A Teen's Legacy

April 10, 2017
By deathshadow BRONZE, Oakdale, California
deathshadow BRONZE, Oakdale, California
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Once there was a 16 year old named Jack. He was a human and an elf. His crush was a 16 year old girl who liked listening to death metal. She was short, fairly muscular, and wore a lot of nerdy clothing. She was playful and had dark brown eyes. She had straight light brown hair. She had a disabling accident and wants to be a lawyer. Jack was courageous and kind. He was the only one around. He tried to impress her and his master. One day he received a head injury and saved his brother. His brother's name was Ray Rich. Jack was interested in spinning tops, math, and bad movies. His crush was interested in topiaries and lizards. She was a vampire. She was bitten in a raid by some local vampires and the one that bit her was snobby. She was at a restraunt. A conceited vampire literary agent wanted company. Jack was born on June 21, while his crush was born on September 4. His best friend was named Subaru Harugchi. He was on a spaceship called the Black Nemises. He was kidnapped by aliens, while Jack's crush was kidnapped by pirates on a ship called The Prince's Hound. Everyone abandoned the town after it was invaded, but Jack stayed behind. 

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