June 13, 2017
By Spankmedaddy BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
Spankmedaddy BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
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Delmer was a rather quiet village, not much ever happened there. People went through their lives, day by day, waiting for something interesting to happen, but nothing ever did happen there, until today.
It was a quiet morning in Delmer, is what I would’ve liked to say, but unfortunately that was not true. Something was finally happening, but the villagers were terrified. Bandits were making their way towards the quiet little village, and their weapons were drawn. The village had no need for guards, and the only ones trained to use weapons were the hunters, who were away at the time. I could see someone else in the forest, just watching. When I tried pointing it out, nobody else seemed to see it, but I knew something was there. The bandits were very close now, and I prepared to charge them with whatever I could, as an act of defiance. They wouldn’t kill a child would they?
Just as I was about to grab our axe, I faintly heard someone shout “now’ in the distance, and in that moment arrows began to exit the edge of the forest, like an army was assembled there, however I could see nothing but our few hunters, and that same person that had been watching, holding a blade towards the village. At first I thought the person was motioning for them to attack us, but that would be ridiculous because they were from our village. As I had that thought, the arrows sailed over our heads, like a flock of birds, and fell down towards the bandits. Their front line fell, but they didn’t seem to be dead, most of them rolling around in pain, or trying to pull the arrows out. I turned back towards the forest, and the person was running towards us. They ran through the village, right towards the bandits, and began to slice at them. I started to move towards the person, which I can now see is a girl, and it doesn’t seem like she is killing them. She’s cutting the just deep enough to remove them from a fight, but not deep enough to mortally wound them. She’s trying to keep them alive.
In the matter of a couple of minutes, she is done. I don’t recall her getting hit, but there are a few wounds on her, and they don’t really look like they were put there by weapons. I run towards her and catch her just as she fell, and she was still conscious, smiling like someone had just told a joke she liked. She laughed and said “Is everyone alive?” I nodded and she let out a relieved sigh and she said “good, then I’m done here” and she passed out, smile still on her face. I yelled out for the doctor, but either he couldn’t hear me, or he was still hiding and was too scared to leave. I had to drag her to town, because I’m not very strong, and bring her to the doctor myself. I got there, and the doctor was hiding under one of the beds. I explained the situation to him, and he bandaged her wounds, gave her some herbal concoction, and said to me “now we pray to the gods” with a look of apprehension on his face.

It is three days after the battle. Most of the bandits had been arrested by the guards from the capital, a two day walk from Delmer. They came with cages, and members of the kings own guard. All of the bandits have been captured, and are on their way to the dungeons. The girls wounds have stopped bleeding, but they refuse to heal beyond that. Her breathing has become stable and she was mumbling frequently, something about a Coatl, which is some sort of serpent creature that has gone extinct. on the night of the third day, I went to visit her again. I prayed for the health of the one who saved us. The hunters had told me that she was the one to gather them up, so if not for her, we’d have died. I prayed for her safety, and recovery. I prayed harder than I ever had before. It seems my prayers had been answered, as she sat up in the bed. I looked at her, completely mesmerized by her eyes as they opened; they were strange, almost serpentine in look, her pupils were slits. She turned to me, smiled and said “Hi there! I’m Lotus”

The author's comments:

I had to write something for my writers craft class, and submit it to a contest, publisher, or magazine. I dont really expect people to get anything out of this, because im not the best at this, but I figured someone might enjoy it.

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