Paco's Carrot Farm

April 18, 2017

Chapter One: The Rabbit

     I knew they would come for me I just didn't know when. My name is Paco. I have lived on my carrot plantation for over 30 years. I laid in my bed staring out the window at my carrots waiting for the inevitable. I knew if I didn't make a stand for animals of my kind no one would. After all, I knew we could hold off the Chimpanzees. The Space Chimpanzee Empire had been after rabbits for around the past 20 years.  I went downstairs into my underground tunnels to have a meeting with my mercenaries.

“Ready up lads," I said trying to motivate them .  “They will be here at any minute and we will be
ready for them.”

“Sir, how many will there be?” said one of the mercenaries named Miguel.

“I don't know exactly but, they will bring all they have,” I said.

    It was about midday when we heard the sound of engines roaring through the sky. I gazed out my window and shouted, “They're here!” We readied our anti-air missiles preparing for the worst. The sun disappeared  behind their immense ships and I knew life as we knew it was about to change forever.





Chapter Two: The Fun Begins

     There was one big spaceship blocking the sunlight followed by many smaller battleships. The spaceship was about five times bigger than any of their other ships.

“Sir, the missiles are ready on your command,” Miguel said.

“Hold on Miguel, I don't want to do anything hastily.” I gazed out the window, but could only see
darkness on my farm that was usually so abundant with light and life. Then we all heard it. A sound so loud it was as if the earth had emitted a scream of agony. Following the sound there was an explosion outside.
“Fire all of the missiles we have!” I exclaimed, “We need to take out the biggest spaceship so we
can see.”

“We are ready when you are,” Miguel said.

“Okay on my command. 3… 2… 1…" There were many explosions on the ship. A ray of sunlight
suddenly crept through on the carrot field. The ship began its descent back down towards the earth spiraling out of control. It finally made impact and a scream of joy echoed throughout the building.
“That's it!” I said, “One down at least a hundred more to go.”

“They are deploying troops to the ground as well as in the sky, Sir,” said one of the rabbits.
“Tell the gunners to get ready for action,” I said. “I will go down there and fight with them
myself. Miguel I need you to be in charge up here and make sure we do not lose this point.”
“Yes sir I will do all I can,” Miguel said.

With that I went to the tunnels to fight with my troops.



Chapter Three: The Chimps Fight Back

    As I hopped down as fast as I could I heard many sounds echoing through the air. I finally got to the tunnels and found the commander of the ground. His name was Pablo and he was my most trusted advisor.  Pablo had been on my farm for the entire time it had been in existence. I can always count on him. Pablo was brown with an eyepatch and a scar running down his face. He lost his eye fighting in Vietnam 40 years ago. We climbed up out of the tunnel together and immediately were surrounded by enemy forces. We looked at each other and a sly smile crept across Pablo’s face.

“Let’s get em,” he said. With that he pulled out his pistol and shot the first space chimp in the
head. He dropped dead, but there were many more where that came from. Pablo and I were back to back, guns-a-blaizin’ mowing down all the chimps that stood in our path. All around us the war was also raging as I could see lasers flying in the hot desert air. Pablo and I, still back to back, were being overrun by up to as many as 15 chimpanzees at one time. We held our own until it became too much.

“Get out of here there's too many of them,” Pablo said.

“Not without you,” I told him with a begging tone in my voice.

Our eyes met and I could tell he was pleading with me to go. I couldn't just leave him, but then he did something that made me leave. He took out a grenade and pulled the pin.

“Run!” He screamed. I ran as fast as I could to get away and then I heard the explosion. It caused
me to fly through the air and land on my face. Then I saw Pablo’s lifeless head fly through the air detached from his body. I then retreated inside the compound because the sun had started to set and chimps can't see at night.  As darkness crept across the landscape, I realized how much of an impact war leaves on someone.



Chapter Four: Help Arrives

      That night the tide of the war seem to switch sides. The rabbits and I regrouped in the compound to count our numbers for the next day. We heard a plane fly overhead, but it wasn't shooting. It came down on the explosion riddled farm and a man came out. I hopped towards him pondering why he was here.

"Welcome stranger. This isn't the best of times, " I said gesturing towards the war riddled
landscape. I wondered if he had not seen the battlefield. "Why have you come, stranger?" I feared the chimps had taken control of the few humans that still remained on the earth.

"I've come for the bounty on this Sasquatch," the stranger said.

I immediately knew he it was. This man had been after one of my good friends, Bigfoot, for a very long time. He must've finally caught him. The reason behind his quest was unknown to anyone. Maybe it was for the money, maybe for the fame.

"Ah you are the legendary Bill Morison," I said exposing him. "I am Paco, and this is my carrot
farm," as I said this, I realized my carrot farm was no more. "As for this Sasquatch I see no such." A look of bewilderment arose on his face. He immediately turned around and ran back onto his ship and drag out the giant beast I knew to be Bigfoot.

"Behold the beast. I know you'll pay great price."

I sighed knowing full well he would accept nothing less than one thousand karats of gold.
"And so I will." As I said this, I yelled at Miguel to go get one thousand karats of gold. He came
back and I handed it to Morison.

"Will this do?" I asked.

"Yes it will," a greedy smile began to show itself upon Bill's face. He then went back in the ship
and brought out what appeared to be a baby wrapped in an aquatic net.

"Keep the change," Morison said as tossed the creature to me. I caught it and looked at it carefully. I realized then what it was and I knew Bigfoot was protecting it with his life. I stared into the eyes of the daughter of the Loch Ness Monster. Morison then climbed back into the c***pit of the plane and flew away.

