May 19, 2017
By miahuffman_ BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
miahuffman_ BRONZE, Oswego, Illinois
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As I sit in my mom’s old minivan, waiting for my adventure to start, I think while looking out the far left window to the empty fields, what am I doing? Why am I here?
We listened to music as soft and as quiet as a newborn slumbering. It was peaceful. Even my little brother thought so, and he just wanted to be freed as much as I did. My mom starting small talk with us was nice, agreeing on most things so we had less stress to argue like we usually would. One hand to my thought ridden mind, and the other tapping on the armrest to the beat of the song was unusual for me as well. A monk’s peace could be broken halfway across the world due to how loud my music blasts in my ear. I mean, everyone keeps their music that loud, don’t they? We are all are usually under pressure for many reasons, but going to this place of prosperity would keep us true to each other; with a wall of separation.
Jumping out of that car couldn’t have been better, and being out in the openness of this land I’d like to call home, I finally feel free. We start our hike at the beginning of this long staircase down to the streams. I counted how many stairs there were to the bottom, one-hundred thirty seven to be exact. After reaching the end of the steps into what seems to be heaven, I chose my stick. This cane will help guide me through the streams, and to poke at whatever kinds of land I come across. He finds one as well. We kid-around, and pretend to fight as if they are swords. My superior would normally holler at us to stop being aggressive, but didn’t mind due to the fact we were actually enjoying each other's presence. So she just walked behind, watched us play, and listened to the wind whistling through the trees above. It was quite exhilarating really; being able to use the trees and boulders as my shield instead of the television and my phone screen.
We soon enough came across a frozen waterfall; it was mid-spring at the time. Walking on and around that block of ice made me ask myself how it was still here. The ice wall was not yet adapted to the hot, summer sun soon to come. It wanted to stay in hiding a little longer, just like I wanted to stay away from society. It was a beautiful sight to look at, hearing the cracking of the layers warming, and still not crumbling.
Continuing on our walk of green and tan, the layers of rock surrounding us show what seems to be modern hieroglyphics. We walk over to explore the carvings, and notice what they all say. Words like ‘happy’ and ‘love’ appear everywhere on the three-story-high curtains of sandstone. Walking and reading, I came across one saying, “THIS should be society.” It really did speak to us. We realized the importance of the statement, and that it shows what our world should be doing; how I should be inspiring the change of our society into a more free and natural state. Even if it only changes for me, my separation could help for change in more.
As we head back after a long day of experiencing greatness, I ponder on what has positively inspired my mind as an individual. I space, and I think again. I am doing this for me. I am here for me. I am here to help. I am here to change. I am here for separation.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece for a class, and my peers, teacher and family told me to share. I never did until now. I wrote this 2 years ago.

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