The New World

May 10, 2017
By , Desoto, KS
“We need to get out of here the sun has just exploded, I'm not staying just so you guys can…...learn about this”
“No we must stay, don't you remember we still have Earth V2”
“Yes Heather of course I remember but I have a family I…….holy smokes” at that moment the sun exploded giving a eight minute window to leave the planet as fast as they could before the sun's energy made it to the planet.
“Come On hurry up Henry it's now or never the shuttle is leaving”
Henry couldn't forget about his family but he had no choice. He got up and ran for the shuttle. He had to grab a couple things and make sure he and heather had enough food.
“3...2...1...Lift off” is the finale thing Henry heard before the shuttle took off without him on it. The sun was now only three minutes away and henry used it to grab his space pistol for space missions to shoot himself. The finale sight he saw was his wife and kid close enough to the turbine to be killed by the flame it created.

It was january 1st 2836. Time for a new year. I'm Jake a high school senior football player and here is what I'm going to do for the new year. I may go to the coastal beach or maybe even a real life volcano not that stuff you see on the brochures the real thing. It could be as big as mount kennedy one of the new mountains we recently found out about. It makes me happy I've been alive sixteen years and were still finding things on this planet. I also heard there's this other planet about sixteen years away we call mars v2 because the sun over by them blew up. It's were a lot of cool things happened like the revolutionary war and stuff. I heard it's only been destroyed about six hundred years so a pretty long time. What's really cool is that there was life there. On the bright side no one here has ever lived their. This is our original planet and not a lot of people have been on mars v2. I want to go out and join one of the recon missions that go their to look for any more signs of life. I've never seen any people come back from these missions except the recon guys and a lot of bullets gone.
“Jake you up and ready for school yet…….you better not be on the roof again”
“It's alright dad I'm not on the roof” I said as I climbed through the window to get off the roof.
“Just let me text my friends and tell them I may be a little late”  I said quickly texting my friend to come pick me up.
Mike my step dad mumbled something but he went out to work later that evening as I got a ride from one of my friends and his girlfriend stacy whose dad actually works were my dad does. The lab and I even remember that tomorrow my dad can finally bring me down there so I can see what he's always doing down their. It was a fun car ride me and mark it was fun I learned he actually likes football he just likes to play baseball more. I went to school nothing new happened except at practice. One of my teammates who plays lineman and has a dad that works for the recon team went crazy.
“You guys now that this isn't our first world…..they messed up and my dad found out, y’know what they did to him…...he's dead now and his last mission was his first…...his “recon” team shot him…..said he went crazy and i'm not gonna watch this happen to any of us….. mean heck look at Jake he's strong and fast he’ll be one of them and if he doesn't except that he’ll have to kill survivors they’ll kill him to”
“Look man put down the gun”
When I heard that line my heart sank. GUN. BOOM BOOM…….BOOM
Gun shots…. don't believe it. I hear screaming but I don't see the kid standing anymore…..and the gunshots those weren't his. He's bleeding our on the ground and there's security running up to him. What the heck is going on today. I mean first the weird new year's eclipse which I forgot to mention, and now this. I mean what the hell man I can't take this. I saw guards pushing everyone back so I might as well leave but what the heck. I made it home my dad still at work. I went to the bathroom and tried to forget all this with a shower but I gotta knock at my door. Who could it be now.
“I swear if it's another time warner cable guy” I mumbled under my breath. It wasn't i looked through the peephole…'s a cop. I was about to answer when i got a text from my dad.

