War Online

May 16, 2017
By zachsutak BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
zachsutak BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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One day in 2025, there were two teenagers. They were playing a game and when they were right about to kill the final boss, power went out from the tempest that was happening outside. The room was as dark as the night sky. Then Robert found himself looking for Alph, his brother, then started wondering if his desktop was on the fritz. Robert found Alph and they went to check their desktops and they see some sparks on both of their computers. They ran over and they both went blank. When they opened their eyes, they realized that they were in the popular game known as War Online. They were freaking out, trying to figure out what had happened and then an NPC, or town folk, came up to them and welcomed them to War Online. Alph looks at Robert and they start jumping around they were so happy, because this was the game that they had spent months playing. They were disappointed that their characters were not saved, but they eventually became so content, that they just ran around leveling up and doing missions. They eventually came to the quest where they had to go kill a boss and they were traveling to kill the boss and they saw something in the woods. They went to check it out and a giant came out and started attacking them. After killing this giant and defeating the boss, they headed to the main city Orgrimmar to turn in the quest. When they arrived, they turned in their quest and went to sleep.
The next morning, they found two kids running towards them, screeching and crying. They figured out that these kid’s parents were assassinated by two other players. Robert and Alph heard of the bounty set on these two players, and set out to find them. After three long hours of searching, they finally found these two players, camped out in a cave. They ambushed the two players and got the bounty. In the midst of looting their bags, Alph asked Robert a question.
“Robert,” Alph asked, “how did we get here? I mean, it isn’t like I’m not having the most amazing time here, but how did we get here?”
“I don’t know, but all I know is that if we are ever going to want to see our family again, we will need to figure out how to leave.” Robert and Alph were walking to the next town over and then they got ambushed by the assassins and the reason why the assassins are so strong because they are level 150 that is the highest level in the game. Robert and Alph are waiting for them to attack and they move in a blink of an eye and they hit like a truck so Robert and Alph just have to defend as long as they can till they get tired the assassins are just going back and forth slashing at them and then Alph saw an opening and went for it and Robert went to go shield him. Then Alph got one of the assassins in the back and almost killed him and then Robert went to go for the other one and got stabbed in the heart and then Alph got extremely mad and went crazy and killed the last assassin and had to cut off his head to get the reward and then he saw on the bottom of the quest paper a revive card and he ran as fast as he can to the town that had the quest and turned it in and got the money and got the revive card and revived Robert and then they both blinked.
Then they woke up in a hospital bed and they both asked the doctor what happened and the doctor said you both were in a comae and they were both thinking that was real and then they got home and they looked at their computers and their was nothing wrong and got on to War Online and looked at their characters were the one from the “coma” and then it was all good in the hood.

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It is about an Online video game and there is adventure and more

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