The day my life changed

June 16, 2017
By SreemanthMeka BRONZE, Morris Plains, New Jersey
SreemanthMeka BRONZE, Morris Plains, New Jersey
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It was 146 BC. The fall of ancient greece was taking place around him. Mathaius, descendant of Poseidon, looked around him in horror. All he saw were the piles of bodies littered on the ground and the splatters of blood, the blood of his fellow kinsmen, on the cobblestones. All he heard was the clanging of steel on steel. All he smelled was 2 week old rotting flesh and the fresh sickeningly sweet smell of just-spilled blood. The war for Greece was going on everywhere around him.
There’s nothing I can do to help, he thought to himself. But, ever present, the reasonable side of his head was thinking as well.
There is one thing I can do, but if I do that, everyone will know my secret. But he had no more time for thinking, for just then, a spear had impaled him in the chest. He was sent flying back against the back wall of the building that lay five feet behind him. With his last ounce of energy, he summoned a tsunami from the ocean just outside. There, he thought, now I know I helped my country against the barbaric invaders.
He had no more time for thought though, as he died right then and there, just before the water invaded the room and swept everyone off their feet and slamming them into the concrete floor, killing them all instantly.
“EUGH!” grunted Storm. He had been plowing for almost six hours now. He couldn’t wait to get back home and sit down. “CRASH!!!” As an almost automatic reaction, he turned around and headed back to his house.
That, he knew, was the sound of his step-mother cooking and, as he took it, his que to get back to the house.    
As Storm finished setting the table, his father walked in. They all sat at the table in complete silence. Storm watched the TV. The news channel was on. It was talking about all these weird occurrences, such as a bridge suddenly erupting in flame.
Suddenly, Storm wasn’t there anymore. He was floating in space. Then, a deep disembodied voice boomed at him, “Storm, get ready. I’m coming for you!”
Suddenly, just as quickly as it had happened, it was over. Storm was back at the dinner table. “I have to go to my room,” Storm told his parents. And with that, Storm ran into his room.
“Storm, get back in here,” Storm’s step-mother snapped. Storm didn’t, but wished she would shut up. Suddenly, Storm’s step-mother screamed.
Intrigued by his step-mom’s scream, Storm went to find out what happened. He was rewarded by the sight of his step-mom drenched in water.
“You!” Storm’s step-mother cried, “I don’t know how you did it but I know it was you. Pack your bags and get out. You are never allowed in this house again.”
Storm was dumbfounded. He never did anything, but he knew that if he stayed, his life would basically become hell. So he did what he was told and headed out.
As he headed off the property, Storm stole one last look at his home for the last 13 years. Then, head down, Storm walked off into the night.
  It had been a month since Storm’s family had disowned him. Since then, Storm had quickly exhausted his meager supplies and was doing everything he could to stay alive.
One day, when Storm was out hunting, he stumbled onto some people, a boy and a girl around his age.
Storm didn’t do anything. He quietly watched them from the trees until they left and he continued on his way.
Late in the afternoon, after Storm had finished his rabbit stew, there was a knock on the door. Moving quickly to the door, Storm pushed it down, knife in hand, to see who the visitor or could be intruder was. He was met with the sight of the two kids that he had spotted before.
“Who are you?” Storm asked them, in a voice as hostile as he could make it. It was the girl who replied.
“Hello, our names are Luna and Zack and we are looking for some food.”
Storm looked back into the hut at his surplus of food, deciding if he should give them some food or not. That was his mistake
Before he could even react, Zack had slapped the knife out of Storm’s hand and pinned him to the ground. Luna then rounded up all the stuff Storm had collected and left. “Thanks for your generosity,” Luna said to Storm, laughing as she left. Zack soon followed her.
With nothing left, Storm decided to go gather fruit and restock on supplies. Suddenly, as he rounded a bend, Storm saw Luna and Zack petrified with fear, a bear coming ever closer to them.
Storm watched through the bushes as the bear came ever closer to the boy and the girl. He knew had to do something but he didn’t know what. Even though those two had robbed him, he knew he had to save them. Suddenly, he remembered that he had brought his katana, which he had bought at a wilderness survival store some weeks previously, with him.
Slowly Storm came out from behind the bushes and edged towards the bear. It didn’t notice. As Storm edged ever closer, he was able to pick up the scent of the bear. It smelled like rancid meat, mixed with hot sauce.When Storm was a mere 3 feet away, he accidentally stepped on a branch. “CRACK!” The bear turned around, catching its first look at its would be attacker. It then raised its paw to bring it smashing down on Storm. Only his quick thinking had saved him. Stor saw what the bear was planning to do and dove to one side, just as the paw came crashing down, at the spot where he had been just a second ago. As he dove to the side Storm saw an opening and quickly exploited it. He brought the katana up and into the bear’s chest, burying it where its heart was.
The bear went tumbling down onto the ground, almost smashing Storm in the process. As he jumped clear of the carcass of the bear, he saw two pairs of eyes, wide with astonishment. Storm took that as his queue to leave and ran into the woods.
The next day, Storm decided to leave the forest. He knew that he wasn’t safe anymore. Storm knew the path that would take him out of the woods and he followed it all the way into New Orleans. All the way there, Storm had no idea that Luna and Zack were watching him, never more than twenty feet away.
As Storm first entered the city, he cast a nervous glance around him for anybody who was in the least bit interested in him. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw there was none. He entered a deserted ally, that he knew led to the nearest bus stop and that was when he first noticed two other pairs of footsteps behind him. He spun around to see who was following him and was astonished to find that it was Luna and Zack.
“You two!” Storm cried, “What are you doing here?!” Storm voice was abruptly cut off. He had seen a huge figure, as large as life itself, simply spring up behind Luna and Zack.
As the huge figure came into view, he saw it was vaguely humanoid, but with a poisonous tail and dragon’s legs. The girl and the boy turned around, took one look at the figure, and threw themselves at Storm tackling him to the ground as if they knew what was coming next. “BEEP!BEEP!”And what came next was that the huge monster shot a stream of fire into the air, where Storm had been a split second ago. “BEEP!BEEP!”
“Storm, my master is looking for you. And he wants you dead!” The monster shot another stream of fire at him, this time one that would not miss. “BEEP!!BEEP!!”
This is the end, all three of them thought. But just then, the seawater to the back of them exploded and slammed into the jet of fire. “BEEP!!! BEEP!!!”With a start, Storm realized that he was controlling the water. “BEEP!!!!!!!BEEP!!!!!!!!!!”
Storm opened his eyes. It took them a second to adjust, but when they did, Storm saw that he was in his room. He then got up and started to get ready for school.

The author's comments:

This is the story of a boy who was feling lost and gains some unexpected company and powers

(P.S. - It is better than this makes it sound)

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