Don't answer the door….to anyone. ANYONE
That was kinda weird but the next one was weirder and scarier.
The gun in my study take it and get to my work. Theres a couple other kids here but if anyone tries to stop you…..SHOOT THEM.
I was honestly freaked out i was honestly freaked out and i texted
R U serious?
No response but then i heard the cop say
“No ones answering, bust down the door and shoot to kill boys”
I couldn't move for a solid two blows the cops gave at my front door. I then turned around and ran as fast as i could back up those stairs and grabbed my dads gun. I never got to hold it but now i was and i don't want to use it. I then heard the door go down and a bunch of scurrying feet. I was terrified so i silently jogged to my room and climbed up the roof. That's when a cop aimed at me and fired two rounds and yelled i'm on the roof. I had no idea what i was going to do. I couldn't kill somebody i mean how could i. I had to make a choice shoot or run. I couldn't even decide when i saw my arm was already lifted firing at the cop. I saw a red mist come up from where his head would be. I ran to the front yard and got in my car. By the time i was in  the driveway a cop rammed me to the ground. I looked for the gun but his hand was on my throat. Now where did i drop it...I'm guessing i have five minutes of oxygen time. I looked around and saw the cop had a gun in his holster. I went for it but then he saw what i was doing and grabbed my hand. I then saw MY gun a couple inches away from my face. Now that both of his hands were in use i could flip him over and grab my gun. I did so but not without a struggle. I grabbed my gun and i shot him in the knee. I went to my car praying to god my keys were in their. I looked in the dash and couldn't find them but my dad always left the keys in his spare car. I  sprinted over to it and got the  heck outta their. I was maybe thirty minutes away but they would have definitely closed the roads….but they  weren't the were all occupied. I made it to my dad’s work and i was scared. I saw a scientist…..Dave said his name tag…….dead. I then ran over to the nearest trash can and threw up. First i kill a cop….now this. I threw up about five times before i returned my journey for my dad.
“Is that you walking around” my dad texted
“Yea were R U?”
“The teleporter room get here fast”
I was about to run before i heard these guys talking.
“Zade better be telling the truth before i turn around and blast him”
“Hey he is trust me we didn't just kill a agency for some lies”
They walked down some stairs talking about the kill order on mars V2. I ran to the teleporter room and lucky me i found my dad sitting their with…..Stacy and her dad Mike. What the heck is going on.
“Jake, is everything okay are you hurt”
“No dad i'm fine why is stacy and mike here”
“UMMM jake i know  i don't really talk to you but now is not the time to question stuff we need to get out of her…..” Mike was cut off by a loud bang.
“Dad are we hiding in the teleporter
“Yes Jake, Yes we are” said my dad clearly disappointed.
“Why hello there everybody how's our day's going”
“Zade you don't have to do this his death was an accident”
“Accident...HAHAHAHAHA… murdered a boy's father because he found our that our old government killed our old world and you shot him like an animal” Zade said clearly mad.
“Now you can see your old world”
“NOOOOO!” screamed stacy.
There was a loud bang and bright light. I couldn't see hear or feel anything for about sixty seconds. I passed out.
“ja…...JAk…..JAKE!” I snapped awake to see it was just me and stacy laying somewhere.
“Where’s my daaaad” I was still blurry in the head from the bang.
“The computer said there was to many people on board the machine so the sent them to outpost two which i don't know where that is” She was beginning to cry. Looks like i'm stuck on some god forsaken world with my best friends girlfriend. I tried to reassure her but she  just kept crying. I felt so bad i had no idea what i was going to do.
“Hey look everything is going to be alright….you're not alone i'm here with you and i want to find my dad to but” I looked at the ground it all looked scorched and destroyed.
“We'll find our way out one day, heck something tells me there may be life here” I looked over and i saw this huge wall maybe about three miles away.
“Hey look at that, looks man made don't you think”
“Yea it does” she said wiping off a couple tears.
“You can stay here if you want but i'm going down their to see what's up”
“No no it's fine i'll go with you just give me a minute”
“I’ll give you three but no more than that” I felt kinda bad saying that i mean we've been on whatever planet this is for maybe a hour give or take a few and i'm already wanting to go out and see what some of these buildings were. I looked around for a few seconds and i then headed off.  Stacy caught up to where i was in about six seconds and it took only sixteen minutes to make it to those gigantic walls.
“Hey look the doors right here…...they were freshly made maybe about a day or so”
“What are you saying” Stacy said in a scared tone.
“Maybe there's life here….maybe there's people living here and they have not been found”
“That's actually kinda smart for a football player”
“Hey what can i say…..I pay attention in some of my classes” I opened the door very slowly.
“Halt” said a strangely familiar voice.
“Hey were just passing through…...Just wondering if we can stay here for the night and we'll be out of you hair”
“Dad” My dad and thirteen other guys all armed with guns came out of a bunch of hiding places and roof tops.
“Jake…..I can't believe it's you…..I mean heck it's been six year's me and Mike thought you guys were dead”
“Wait where's mike….where's my dad” Stacy said in a fast voice.
“He's in the infirmary. He was shot in the hand in a scavenger mission”
“WAIT WHAT” Stacy yelled as if she'd been shot and ran to the infirmary which was surprisingly close to the entrance.
“Jake i still can't believe it's you i mean i built this camp and militia in you honor….Hell this settlement is called Jacob's city”
“Dad you know i go by Jake not Jacob since the fifth grade”
“Yea but………….” we heard gunshots go off. I sprinted to the front entrance and i saw…...our recon guys from earth but i don't think that's earth anymore now is it. Both of the recon guys dead……..i don't think there doing what they say the are.

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