth as a dancer. He figured out that his obsession and negative thoughts were villains to him. When Cadenas be aware of the origin of his sufferings, he noticed that this is the beginning point to be free. Finally, Cadenas started to dance again. Now, he valued the respect, acknowledgment, and harmony rather than competition, winning, and ideas of inferiority and superiority. He stopped to hurt himself with obsession and negative emotions any longer. He began to put real passion, gratitude, and his own stories on his dance.
Cadenas' life becomes joyful with the new perspectives. He feels he is achieving his life purposes. With the trees and Sera, Cadenas becomes the pioneer and creator of the new break dance.

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