Conspiracies and Theories

June 22, 2017
By FinnMarable BRONZE, New York, New York
FinnMarable BRONZE, New York, New York
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No one expected it, a terrorist kidnapping on Christmas? One second we were enjoying our christmas breakfast and the next we were watching the news, seeing that the president was now gone. “How did this happen?” Brett asked the commander.

“Did you see it coming?” The commander asked rhetorically. Brett looked away.

“What do we need to do?” Dan asked seriously.

“Infiltrate the terrorist base, save the president, and succeed or die.” The commander said grimly.

“E.Z money.” Brett said.

“Well then.” Dan said “Christmas came twice.”

The building was eerily quiet. Too quiet. Dan entered with 5 friends alive and breathing, but now there was only one. Brett, his best soldier and greatest friend, had been brutally killed from an explosive when Dan overlooked the fact that the entrances could be riddled with traps. The last words he had with him were. “This is all my fault!” Dan said.

“No, anyone could’ve done it, you’re human.” Brett wheezed as he bled out.

“But this was different, I was trained for this, this wasn’t supposed to happen!” Dan wailed.

“Just, finish the mission, Dan, please. For me.” Brett whispered.

“For you, Brett, for you.” Dan finished.

  He was the last chance for the president. There was no way the terrorists would release the president after we pay ransom, if we pay ransom. If the terrorists stayed true to their countdown, then he had 3 minutes left, but no one could be sure. He slowly made his way through the front door of the building, checking his corners as he walked through. He almost walked into a bear trap on the ground when he spotted it and stopped himself. This was one heavily defended base. He took out a drone and watched the camera enter the next room. There was a terrorist right around the corner, he got off the drone. Quietly, he approached the door, broke it down and threw a flashbang in. He then rounded the corner, the terrorist had his hands on his face. He picked up the terrorist, threw him into the ground, and said “Who do you work for? The terrorist spit in his face. Dan held a knife to his throat and said “Tell me or I'll make you life a living hell.”

        “You'll have to kill me scum.” He scratched out.

       “Fine then.” He finished. Two silenced bullets and the terrorist was no more. He kicked him in the head for good measure. “That’s what you get, muchacho.” Dan said cheesily. 4 Enemies left, If his intel was correct. He hid in a safe place and took out his drone again. The next room was where it would all go down. There, the president, 3 terrorists, wait, 3? He got off his drone and looks up. The terrorist was right there, pulling out his gun.  Dan kicked him in the shin and grabbed his gun on the floor next to him, 6 years of experience and training prepared him for the cold blooded killing. This was nothing to him. “Who do you work for?” Dan screamed in his face. This terrorist also spit in his face. Dan punched him. “ I swear to god if you don't tell me I'll shoot you in both kneecaps, cut out your tongue and leave you here to die!

        “I..Isis.” he spluttered quickly.”

        “Thank you.” Dan said contentedly. “You're free to go!”

“Re..Really? The terrorist asked.


One more bullet, and 2 down, three to go. The final room. He threw a flashbang in, took out his shotgun and rushed in to save the president or die trying.

“For Brett!” he screamed.

“What?” Dan screamed. As soon as he got into the room, he saw the president, along with the british prime minister, and the german ambassador, all sitting at a table drinking tea with 3 “terrorists.” The people at the table looked up.

“Who are you?” the president asked.

“The man hired to rescue you? Dan said perplexedly.

“Why would I need saving? The president asked.

“Because you were captured by terrorists, on christmas, I mean do you not remember this? Dan said angrily.

“Oh yeah, that.” The president said, remembering. “Come, sit down.” He said. The president told Dan all about how the two other branches of U.S government, the Legislative and Judicial branches were both corrupt, and how he couldn’t veto or change anything in the government, no matter what he did. He talked about all the inhumane laws that the government was passing, just for money and power. “What are you saying? What does that have do with the fact that I flew all the way here, lost my best friend, killed two people, and burst in to see you drinking tea?” He shouted. The president chuckled.

“I’m saying the the United States is dead.”

The author's comments:

This is not a finished piece and it is also my first. It is loosely based on a video game I play called Rainbow Six Siege. It is cheesey so be prepared. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)

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