The Cure: Chapter 2

May 18, 2017
By Isaac.Reyna BRONZE, Canutillo, Texas
Isaac.Reyna BRONZE, Canutillo, Texas
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I watch in awe for about two more seconds before I realize that this before me is really happening, or is it? No, it is. For sure. The screams coming from what used to be Mrs. Calvin’s face hurt my ears. I’ve always hated this teacher, but I would have never wished this kind of pain on anyone. Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, holy crap! I look back to everyone behind me, some people have taken shelter under their desks, and some just stare, crying, paralyzed. One guy, I think his name was Michael, grabs his chair and throws it at the window in front of him, the only exit. He looks down at the pavement floor. We are three floors up, it doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, you wouldn’t want to jump down three floors.  He hesitates for a second, then he looks back at the zombie eating what’s left of our teacher, and jumps immediately, his eyes starting to tear up. Then, when my other classmates see this, they start piling up at the window, eager to get out of the most disturbing situation they will ever see in their lives, or at least that’s what they think.

I run too, for the window, I’m one of the last ones still in the classroom. I look down, just like everyone else, terrified. Suddenly, as I’m about to jump, someone grabs my shoulder, I prepare my fist, but as I swing my arm to the unexpected, I see that it’s actually a human, still breathing, teenage girl. It’s a girl that I had a crush on for most of my school life.Her name was Amanda Lockwel. Her brown, wavy hair is now all messed up, covering her crying eyes.
“Let’s go, we gotta jump!” I yell, my voice cracking.
“I can’t! It’s too high!” She’s sobbing now.
“We have to, just hold my hand, we’ll jump together!” I grab her hand, she’s trembling, but it doesn’t affect me as it normally would, so I make nothing of it and prepare for the jump. I leap forward, still holding her hand. I close my eyes as I reach the air, but suddenly a quick thud forces me to open them again. Amanda is taken from me, the zombie has grabbed her by her lose hair, and I can’t do anything about it. As she is pulled away, the blood thirsty zombie sinks his teeth into her scalp, and that’s the last I see of my High School crush.
It takes me two second to reach the hard floor, but I don’t land as violently as I had expected. I accidentally landed on someone. I still hit the floor pretty hard, but my head and my legs, what I was worrying the most about, are intact. The other person wasn’t so lucky though. It’s a senior, she’s has short black hair, and is pretty chubby. I don’t know her personally, but I’ve seen her around. As messed up as it is, I can’t help to think of how lucky I was to land on top of her. She wasn’t in my classroom, so I start to wonder where she came from, that’s when I see everyone else. A lot more people have started jumping from other rooms, and other seniors like her, are running out of the main entrance, screaming for help. It’s total chaos. I notice other people that look like the man that killed Mrs. Calvin, they must be zombies too. Some are sprinting behind students and teachers, and others have already caught them, and are devouring them, turning the yellowish green grass, into a bloody dark red.
I get up, the girl tries to as well, but as I desperately try to help her, I notice why she’s struggling so much, I broke one of her legs. The bone sticks right out of her skin, but there’s nothing I can do to help her. Everyone is too worried about their own lives to come and help her. I hate feeling so powerless and scared. I look around for anyone I recognize, but instead, I make eye contact with one of the flesh eaters. It’s a small girl, she’s wearing a uniform from our school, which means that the zombies can turn other people too. I see the bite mark on the side of her chest, it must be a virus.  She leaves the right arm she was munching on and comes sprinting at me, a full size meal. I feel horrible for leaving the senior girl behind, but it’s either my life or hers. Seeing the senior girl on the floor, the zombie girl decides to go for the easy prey and throws herself on the helpless senior. She lets out a horrible scream as the zombie goes straight for her guts. I start to cry as I run, still looking back. I can’t look away. Even though I’m trying to run away from the carnage, I can’t keep my eyes away from it. My distraction causes me to heavily run into someone. Our heads bang against each other and it causes both of us to hit the floor. As I look up to see who I ran into, I pray to god that it isn’t a zombie, and what do you know, it is one God damn it!
The head bump left me a little dizzy, so I try to get up as fast as I can, but it’s way faster than me. It jumps on top of me, its jaw opening and closing, as if chewing, even though it hasn’t bitten into anything yet. This one is a grown-ass man, a teacher. I can barely keep his head away from my neck for a couple seconds, before it starts screaming and swinging his arms like a gorilla. As I start to give up, I see someone creep from behind him with a pocket knife. The guy stabs his heart. Blood squirts my face and leaks down his white collar shirt. The zombie screams, showing that they can feel pain, but other than that, its grip is just as strong. Seeing that this doesn’t have much effect, the guy jerks away the knife, and punches it into the zombie’s skull, the knife drives its way through the brain and finally comes out of one of the eyes. Finally the zombie “dies” and the guy helps me up.
“Bro what the hell is going on in here?” I fall back on my knees, thankful to hear Derek’s voice.

The author's comments:

It is the second chapter of a zombie- apocalipse movie.

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