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May 3, 2017

This book is about the lochness monster that "I" found while with my "friend Alan." 

Chapter 1: The Story

Well, I’m going to cut to the chase on this one; I’m kind of an art buff like my friend Alan Alexander. But what happened the night at the lake, no one could’ve imagined.

My buddy Alan, that I mentioned earlier, would be able to tell you this story in a much different light. But my light wants to shine so that’s why I am going to tell you the best part of this story with my own perspective… But it’s still the truth of the events that happened that night.

So, one night, my friends and I got together at the Baseball Diamond, drank some Jamba-Juice and played a bit of ball. But something didn’t feel right… Something was going to happen and no one was going to expect it. I hit my first home run that night (Mind you I was only in the Fifth Grade Majors) and thought that might’ve been it; it wasn’t. I soon was invited to go with the team of my friends down to the lake after the game; now things really got strange…

“Gee… What a beautiful glimmer the moon has on the water tonight, don’t you think so, Emmitt?” asks Alan… Trying to convince me on that something wasn’t going to happen.

“The night seems perfect… Perfect enough for something to ruin…” I replied, not buying whatever he was selling. He was convinced now as well as me that something surely could happen to ruin it… But nothing did… Not for a while at least…

So, we all pack up into my mom’s van and prepare to head home. But something still felt off. Alan was my bestfriend and we went and did everything together. So, seeing how it was the weekend, he was spending the night! But I couldn’t sleep at all that night thinking about how something probably should’ve gone wrong after the game…

So, I was thinking of everything that went wrong during, directly after, long after, and long before the game. But nothing out of the ordinary really happened that day or that night. So if nothing really happened, what gave me the feeling that something should’ve?

So, when all was quiet, I woke Alan up so we could re-trace our steps… We re-traced the whole day that we spent together and then it happened… The loch-ness monster had shown up! We saw bits and pieces of rubbish all over the place at the lake… We were scared out of our minds! We saw cans, paint buckets, and plastic and paper shrubs everywhere! But the scariest part was when we turned the corner and saw a human dangling from his claws.

“A lil’ help here ol’ chap?” proclaims the man with fear and anger on his face but a seemingly calm tone. “I was trying to paint my rendition of the loch-ness monster and my ladder fell and now I am stuck!”

My red blood cells still racing towards my heart versus my white ones to see how fast they can make my blood pressure rise… Well, I almost fainted on the spot!

“Dude, that’s Alken Alexandrio! The world’s greatest artist!” screams Alan, far too excited for his own good…

We help him down and ask him what he’s doing this for… He replies with “Oh, you guys haven’t heard?” (Obviously not, sir!) “There’s a fishing ecovision going on this month! Figured I’d be able to do something to draw a crowd!”

So, after the long walk back to the dock, we turned around and looked at the beautifully beastly artwork… But was it really artwork?

Over the next few weeks, Alan and I did some exploring around this artwork… But nothing was more peculiar than when we saw it moving! But when I say moving, I mean like almost a living, breathing, being! So, after seeing and reporting that activity to the police, they said that there is no one named ‘Alken Alexandrio’ in the world, at all?

But we saw him that night? Who was that then?

I return to Alan who was just as terrified at this point as me… He thought that was the famous artist… But the only person of that name in the world is dead and died a few weeks ago?

So we look at the monster one last time, this time it turns to us and let’s out a screech almost unbearable to any human ears! But when it started chasing us, I started to pray for some sort of miracle… I’ve never prayed so hard in my life… But then, Alan stopped his running… I looked back and saw him and Alken standing next to the beast! I scream run to them but it’s almost like they can’t hear me? So they walk over to me and laugh?

“It was a prank, bro,” he says… “This is my homosexual cousin Alejandro… Dude we got you good, bro!”

I was furious… And now we’re no longer friends… (Too much detail that happened after that to give it all in one story.) Haven’t talked to him in over 20 years.

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