From One To The Next: The Begging

March 16, 2017
By isaMart BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
isaMart BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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We begin our story at the Marqueleer house where the three young children were doing what they do best. Viola, the eldest of the three was 15 and had a talent for music. She could play any instrument and any tune she desired. Carter, the middle child was 13 and had the incredible gift of inventing anything out of everything. Lastly, we had Ellie the youngest of the three who was only three at the time. She could tell any sound apart and was a master at blackjack.The children were fixing an old record player that they had found in their father’s study.
It was an old looking record player, something like an antique. The Marqueleer children were always curious thinkers, and thought that would be a satisfying thing to do. Carter would find away to fix it, Viola would play music along with it, and Ellie would guess any kind of song Viola would play. Although Carter and his siblings were extremely intelligent and talented, he could not figure out what was the missing piece to the record player. It was a knob that was missing to spin the record that he could not replace so he needed to find it. So the Marqueleer children look through their father’s desk in hopes that they’ll find the missing piece. Ellie comes across a bronze piece that looks odd and had some music notes on it. “ That must be it! ” says Carter. They hook it up into the record player and begin to spin the record that was already placed on it.
It was an unknown sound, not even Ellie could recognize it. The Marqueleer children kept listening to try to figure out the sound but ended up becoming unconscious all of a sudden. They awoke to find themselves in the middle of a party where people were wearing colorful, exaggerated clothes that hugged their bodies and showed off their figures. People were moving with the music that was upbeat and full of flavor. The Marqueleer children were confused as to how they ended up here and why? They remembered the last thing they were doing before they awoke here was playing the record player, so that’s probably how they ended up there. They were correct, see the record player the Marqueleer children had found was no ordinary one. Little did they know that record player had the power to transport them to any genre of music. The only thing the Marqueleer children would come to find out is that the record player goes where it wants to next.
The music was lifting and played with the strangest instruments, the people were going crazy with it. Everyone with their dancing partners moved and did some tricks that you’d get only with so much practice. They found themselves in the world of latin music. They noticed the record player up at the stage and they needed to get to it in order to try to get back home. The Marqueleer children tried to get past the people and the instruments but before they made it each of them were taken. Viola to play the tambourine, Carter to dance, and Ellie was left cause she was so small. Viola tried to stay with her siblings but was told to play along to the salsa styled music. While Carter was light on his feet dancing with a girl in a flapper like dance costume that was a bright green.
Ellie found her way to the record player and started to turn it, everything started to go in slow motion as her siblings realized she had made it. The Marqueleer children were once again unconscious and had no idea of what was yet to come.  

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