Little Bennys Rainbow Propeller Hat

May 20, 2017
By MaryGarter GOLD, Lawson, Other
MaryGarter GOLD, Lawson, Other
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Little Benny's rainbow propeller hat spins in the rushing wind. He skips along the emptied alleyway, following the tall brown brick wall thats three times the size of him. Often he had considered walking along the top of it, but he had never had the nerve.


Little Benny doesn't find the evening sun that bad, he thinks that the lovely orange glow is quite beautiful. Benny slides his hand across the indentations in the wall where brick and brick meet. He whistles as he walks and his hat spins like its life depends on it.


Suddenly his hat stops, the wind drops and the alley's beautiful glow turns to a sickening darkness. Benny turns swiftly looking behind him, fear slowly clinging and creeping up his neck. His stomach curdles and then he sees it.


The image that will stick in his mind forever. The man, broken, at the bottom of the wall. Little Benny never did have the nerve to walk along the top of it, he's guessing this man did. Blood, crimson and shinging in the evening son drips down and into the guttra and now all that Little Benny can think of when he looks at the evening sun is that red red infinite blood slowly spreading across the horizon. 



The author's comments:

You might not believe this but this piece is actually inspired by the nursery rhyme humpty dumpty. I thought I would play around with preconceptions. I also thought the impact of what had happened could be better understood by the point of view of a bystander and even more impactful if it was a child. The name 'Little Benny' was just for the laughs. This piece was quite fun to make.

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