The Treasure Hunt

July 19, 2017
By Tiffany Chou BRONZE, San Marino, California
Tiffany Chou BRONZE, San Marino, California
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The guard strolled about in his stately manner, waltzing around the castle as if he owned it. Having watched the slightly overweight man walk about for two hours, Matt found solace in his routine. This corrupt officer could be easily bypassed and taken down, if it came down to that. His fallen form could be easily explainable due to his heavy preference for alcohol.

Matt smirked, thinking that maybe he should hurry up the pace by distracting the man with a carefully placed bottle of alcohol. Too bad he planned to celebrate his victory later with said bottle. He let out a chuckle, knowing that the sound was lost in the vehement arguing with the peasants just two doors down. Matt would be supporting their efforts to refuse the copious taxes from the supposedly generous king if he wasn’t about to steal from him. Maybe he’ll join another time.

Matt stared another moment at the guard as he obliviously passed by him in his route, and then got to work. He performed the deft maneuver that he has performed hundreds of times, swinging up the wooden structural posts to land on the beams near the top. He tilted his head and looked down at the stocky figure who began to whistle a tune. This mission was important; he can’t risk anything. He then silently crossed over to the officer’s place and dropped down as easily as he came up.
The officer’s scream of shock was cut short, and Matt then stood up, admiring his own ingenuity. At least he was kind enough to aim for the areas that would only leave him sore in the morning. He then proceeded with his plan and sped down the hall, a seeming shadow. 

With adrenaline and exhilaration racing through his body, he checked each room efficiently and silently, looking for the room with the description that fit. It seemed that he had searched almost every room in the castle before he finally tried the door at the end of the hall, a plain wooden door with only a strange symbol carved in its center.

He slowly turned the knob, feeling his heart pound amid the silence. As he slid his lean body into the room, he turned and stared at what was before him: a musty, old library with cobwebs decorating the shelves. Matt then smiled triumphantly, knowing that he was about to find his treasure.

The author's comments:

Inspired by the amazing fantasy adventure books I've read and enjoyed immensely. 

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