Promenade After Margaret Atwood

May 19, 2017
By dcookie120 BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
dcookie120 BRONZE, Westport, Connecticut
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A. Jerry and Juliette have been flirting for over three months now, and it is clear that both sides are hoping to be officially dating. Promenade is coming up, and these juniors are really hoping to go to with each other. Jerry isn’t the biggest womanizer, so he is getting really nervous leading up to his promposal. He ends up getting over his nerves and asks Juliette to prom in a very romantic and elaborate way. She was super excited about this promposal in front of all of her friends, and she gave a big “YES!”. They ended up going to prom together, and shortly after started to date. They dated all the way through senior year, and were infatuated with one another. Nothing could be more perfect than their relationship, but college was quickly approaching. They ended up staying together through college, but the long distance wasn’t working at all and starts quickly ensued. They broke up and quickly resented each other. The story is over.

B. Jerry keeps flirting with Juliette, but she has no desire to be with Jerry. He is unable to pick up on her signals regarding her dislike for him, so he continues to flirt and harass her with texts and snapchats. He decides to ask her to prom in front of the whole school at announcements with flowers, as he thinks that she is super into him too. She gets incredibly embarrassed and leaves an awkward “No….” for all of the upper school to hear. Embarrassed and more so confused, Jerry decides to leave school early. Jerry decides to never go after another girl again for many years after this experience with Juliette. Juliette is also really sad about this experience in fron of the entire school, and wasn’t asked to prom by anybody junior year or senior year since she became famous for this promposal by Jerry.

C. Juliette and Jerry rarely talk, but Juliette tells all her friends about how much she is in love with Jerry. She liked her as much as Juliette liked Romeo, Pip liked Estella, Jay Gatsby liked Daisy. Jerry is in love with a different girl named Heather, but Heather is way out of Jerry’s reach. Jerry won’t get over Heather, and plans on making a move on Heather at the promenade. All of Juliette’s friends beg Jerry to ask her to prom, and he depressingly agrees because he knows that she is the only way he goes to prom with a date, and he needs to go to prom to be with Heather. He insists on Juliette’s friends to set up his promposal for him so that he doesn’t have to do any unnecessary work, and of course she says “YES!”. A few days before prom, rumors circle around that Heather started to date her prom date Brock, and that they have hungout multiple times. Jerry starts to go into a depression knowing that the love of his life is happy with somebody else, and starts to drink a lot leading up to prom. The day of prom he has his friends over, and Jerry gets blackout drunk and sleeps through prom. He leaves Juliette to go stag, and she gets very embarrassed and depressed. She has a horrible time at prom, but still is unable to get over Jerry and remains obsessed with him for the remainder of high school.

D. Brock, the quarterback of the football team, is wanted by practically every girl in school. He decides until a week before prom to ask a girl to do his promposal, because he knows any girl will go with him anyways. He decides to ask Heather, and of course she says yes. Brock quickly asks her out, and they have a good time at prom. They stay together for a few months, but then Brock quickly ends the relationship in his selfish realization that he only has a little bit more time to be with other girls in high school before college.

E. Brock and Heather happily go to prom, but then Heather has a realization that she shouldn’t fall in love with Brock because of the quickly approaching college departure. Heather spends her entire senior year thinking about Brock but won’t make a move because she doesn’t want to become depressed when she gets to college.

F. These relationships all got destroyed because of the inevitable departure. Time is a unit of measurement that should be treasured in the present, and accept the fact that time comes to an end.

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