Angel's Heart

September 29, 2017
By LunarEclipse13 GOLD, Defiance, Ohio
LunarEclipse13 GOLD, Defiance, Ohio
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A young woman stood before a large wooden door. Wanting an answer from her mother and father, but received nothing other than the sound of deafening silence. As the young woman turned to leave, she heard a sound that would not be forgotten as long as she lived….. Her mother's scream.

She heard that terrible scream cut short, and her father's insane laughter replace the little silence. Scared half to death she opened the door slowly and quietly what she saw was to much to bear she silently cried while her father called “You’re next sweety..HAHAHAhahaha” his insane laughter echoed as she ran from her mother's bruised, bloodied, and burnt body with a sword stabbed through her heart.

As the young woman ran for her life hearing nothing but her father’s insane laughter and footsteps quickly catching up to her as she ran faster as fate would have it she fell( as any horror movie cause girls always fall) and was then saved by her best friend and maid she’s had since birth took a sword to her heart for the young woman. I think it’s time her story got told.

As her friend Talia dies the words from her mouth as her eyes glazed over were “Luna, run and never look back... ha.. At least I got killed, for someone I care for.” The woman now known as Luna ran for her life as her father started to slaughter their maids and the friends that she had made. As luna descended the staircase to the door the footsteps and laughter stopped, though the screams continue as she runs. Out the doors luna runs and doesn’t stop until the forest surrounds her at every turn, every direction,and every way she looks nothing, but flowers and trees alive with small animals, and bugs that crawl on the forest floor. The forest alive at dusk was becoming much more active as the sun was setting, and soon she will be in darkness with only the sounds of animals, bugs, and her own thoughts that seem to be getting louder and louder. To her dismay a howl can be heard in the distance. Slowly hearing more she ran in the opposite  direction away from danger and back towards the mansion she just barely escaped from. As she ran the howls were getting closer and the girl ran faster than she had ever before.

The author's comments:

It's not complete yet buthey might as well see the critics

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