Sun's Last Day

May 10, 2017
By , Olney, IL

Leader - Fox - reddish brown tom with fluffy tail and white belly
Deputy - Cinder - dark grey tabby tom with light grey belly and paws
Medicine Cat - Berry - grey she-cat with black spots
Medicine Cat Apprentice - Cliff - silver tom with bright blue eyes
Vole - black and white tom with dark green eyes
Mouse - small light brown she-cat with white front paw
Leaf - light brown tabby tom
Boulder - black, grey and white tabby tom with green eyes
Honey - pale orange she-cat with grey ears
Moon - grey blue tom with dark green eyes
Frog - brown tabby tom with red-brown eyes
Sun - bright yellow she-cat with dark sapphire eyes
Robin - brown tabby tom with brownish orange tail tip and belly
Storm - dark grey she-cat with three legs
Seed - white tom with black hood and three spots on his back
Ash - grey tom with light blue eyes
Queens and Kits:
Ice - pure white she-cat with green eyes; kits- Snow: white she-cat like her mother, Tree: light grey tom with green eyes
Shadow - pitch black she-cat with blazing yellow eyes; kit- Yarrow: black and brown tabby tom
Holly - yellow brown she-cat with white tail tip and paws; kits - none
Rose - pale yellow she- cat with emerald green eyes
Flame - dark orange tom with light blue eyes
Sky - paly grey she-cat with pale pale blue eyes; blind
Cloud - white and grey tabby tom
StarClan (heaven)



I was running as fast as the wind, away from my pursuer. I weaved in and out of trees way and I jumped over logs and creeks, staying just over a tails length away from them. They leaped over me in attempt to stop me but I swerved the other way, feeling the wind of him jumping over me. I kept running while his attempt to slow me down just slowed him down. I ran and ran and ran, feeling the wind dance around my whiskers and beneath my fur. I kept going until I didn’t hear anyone behind me anymore. I slowed to a halt and decided to go to the nearest creek for a drink. I got my drink but as soon as I was about to turn away something fell on me from the trees above. I started clawing and hissing at my attacker. They soon leapt off of me and I turned to face them. When I turned, I saw my pursuer.  “Robin!” I laughed “Why in the name of StarClan were you in a tree? I thought you gave up after missing me.” I said. Robin is a brown tabby tom with brownish orange tail tip and belly.  “Just to see the look on your face when I caught you” he said, mocking me. “Oh come on. The only reason you caught me was because I let my guard down to get a drink in the creek.” I said, rolling my eyes. “And you should never let your guard down, especially with what is happening between us and PineClan.” he said, frowning a little. PineClan thinks they are the best. At each gathering they demand land from us and the other clans. They attack us the most because of our shortage of warriors and apprentices. They think we are the weakest but we have held our ground against them unlike IslandClan who have already given up some of their land. “I’m sorry. I should’ve been alert” I said, lowering my head a little. “It’s okay but be more alert next time.” he said with a worried expression. “Let’s head back to camp and get some fresh kill” I said, trying to take his mind off of me for a little bit. “Alright” he said cheerfully, heading back to camp. As we walked in a comfortable silence back to camp I smelled something I wished never to smell again. Badger.
My mother and two sisters were killed by a badger in the nursery when I was out exploring the camp with my brother,  Ash. We first went to the fresh kill pile and tasted mouse for the first time. It was amazing! But we knew we weren't supposed to leave the nursery yet but the curiosity was killing us both so we decided to go explore. When we got back, we saw warriors and our leader, Fox surrounding the nursery. We asked what happened and we smelled something off. We bolted inside and saw something that could never be forgotten. Our mother lay there, her stomach ripped open, her eyes glazed. And our two sisters, both broken by what we learned later to be badger paws.
I suddenly popped out of my flashback and saw Robin fighting with the massive badger. I quickly joined him, using the skills I had learned from my mentor to help me and Robin out. All the sudden the bellowing badger broke loose and started charging toward the camp. We sprinted after it, seeing that it was heading straight for the nursery. I ran faster. I just couldn’t let this happen to another mother and her kits. The grief of my mother and sister's death killed my father soon after the incident. I had to stop it. I jumped on its back and started clawing at its back. It rolled over and squished me, knocking the wind out of my body. It quickly got up and started clawing at me. I tried getting up but it was no use. My leg had been cut deep by one of its claws. Robin tried to help, but it was no use.
I was going to die.

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