Relief and Urge

March 24, 2017

It started off as a boring day, and a bad one at that. But when I got the call my night had changed. The call was from an old friend which was random at 3:00 am. His name was Sonny, we met in High School we use to hang out out of school, mostly at night but I haven’t seen him since we got to college.

When I got the call I surprisingly dropped everything to go with him. He picked me up on campus and we drove far. I didn't know where we were going but I knew I would enjoyed the ride because of who he was, i missed him. He was always funny, mysterious, and adventurous. He was different, with an attitude as if he didn't care what happened to him. An attitude i wished i had.

It was 5:00am when we finally got to our destination. We were at six flags.

It was dark and empty of course. A few security cars were parked in front. Nothing that stopped Sonny from wanting to go in. We had to jump the main fence. At that moment I was glad that I dressed comfortable.
We quietly walked and ran through the park, cautiously watching out for guards. Of course we couldn’t ride on any ride. But we still went on them.

We didn’t move but we did just sat. We sat on the fastest ride we could think of, and we just talked. Talked for hours on that stationary roller coaster. We caught up, talked about our college experiences so far, our goals, our family and relationships, old memories, a lot. We could have kept going, but then the sun came up and the guards started walking around and so did the workers getting prepared to start and test the rides before the park opened. We ran and hid  until they finally opened the park at eight.

We went on all the rides three times, maybe four. For free if i might ad.

The high of the roller coaster, the adrenalin flowing through our bodies. The feeling of being invisible for two maybe three seconds on the climax and drop of the ride. The sounds of machinery, the screams in my ears, and the wind against my face. That’s why I've always loved roller coasters. All the build up and expectation that one feels in line, waiting for the high that all the posters promise you. At the end of the ride, right before you get off, you have that feeling of relief that it's over but a sense of urge to do it again.

When he dropped me off and I got to my dorm I realized that I felt the same way after that day. The feeling of relief that I'm home but the urge to do it again, to spend another day like that, with the most randomest person that I had not realized to be not so random in my life while we talked. I got to feel like that the whole day. And i'd realized that I had felt like that my whole life, and so has everyone else. Life is like a roller coaster, and we are all just waiting for that relief and urge to happen again and again.

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