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May 18, 2017

THey try to escape their fate but only to find out that there are worst things outside the wall.

Chapter 1: The Story

“Why do these bad things happen to don't deserve it, and good thing to those that commit crimes?” I heard a voice whisper?
     The past 8 hours had been torture, having been accused of committing the worst crime possible that I had not even done, I was sent to be lynched along with my best friend Tree. Fortunately for us, the 2 guards that had been sent to guard our cell to guard us befor our lynching happened to be our only 2 friends in the Royal Guards. Taking the chance of being found, they snuck us out and gave us horses. Shortly after leaving we heard a trumped and shouting, meaning that they had discovered us gone. We then quickly climbed the stone wall and took a second to register what we were about to do, jumping into the  Rot Ruins was like pointing a gun into your head and pulling the trigger. No one had ever survived a trip into the zombie lands, when the outbreak had first started humans could easily have killed most zombies, but after years of them having been around the chemicals, they started to mutate and nowadays killing one was next to impossible. And with 90% of the world turnt and mutated, no one with any brains would think of going in.
¨Let's do it.¨ I whispered
¨Öh man, all my life i had feared going out the wall, now the things I fear are inside, my life just got worse.¨She said with a frown on her face
¨Well it's better to at least try to survive than to give up and go back into the cell, where death await for us tomorrow, huh?¨I said
¨Yea, lets do it befor i change my mind.¨Sais Tree
Before looking jumpin the wall, we looked around to make sure there were no zombies around, after seeing the nearest one was around 30 meters away, we jumped and looked around in wonder. We had all seen from o top of the wall what it looked like but it felt different when you were in the ground, a feeling of dread and as if something was wrong, which of course it was, we were in the Rot Ruin. We hurried through the forest in the middle of the night, we were lucky that we had managed to fit everything into the small backpack or it would have made running through the forest a nightmare with all the branches sticking out.
¨Oh man, its worst being out here that what it looks….much worse, this feeling of not belonging and as if this whole forest radiates fear.¨ Tree said saying just what i had been thinking.
¨Yea.¨ I said not really knowing what to say
¨Wait what is that glowing red light I see?¨
¨Not sure, but let's find out, it could be someone lighting a fire that could help us.¨ I respond
We picked up our pace, while the red glowing light grew bigger, we realized that it was not a fire at all, but a red sphere lying in the center of the clearing.
¨Pick it up.¨ I said
Tree picked it up, and as  soon as she picked it up i heard noise all around us.
¨ON NO IT'S A TRAP!!¨ i yelled. ¨RUN.¨
But no it was too late, zombies had completely surrounded us, leaving no gap. That is when I realized why no one had ever survived a trip into the forest, not only had they gotten tougher but smarter as well.
Slowly the closed in on us as we prepared for our fate…


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