Secret Agent 14

May 11, 2017
By Tdzeek BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
Tdzeek BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
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He was running through the hallway with great quickness. He dared not to look back fearing what he would see. He saw a window and knew 3 stories below him was another building. He decided to put his life in God’s hands. As the glass shatters as he leaps through it he hears gunshots. He landed on the ground as he feels sharp pains in his thigh. He sees his enemies at the window. He hesitates for a couple of seconds until he realizes they are chasing him out the window. He tries to run as fast as he can with his leg. He gets to the end of the roof and realizes there is no way out. He has had his gun the whole time but only two bullets remaining. Three guys are chasing him and every second they got closer. He turns slowly to see them coming to him very swiftly. Without hesitating he pointed the gun and fired.
As time seemed to freeze, he watched each body counting them as they go by …1…2…3, he was astounded that he was able to survive this experience. He knew that others were going to come after him at some point. He figured he had a couple of days to get away and hide. His name is Tyler Zeek and he was secretly known to some as Agent 14. He was the best in his class, he was the strongest ever in the organization’s history, and he also was the most daring and craziest recruit there ever was.
The organization would never say its true name so people only knew it as The Organization. It had created some of the most dangerous assassins in the world. Going all the way back to 1000 B.C. They trained killers any way they could; anyone who dare oppose them was brutally hunted down. Agent 14 was a danger to the organization for many reasons. He knew special secrets that weren’t supposed to be released, and considering he was the greatest agent ever he was very scary. The Organization is sending all the best to get him. He knew they would keep getting harder to conquer.
He had to be careful about his family too. His wife, Jessy, and his two kids, Sean and Isabelle. Sean is 12 and Isabelle is 10. They kept moving from safe house to safe house fearing that The Organization is going to come take them. This fear would eventually become reality to them.
The Organization would take Jessy and Isabelle from them as Tyler and Sean went to scope out the area. Tyler fearing they would kill them both calls the leader of The Organization. He has a long discussion about what they are going to do with them.
“We are going to kill them both unless you turn yourself in”, said the leader.
“Where can I do that at”, Tyler responded.
“We will come get you”, exclaimed the leader with a grin on his face.
Within hours Tyler is at the main base of the organization where they put him in a cell with the rest of his family to say their goodbyes.
“Daddy are we going to see you again?” Isabelle questions with a tear falling down her cheek.
As he wipes the tear away Tyler responds with, “Don’t you worry about me. You still have your mom and brother”.
As they take the kids away for release, Jessy and Tyler have a moment to themselves for goodbyes.
As Jessy knows she will be taken out for release the only thing Tyler says is, “I’ll see you soon”.
Jessy is confused and doesn’t know what to think. They take her away and take Tyler to the execution room. He gets there and puts his head under the guillotine. The blade comes slashing down with fury. Dead silence fills the room. While Tyler was dangerous he was very nice and kind to people in The Organization. Jessy and the kids take a truck to their house. When they get there they see the door is unlocked. Jessy walks in with caution thinking a robber is inside. She takes the revolver from the drawer near the front door. She hears a noise in the living room. She walks in and points the gun at the couch.
“That’s how you say hello to your husband?” Tyler asks.
Jessy is shocked and runs and hugs him as she cries tears of joy. They live as a family forever. Everyone forever thinking Agent 14 is dead.

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