The slave

March 31, 2017
By Anonymous

Late one night a young soldier named William was thinking about his father's slaves with. He felt very very bad for them. They had to cook, clean, and more. He thought about what it would feel like to have to do that every single day for the rest of his life until he dies or gets sold and do it all without food or a very little amount of food.

He felt bad about it for, Marsha, the slave that stole his heart. Now he felt really bad, so he got up in search of them to see if they were hungry or in need of something. He was a good soldier he was very kind hearted and loved all human beings and all life on earth. For instance if he saw a child crying he would go and check out what was going on. But, if his father found out about this and him also not hating slaves his father would be furious.

As he started to realize this he also knew his father, George, would not approve of him loving a black girl, he knew that everyone would despise them because of that. His father, a farmer, wanted his son to get married to a beautiful, charming, sweet, proper lady. After all that was every slave owning father's dream.

He also knew that his mother, Annalise, and her mother, Haney, wouldn't approve of it either. She thought that her daughter, a slave getting married with the man's father that killed her husband and the Slave’s father was not okay in any matter. For which he wasn't the first man that was trying to win the young Slave's heart.
Finally he reached her and her mother's location. He slowly crept toward the house tiptoeing so very quietly, so he would not wake any of them. He went inside now his mission was to find them inside the his father's house. When he found her she was heavily asleep. He didn't want to wake her, but he knew he had to. He went up slowly and stared at her until she awoke.

When she finally did she looked shocked to see him. Thank god her mother lying beside her did not awake. He started whispering very softly for he did not want her mother to hear what he was going to say. He started off with saying how bad his father was treating them and that no human being should be treated this way, because of their color of skin they were born with. How bad he felt for them and would feel very bad if he was a slave. She was still in shock, but now for not that he was here, but for the things he spoke. After he said all the things he needed to she began. Marsha said, “I am very thankful for what I have. I could have been put in a worse position or situation.” When she was done she ended by saying, “I love you and want to be with you.”
Before the morning sun came and the people of the village awoke they made plans to runaway. Weeks and days past now it was time for them to leave. It became of dawn now. Marsha packed her things without anybody noticing and he did the same. They met at the meeting spot and just started to run off south in seek of a new village which people did not care for what color or gender you were. When they made it to the village they were placed in their very own cottage. They we all so happy together. Then the time came where they became parents to adorable little girl named Elisabeth. She was the sweetest thing ever. When Marsh had Elisabeth they were all so sad because they had thoughts on what it was like for there parents to live without them. Then they realized if there daughter ran away they would be devastated. So there plan was to go visit their parents the following week. The week had came by so they packed some clothes with them not knowing how long they would stay or if they wouldn't at all. They went only a couple hours without food until they reached their hometown. When they got there they were tired, hungry, but most of all nervous that their parents were still very mad at them. First they went to the William’s mother and father, then they went to the Marsha’s mother. Turns out that things had been changed and there were no more slaves because the Williams's father was so devastated he banned people to treat other people poorly so now everyone there was seen equal to all eyes. Everything was going so well Williams ’s parents and the Marsha’s mother was so happy to see them and also so happy that they were grandparents. William and his Marsha, decided to stay so they left their child at the village with her grandparents and the soldier and his wife went to the other village to get the rest of their things and come back. They did do as so then they lived happy for the rest of their lives. And their child became as beautiful as her mother.

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