Chapter Five: Bigfoot vs. The Chimps

       I yelled at 20 of my rabbits to come get Bigfoot and bring him to his room. I carried little Nessie to his room so she could wait for him to wake up. As the sun rose, I decided there would only be one way to get him to wake up. I got on top of him and started hopping on him. I heard Cosetita cry out in fear that I was hurting him, but I knew this was for the best. It worked. Bigfoot sat up, and yelled something in Latin I didn't understand. He looked at me and a puzzled look started on his face.

"What the heck is going on?" He asked me.
"Bill Morison found you and tranquillized you, but everything's good now," I said trying to
reassure him.
"Morison..." Bigfoot muttered under his breath. "Where is he?"
"He's gone now. Just rest." I told him knowing full well he would not want to do that.
"I've been resting for God knows how long,"
Bigfoot exclaimed as he got up and looked around. His eyes met with Cosetita's. He yelled her name. I turned to my rabbit companions about to say something; when suddenly, a bomb exploded outside which sent shivers through the complex. I then told my rabbits,
"We should go."
"Paco, what's going on?"
Bigfoot asked and I detected concern in his voice.
"We're being attacked by Space Chimps," I answered him.
"Well let me help. Trust me, I'm fine and I want to help," he said.
I sighed.
"Yeah, sure, you can fight,"
I said.
I gestured to my soldiers to exit, but not before telling Miguel to take Cosetita to my swimming pool to survive. I then told Bigfoot, "Let's go," and we walked out. Almost instantly, the war could be felt after exiting that room.
       For some reason that is unexplained to any reader, I felt the need to quote Socrates. I turned to Bigfoot and told him, "Socrates declared, 'Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.'" I saw two dead soldiers laying on the ground face first. I knew we had to win this war for rabbits like them as well as others like Pablo. I walked over to them and took their guns. I gave one to Bigfoot wondering how an enormous creature of his size would be able to work a tiny gun like this. He stared at it for a second then put the scope to his eye and sot a chimp dead in the head. I smiled at him and patted him on the back knowing he was going to change everything. We both saw two more chimps staring ferociously at us and put up our guns and shot both of them.

We continued mowing down the chimps until three chimps jumped off the roof and tackled us. One landed on me and it began snarling at making noises at me. I tried to fend it off, but it was just as strong as me if not stronger. Then Bigfoot saved me and grabbed the chimp and punched it in the face. It immediately stopped moving. 

"I had him," I told him knowing full well I didn't. "But thanks anyway."

"My pleasure," Bigfoot said as he brushed off his gun. We kept shooting more chimps. Another
ship began to block out the sun.

"That's a mothership," I told Bigfoot. "We've already managed to take down one, but I don't know
if we can do it again. I've already lost a couple hundred rabbits before you got here."

"I'm sure we can figure out a way to stop it," Bigfoot said confidently. He shot at the ship and
absolutely nothing happened. "How'd you do it the first time?" Bigfoot asked.

"Our anti-air guns took it down, but we've only got two left," I told hm after finding out that
information from Miguel last night.

"Maybe if we can get inside it we can destroy it from the inside out," Bigfoot said.
"I have an idea," I offered. "Follow me," I went inside the compound to the roof. Miguel was in a
helicopter ready to go as we had rehearsed  in case another mothership would come. As we climbed in rain started to downpour on the farm.

"There's no way we can get close enough to it without being shot out of the air," Bigfoot said

"We're gonna fly far around and above it at a distance and then land the helicopter on top of it.

Then we'll find a hatch or some kind of way inside," I told him. We then took our seats inside the helicopter. We made sure to buckle our seat belts because you should always be sure to do that. Miguel then took off the roof toward the sun blocking ship. We flew above the ship and were prepared to jump. Much to our dismay, our ship was struck by lightning. It began to spiral to the ship.

"We must jump now!" I yelled as an order to them if they wanted to live. We landed on the ship
and began to look around for an entrance.

"There's one!" Miguel yelled and pointed at a hatch.

"Shut up!" I ordered Miguel. "They'll hear us. Ch***t, Miguel, sometimes I wish you were
decapitated while running with a knife!" I exclaimed not really thinking about what I was saying.
"Sorry," an emotional Miguel said.





Chapter Six: The Tragic End of a Character That Isn't that Important

We opened the entrance hatch and Miguel found a map of the ship conveniently containing a
"You are Here" sticker.

Miguel figured out where we should go to destroy the ship and we wet on our merry way. We eventually ran into two Space Chimps guarding the engine room. Bigfoot made short work of them, tackling one and grabbing the other' neck. WE walked in the engine room and after a short skirmish with the engineers, found a red button labeled SELF-DESTRUCT. Miguel ran up and pressed the button. A timer appeared on a nearby screen and counted down from twenty minutes. As we were about to leave a group of Chimps cut us off and their leader looked official.

"Hello there," the leader said. "I am Czar Bembe, leader of the Pace Chimpanzee Empire. First
we're going to kill you. Then we're going to turn off the self-destruct button. And then, we're going to destroy this farm and conquer this world!"

"Never!" yelled Miguel. He pulled out his knife and ran at full speed at Czar Bembe. For some
strange, and fateful reason for Miguel, there was a banana peel and the ground. Miguel slipped on it and toppled to the floor. I immediately knew something bad just happened and stared as Miguel's head slowly fell to the floor as his blade appeared in his neck.

"Nooooooooooo!" Bigfoot and I yelled together in agony as Miguel's head rolled on the ground.

I stared into his vacant eyes and Bigfoot ran at the Chimps. He grabbed the Czar and ripped his limbs off. Then we boarded a different aircraft and flew out of the exploding ship to safety on my roof. I thanked Bigfoot and he climbed into the aircraft and flew off into the sunset. I watched them go reflecting on the amazing rabbits lost today. I knew we would be able to rebuild. Paco's carrot farm will never die.

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