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Beautifully Wretched

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The story of Kale was a sad one. He was born of the titans Hyperion, the titan of light, and Mnemosyne, the titan of memory and afterthought.  He was not like the other gods. He wanted the earth to be a happy place for the mundane humans to live. He didn’t want power, he just wanted love. He found it, with Nyx, the goddess of the night. He loved everything about her, her intimidating beauty, her pitch black hair, that fell down her back in waves. She had great potential to guard those in the night, but she also had great potential to destroy the earth. Kale thought that if he got to her in time, they would be great. What he didn’t know, was that she was too far gone.

   Nyx wanted the earth covered in blood. All she needed was to bear the right the right child. And that’s where kale came in. She could make him fall in love with her, and the power that the child bore would be beyond what anyone could imagine. Kale fell in love with her, and she got pregnant. He asked the evil Nyx to be his wife, and she laughed in his face, saying, “Sweet, young, naive Kale, you really think that anyone could love with you? You shine with greatness, with light, putrid happiness radiates from you. It makes me sick.” He could not comprehend what was happening. “But what about our child?” he pleaded. “Our child will be the death of this world, I will see to it,” Nyx snarled. Kale was bewildered. Tears fell from his eyes, his irises changing from blue, to green, to red, reflecting his ever changing emotions.

   Kale vowed that his child would bring light upon the earth, and that Nyx would not, could not, corrupt his baby. He vowed that she would pay, if she got near the baby. One night, while Nyx was sleeping, he snuck into her bed chambers, and cast upon Nyx a spell, so that she could not leave the room, and so that if she even moved, Kale would be alerted. Nyx would have none of it. One day, she was so sick of being at his mercy, so she would take away what he loved most. Their child. Kale would not be alerted if she did not move, she could cast a spell with her mind. The baby was no use to her anyways, if he was not evil. She used her powers of all things evil, and death, to kill her child while it was in the womb, never moving once. She started to bleed, and she realised that the stillborn child was about to be born. “Kaaaaleee,” She taunted. He immediately rushed into the room. And she started to laugh, laugh at his puzzled expression.

     “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?” he shrieked. “THE CHILD IS NOT READY!” He was scared, so scared, though she hadn’t moved, he knew, he felt that something horrifying had occurred. “Oh my Nyx, What have you done?” he cried.  Nyx continued to laugh, at Kales agony. At his heartbreak. Hours later, the dead child was born. He took his baby and left. He held the small boy to his chest, and wept. He sobbed for hours, hours until no tears came. He took his baby and buried him. And he continued to weep. For days.
   “NYX,” he bellowed. He snatched her out of her room and dragged outside. He used his powers to blast a hole to the middle of the earth. The middle of the earth was where all the world's light magic was stored. Light magic was harmful to nyx. He drew upon the earth, and summoned a mound of adamant and melded them into chains. He chained Nyx to the fiery ball
of light magic, and she screamed. The light magic burned her, it seared her skin. But she could not die So she lived out her eternity in white hot agony, forever reminded of the horrors she’s inflicted. Kale never recovered from the death of his child, but he brought happiness to the earth.

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