Sarah's Allegations

April 18, 2017
By , Myrtle Beach, SC

Sarah was just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. It was hard to live as a Janitor at Burger King. She was kicked out of college, because she was too lazy to do her work. She moved back to her hometown of Topeka Kansas, she was forced to live with her aunt, Jane. Her parents abandoned her and were never seen by anyone again, it made national news.

Sarah was around the age of 27 now and still reliant on her Aunt. They live in a cold and mountainous area, so snow is common. Her Aunt is around middle age and still loves to ski. Until the one treacherous day, which changed their lives forever, avalanche. Broke almost all of her bones, and she became bedridden. Poor health, health problems, surgery. Open heart surgery was necessary for Aunt Jane’s survival. She later died on the surgery table of cancer. Sarah got back to her apartment, to find a “will” and burnt popcorn. The smell had filled the apartment and is now spreading outside. Aunt Jane has saved money and had given Sarah $100,000 and her truck.

Sarah decided to go back to college, and with all the money her Aunt left her she shouldn’t have much debt if any. She met a rude man of the name of Lebron, and he was a genius basketball player who is going back to college to get his doctorate. With all the money Lebron makes he can travel whenever he wants to. The downfall of Lebron is he does drugs, and when I say he does them, he does a lot of them and when I say a lot, I mean a lot of drugs. Lebron has a dog that has been coked up for years.

They both happen go to the same college which is located in Park County in Colorado. One day while walking along she spots these four boys, claiming they are looking for some so called crab people.

“Get your fat self up Cartman!” demanded a young boy in a green hat.

“Shut up, Kyyyyyyyyyyle.” yells “Cartman”

“Won’t you guys stop fighting, Kenny ask that woman if she knows where the crab people are.” said a boy in a blue hat.

“Mhmmh hmhmm hmhm” mumbles the boy in the orange hoodie.

“I have no clue what you are saying.” Sarah said.

The young boys scatter off, but a shadow goes overhead as Lebron James walks nearby. Without realizing it he knees Sarah right in the head. His leg swung with such thrust that it put her in the hospital. A man had found her lying in the street in a ball. Lebron is famous, so he doesn’t really care about everyday people and ignores what he had done. Some say she was in a ball, because Lebron had dunked her while she was unconscious. Just like Kobe, Lebron is getting rape allegations.

Once she was out of the hospital it was her duty, her right to sue Lebron. The court date took forever, because Lebron kept denying it, but he is still being sued for assault. You can’t just knock someone out and walk away from it. Sarah won the case and was awarded $1,000,00, but after taxes it only comes to about $0.03.

A couple years later, Sarah has her master’s in law and education. She is a detective working in Miami and is living her dream job. On the other hand, Lebron is getting even more hate than he was getting before. In the end, they all live happily ever after, except Aunt Jane.

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