Red Hood

May 25, 2017
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Every super hero has a tragic back story my story is that I watched my family tortured and killed in front of me by a very bad man. My dad was a doctor who was killed for saying no to taking money from mob boss Carmine Falcone. Falcone drove to my family’s mansion and had his men bust down the door. My father tried to by my mother some time so she could hide me as I was only five years old she told me to not any noise as she left me in the cellar behind the wine barrels. I don’t know how long I stayed there for when I saw sunlight through the windows I got up and went upstairs. When I went upstairs I saw so much blood and human remains that it makes me want to throw up just thinking about it. I screamed so loud that the butler who was on a vacation visiting family came in running through the door. When he saw all the blood he picked me up and took me outside and told me everything will be fine. He called the Bludhaven Police Department when the cops got there when the saw the room they said it almost made them throw up. The police detective asked me if I’m alright I was so scared from seeing all that blood that I couldn’t say a word. The other cops were making fun of me saying that how can I be upset when I’ve got so much money now. The detective told them to shut up as my eyes starting tearing up as I ran into the forest falling into a well. I remember what my dad told me before he was murdered that I’m destined to change Bludhaven for the better of us. I remember asking him why he can’t be the one to change this city he never got to answer me back. A few years later after spending so much time in hell I was ready to return to Bludhaven and take back my city from Falcone who renamed himself Black Mask because he started wearing a Black Mask. I renamed myself I was no longer Alex Todd I was something better something stronger I became the Red Hood. My first outing as the Red Hood I almost died because the guy used a shotgun that burst through my Kevlar vest I was wearing. I had to call Sam who was my butler/ caretaker to come get me. It was a miracle I survived because I lost so much blood it put my parent’s murder to shame. Sam told me we are going to the hospital but I said no because they would suspect the Re Hood would need medical treatment because of all the blood I lost. We get back to the mansion where Sam who was also a doctor does surgery on me. He tells me I should be fine but that I should stop being the Red Hood I tell him I can’t. My next outing as the Red Hood I stopped Black Mask and his bomb from destroying Bludhaven. As I was being beaten while in the helicopter I remember why I became the Red Hood I punch Black Mask so hard his mask breaks. The helicopter pilot is about to drop the bomb over the city but I push him out of the helicopter and set the timer to 1 minute. Falcone says that I don’t kill I reply back that I’m not going to kill but I don’t have to save you. I jump out of the helicopter as it blows up and I land on a nearby roof bleeding badly from my gunshot wounds. If I do though at least I know that someone will take up the mantle of the Red Hood.

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